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  1. HOw long is the overall length of the walk? Is it about a quarter mile yet?
  2. I believe that South Blvd will have to totally redevelop and move away from the MGM Mall model. The question is, what will attract anyone to that area without jobs in the area and horrendous traffic on East Blvd or going downtown for work. There are many more desirable neighborhoods inside the bypass. One would have thought this never would have happened with the population north of MGM Mall, but I believe that retail has gotten to the point, what with consolidaton of dept stores, that MGM just can't support three malls. I don't think income levels are high enough and the MGM Malls owners
  3. They would do better to build a new stadium with bonds, but then who would come?
  4. Poonther you are correct. Jackson Hospital is in the Highland Av area off I-85. But it is definately not a hospital for those who can't pay, as I remember.
  5. Crazy!!! Last time I was there it was St Margarets in the seventies. Shame there is no hospital to serve central MGM.
  6. Tysons is about equidistant from both airports and isn't on either flight path. I think its just FFX conservatism/cautiousness and the realization that they don't have the roads for what is there now, much less additional 250 - 350 ft tall office buildings that will be finished and full before the Orangeline extension is complete. Tysons is just a bad dream about an inch away from a nightmare when metro and hi rise construction come together.
  7. I would advise anyone who doesn't know what they want to do to at least figure out what they don't want to do. Then after you've narrowed the field, figure out what you like to do and see if money can be made from it. In Europe and Australia many kids work travel for whats called a "gap year" before they go to university, even if they know what they are going to do so they can get some of that freedomitis out of their system. Alabama offers most of the usual subject matter and is competitive in the southest. Unfortunately oftentimes the only school that one ever hears of ourside of footbal
  8. Believe he was proablaby quote the number of applications that have been approved... not necessarily what is expected to be built - at least not in the near future. That would include all the new subdivisions planned in the future and those being built out now.
  9. Visualize the whol e front end gone and the main structure open to a large green lawn. Sort of L-shaped with white granite and marble front.
  10. The St Margarets in the pictuxre is from beore 1950. The current building was built later and then added on to before going out of business. Then RSA remodelled it again.
  11. It would seem like a winner to me. Bell St heading west was always an old throwaway mill district with some of toughest kids around and not much else besides Maxwell
  12. Scuse me Sourthron, but thats Bell St as Bell RD is out on the east side. This will be an excellent chance for someone to develop high or medium rise condos with an incredible view of downtown and across the river.
  13. Could be great. Keep in mind European shopping streets with a touch of Nawlins. That's what I'm thinkin.
  14. Renovation - good - keep'em leased or get'em leased I say. The more downtown the better. Particularly in everyday services. This can only be good for increased traffice in day. But ya'll still gotta work on the night which is way harder in some ways, so as to get the right activities, especially for visitors.
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