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  1. It's metro area, look at Detroit. Atlanta probably has a lot of people that are rich but below ultra-high net-worth.
  2. Looks like there are plans to build a 5 story hotel, with a bar on the 6th floor at Worthington and Cleveland. http://ww.charmeck.org/Planning/Rezoning/2014/001-004/2014-002%20site%20plan.pdf
  3. That is an incredible scam. The proprietors should go to prison and every person that encouraged a student to go there ought to stop and think about how they screwed up the young person's life.
  4. Why does Charlotte need a law school at all? Does Charlotte really have a shortage of doc-review slaves? There are already too many lawyers. Let's have mercy on the layabouts that attend CSOL because it's a convenient distance from their parents' basement, they have incurred enough non-dischargeable debt already. Let the school die.
  5. According to the GSO this is a $126 million project. So it's probably going to be a rather substantial building http://www.gsa.gov/graphics/pbs/BIM_FY_2012-2016.pdf
  6. I think it's a bad idea. Public transportation doesn't serve these parts of town and the neighbors do have statistically legitimate concerns about the criminality of lower-income types.
  7. The streetcar would make more sense to me if Dilworth were linked in there somehow; perhaps by running down Kenilworth and East. If it were to link Park Rd Shopping Center, Dilworth's core, Met-Midtown, Elizabeth, Downtown, and Plaza-Midwood; it would be awesome and busy. Routing it on the west side and EastWay is politics.
  8. BLT is great; I've been there 5 times so far. I typically get the 28 day dry aged rib eye, the Foie Gras, and the Crepe Souffle. Fantastic. The breakfast is also very good; the French Toast is amazing.
  9. This is true, but sustainable-growth need not be expensive right? It's only because the system is so flawed that building anything in smart growth cities is such a time consuming and expensive process.
  10. I'm an optimist but I think it has at least three things going for it aside from the financial stature. + The airport is the busiest in the world for the size of the city. + Fairly forward thinking leadership, especially when compared with peer cities. + Low-cost of doing business.
  11. Well, changing the color of the line at an arbitrary point would be very Charlotte.
  12. I agree with the timeline. 10 years is when I think we'll see some movement on this. We will have the economy; and probably will have the population to support it.
  13. Charlotte is significantly richer than Portland or San Antonio; and has a bigger economy than Pittsburgh, Tampa, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, and Kansas City It's all about the money. Source http://www.brookings.edu/~/media/Files/rc/...troNationbp.pdf By the numbers and because of Charlotte's ambition, I think it's unlikely that Charlotte isn't high on the MLBs new city list.
  14. Shouldn't there be a tag on UP for SPECULATION posts? Some of these ideas are ridiculous; condos -> office space... come on.
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