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  1. This is the best downtown photo of Orlando I've ever seen! Thanks
  2. I always said put in a Dave & Busters, H & M, Club Monaco, FCUK, Bennetton, Grand Lux Cafe, Cheeseburger in Paradise, Pei Wei Asian Diner, Adventurer's club type of attraction, Revive Jungle Jim's, Dick's Last Resort, Best Buy, Trader Joes, Barnes and Noble and an attached hotel for all the shoppers going to Prime, would be a good addition to the mall. Hell, through in a Major Department store like Marks & Spencer for the British Folk and you got it made. Now I can wake up. Seriously though I agree: This mall just won't die. It's an themed mall search for a theme. You got jus
  3. Well after years of waiting we can wait no more. The Ron Juan Surf Park at the Festival Bay is officially dead in the water. The final nail in the coffin for the Festival Bay mall. Maybe time to rev up those bullbolzers and put that place out of it's misery.
  4. Another project shot to hell. Another nail in my investment. Keep building those "upscale" apartments around Millenia, that will change the area for the better. Millienium Parc retail area seems like the same as the Gardens, nice proposals, but dead in the water. This is NOT what I thought Orlando was going to be when I moved here.
  5. Also... The Gardens at Millenia Millenium Parc Retail and Hotel Millenia Crossing Whole Foods Marketplace Dellagio The Fairfield Inn and Suites/Springhill Suites by Seaworld The Element and Aloft Hotels Convention Center The Westin Lake Mary The Hyatt Place Lake Mary The Residence Inn Lake Mary The Square The Hilton Convention Center
  6. Whole Foods was scheduled to open on June 25th. There were tons of cars in the parking lot today as I drove by; probaby check it out over the weekend. As for as the other stores, nothing has opened yet. The only sign that has gone up is the Pei Wei Asian Diner (part of the P.F. Changs family), but it hasn't opened yet. Michaels, Golf Galaxy, and some sushi place are the only ones I know of going into the development as of yet. Cold Stone Creamery is opening in the Dr. Philips Marketplace down the road.
  7. I was driving down Universal Blvd the other day right behind the Westgate Palace there was a sign for the proposed "THE EMPIRE", which looked like a replica of the Empire State Building in NY. I think it supposed to be a condo hotel or maybe just condos. I tried looking in Orlando Skyscrapers to see if I can find any info about it, but nothing was posted. Do you know if this project is dead, on hold, just proposed or someones pipe dream?
  8. Since being new to the city of Orlando; I'm not that up to date on the whole commuter issue other than finding out that the project seems like its DOA. Question: All the money that was set aside for this project including the widening of I4 with 4 additional lanes; that's also dead? Gone? This is the only city where I lived that didn't have some sort of mass transit system and for the first time in 20 years I have to buy myself a extra vehicle, which I'm not keen on doing. Even though I love living in Florida, I sometimes wonder why I moved to Orlando. Very frustrating.
  9. This was taken from the Condo Metropolis Blog: This week
  10. I always thought people went to Disney to escape their mundane reality without being subjected to places where they are part of everyday life. It's attractions such as La Nouba, Disney Quest that make it unique and destination restaurants like Bongos, House of Blues, T-Rex, Rainforest Cafe and Planet Hollywood where they are not located in their hometowns; that make it memorable. I said memorable...not good! How is bringing in TJ Maxx, Olive Garden, Ross Dress for Less and TGI Fridays going to make it memorable or unique to people?
  11. I read on a website that the Dolly Parton Dixie Stampede is thinking of relocating in Disney when they open that big box Flamingo Crossings shopping district. Who else has a bad taste about this Flamingo Crossing project? Does Disney really need a have an Econolodge on their property? Wasn't the whole point why Disney bought all this acreage in Orlando is to not duplicate the problem of Disneyland, with all those tacky motels/restaurants adjacent to the park? Seems like this is going totally against Walt's original plan.
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