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  1. Has anyone posted that Scotch&Soda, and Psycho Bunny have opened new Outpost in Lenox Square? As well Dolce& Gabbana and Tom Ford have opened stores in Phipps Plaza.
  2. Who hid Lady Celeste's pic. of the front of phipps? I will swear it was not me, but another mod. that punched the wrong button. Well it is fixed now.
  3. What a coincidense in the fact that Atlanta has a gold line, which was origionally planned to be the yellow line, but the Asian community screamed that it was racist by making fun of thier skin color so MARTA had to change it to gold. Anyway thank you Ricky for updating me on your very awesome light-rail system in Charlotte. I know it will get thousands of cars off the freeways and onto Lynx for a hassle free ride to and from work or wherever you need to go. I am also very impressed with the housing going up near the stations, which will help to make Charlotte a truely, live, work, shop, and play city all tied together by your impressive light-rail system.
  4. I personally having lived in Aatlanta and San Francisco like Charlotte and see enormous growth potential and avoiding mistakes made in Atlanta's dream of not only being a major American city but an International city as well. Then on the San Francisco side, they are quite aware that thier Bank Of America got gobbled up by the former NationsBank. You know like it was stolen from them or something. Then in walks Wells Fargo and they place thier Southeast U.S. operations center in Charlotte and not Atlanta. So thier are some that are downright jealous and then there are others that applaud Charlotte and its achievments. Put it this way: If I were the CEO and major stockholder and had a choice of Atlanta, Miami, Nashville, or Charlotte, I think I would choose Charlotte to place my world headquarters in. Atlanta is full of smog and bumper to bumper freeways, Miami and crime are a concern. Nashville is well known for its music, but not much else. So this is just a personal opinion looking at Charlotte and other American cities.
  5. Does Charlotte have just a blue line now or are other lines planned. Atlanta will be getting its first light-rail line from a future infill subway station to Emory University down to MARTA'S Avondale heavy rail station. Unfortunatley because of density most of the new light rail will be subway with a small portion elevated. I am sure Charlotte's system is more enjoyable to ride with all the great views either at-grade rail or elevated rail.
  6. Well here goes department store shuffling again. As soon as Nordstrom announced they would be closing thier Mall of Georgia store, in rushes Von Maur to take it's place. Nordstrom said the north Gwinnett market is still too rural and not affluent enough to support Nordstrom. So now we will have Von Maur at Mall of Georgia and the existing stores at Perimeter and North Point Malls.
  7. There is also a Johnny Was on level one in Phipps Plaza at Monarch Court in the Buckhead District of Atlanta, just to let the members know.
  8. The shops Buckhead Atlanta will be merged with Buckhead Atlanta ( fourmerly The Streets of Buckhead) thread into one umiform thread for developments SPECIFIC to The Shops Buckhead Atlanta . All other debelopments if not apart of a shopping complex, ie: Lenox Square, The Shops Around Lenox, Phipps Plaza or any other complex will be posted in Buckhead Developments. In time I will make The Perimeter-Dunwoody district, The Cumberland-Galleria District and Midtown and Downtown development specific and then an area in each for retail. If the retail thread becomes popular I may move that retail development to its own specific thread . Atlanta has gained the playful title of "Little LA" not so little anymore. I hope this will help the posters and cut down on the convusion and make the Atlanta Forum more user friendly. As always comments are more than welcome. Shoot me a PM and I promise to work with you . Ok this thread is ready for posting!
  9. I saw how "specific" the Lenox Square/Phipps Plaza thread was, so I tried to do that in the old Streets of Buckhead thread. But there are Buckhead developments in the SOB thread and development posts about The Shops Buckhead Atlanta in the Lenox Square/Phipps Plaza thread, so I can spend an enormous amount of time making it development specific or find a way to seperate Buckhead Retail And Retail developments and then possibly a thread for Buckhead Developments other than retail or specific to that retail center. So what I would like to do is what makes the forum members the most satisfied. So PM me and give me some valuable feedback. Kenneth
  10. ok, press the picture and it turns the in the right direction and oh even enlarges. Forgive me I have been on a long medical leave and am having to remember things. Like how to find my office in the One Embarcadero Center.
  11. I have always loved the "New International Style" of architecture like the former Bank of America Tower with the bay windows done in true San Francisco style.
  12. I can not wait to see the Mercedes Benz North American headquarters campus. From what I have seen the renderings look really cool.
  13. Well ct36 that is very interesting, given the fact that J. Crew is in almost evey mall in the nation, and J. Crew is not in the Luxury retail category. Maybe the S.A.'s got confused and thought they were working at Lous Vuitton. Now they are snobs. I prefer the leased boutique inside Saks. Oh and Btw, I am very suprised no one has meantioned CHANEL.
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