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  1. Oh, one more thing: would it be possible to get direct email updates on Huntsville construction projects to my personal email box? Anything on Verizon's Alabama HQ would be most appreciated. I'm at: [email protected] Thanks, everyone!!
  2. WOW. Not one mention of this in the Birmingham News. WOW. This is HUGE!
  3. Birmingham is such an attractive city to be so disfunctional. I think that's the 'Southern Gothic' effect at work! I think it's a blessing so many of the old buildings are still standing, and that height is restricted. The newer buildings do seem to mesh well with the old. Impressive.
  4. Just found this in another forum. We know of Huntsville's & Montgomery's expansions, but here's Shreveport-Bossier City's entry. Shows that we as a community need to stay on top of this. Shreveport Convention Center & Parking Garage Located in the heart of the downtown commercial district, the Shreveport Convention Center (SCC) has been designed as a multi-purpose facility poised to accommodate a variety of events including, but not limited to: exhibits, trade shows, consumer shows, banquets, receptions, conventions and meetings. The 350,000 square foot facility wi
  5. I live one block from here on 2nd Ave. S. between 42-43rd Streets. I LOVE the area/neighborhood/convenience!!! I think another seven-ten years this strip (beautiful downtown Avondale) will be a lively, interesting village scene.
  6. I live in Birmingham, and I'm just blown away over all the new developments in Memphis!!! One Beal is definitely iconic. I predict this building will be the new Graceland. I've always liked Memphis, and see it and Birmingham as "cousin" cities. Kudos to you all for your city's renaissance. Once Corridor X (the future I-22) opens, I hope Memphis and Birmingham will be able to develop closer economic & cultural relations. Our industrial rebirth, financial clout and status as a distribution nexus, plus your continued tourism, population and cultural expansions- not to mention the biomedical s
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