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  1. ONB set to discuss potential Sloss Business Park. http://birmingham.bizjournals.com/birmingham/stories/2010/02/15/daily15.html
  2. Consultant: City's new green space could generate $250M investment http://birmingham.bizjournals.com/birmingh...3224000^1832355
  3. This project makes me happy. I love to see new projects being built close to downtown, and I think this will be a great addition to the central part of out metro. I wonder what the actual retail will be...from what is explained, I am thinking that it is going to be completely different from what we already have here. Lane Parke http://www.laneparke.com/index.html
  4. What do you guys think of The Forge not opening at the BJCC? I personally like the idea of The Forge looking at the Lakeview District or the RRP area, but I am not of a fan of them considering Homewood as a possible location. It would be cool if the plan to relocate the Southtown residents to a newer development actually went through, and The Forge located there. It could be a connection for Lakeview and Five Points South. http://www.al.com/business/birminghamnews/....xml&coll=2
  5. I can also see Brookwood taking advantage of the space where Brunos was, and makinging it mixed-use. Perhaps, a small "street-scape" portion with perhaps 10 stores and restaurants anchored by something like Trader Joe's(something that many would enjoy), and a tower with office and hotel space. It don't think that it would have to be next to Macy's or close to the mall because the mall is holding it's own right now...this will add to the malls other end.
  6. Another hotel is planned for the downtown area. According to the article, I assume that it will be on Southside. Does anyone know if the Melaver tower still being proposed...perhaps when the economic climate gets better? http://birmingham.bizjournals.com/birmingh...ml?surround=lfn
  7. Encouraging news on some area shopping centers to open even with the upsetting economy: The Grove, a SuperTarget-anchored center in Hoover at AL 150 and I-459, should be complete this fall. The center has commitments or is in negotiations with Lowe's, Kohl's, Best Buy, Books-A-Million, Hibbett Sports, Petco, Dress Barn, Maurice's, Shoe Carnival, Dots and Fontera Mexican Grill. Smaller portions of the center and stand-alone sites are slated to have Compass Bank, Superior Bank, Chick-fil-A, McDonald's, Burger King, Beef O'Brady's, Mattress Firm, Diamond Nails, Massage Envy and a salon. The final phase of The Summit will include 50,000 sq ft of retail space along with 50,000 sq ft of office space when it is complete in late summer or early fall. A center with three restaurants and a separate strip center are being built with stand-alone locations of a CVS Pharmacy, Legacy Credit Union and Alabama Telco Credit Union at the Chace Lake community on US 31 in Hoover. Nordstrom is still targeted for a spring 2012 opening. More info here: Store bankruptcies, closings may wreak havoc in economy I am excited, especially about Nordstroms not changing their date, and The Summit still pressing forward on it's new expansion. I guess the money-makers are still going to be doing (upscale) luxury shopping in the area. Now I just wonder what's coming to The Summit.
  8. I found this interesting excerpt the other day. Does anyone think that we will need this new area code anytime soon? I remember when it was 1st proposed. http://www.areacode-info.com/headline/2001/al010417.pdf
  9. Sure, why not? They will give this landlocked city a little more water...even if it isn't a very large lake.
  10. I am so anxious for these projects to get underway and completed, but my favorites(most concerned projects that I want to see) are the Melaver project, Standard Midtown, Block 121, The Forge, A.G.Gaston, and Solvay. Also, 29Seven project needs to come for sure. Lakeview is a very attractive area, and with more residential there, the better it will be. I just wish a couple of midrisers would locate there...giving it it's own little skyline with a lake there.
  11. That would be great, but I don't think that portion is going to be large enough for a Target, an electonics store, a home store, and an apparel store...the space is only app 180,000 square feet. I can see HH Gregg, or Best Buy since they are expanding rapidly across the area. I think Linen N Things, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, World Market, or Kirklands for the home store, and a host of retailers for the apparel store. The did mention that a potential department store could open there. I think the new portion will have to be well over 180,000 sq. ft if a department store was to open there. If one did open there though, JCPenney, Sears, or Kohls are probably the choices to locate there. That would be funny though if a Target and Wal Mart were in the same center, and with K Mart right up the street. I still think that we need a midtown Target somewhere though...ahem,urban store off of 280... ahem ahem between Colonial Bank and the Birmingham Zoo...ahem. Excuse me.
  12. http://www.aigbaker.com/properties_AL_wildwood.asp My apology if this was already posted, but I can't remember. I hope that we will get some stores that are new to the area. I think the Lakeshore-Oxmoor Valley-Ross Bridge area will take off when the economy gets better, and much of that is in the city of Birmingham which is a very positive outlook.
  13. Ok, I am truly sorry that the homeless are being forced from there "homes," they kinda give the area a bad look. The city as provided homeless shelters, am I mistaken, so the city is trying to help them out. They(the homeless) have already taken much refuge in Kelly Igram Park downtown...this should not turn out to be the same way. I don't think that I would want to be bothered with them when I am just relaxing in the park(maybe I should say panhandlers), or eating at the floating restaurant. Hopefully something could be done that will allow all parties to be happy.
  14. http://bhamwiki.com/wiki/index.php?title=Shepherd_Centre Has anyone else seen this rendering? I heard of the Sheperd Centre, but I have never seen a picture of it. How awesome it would be if midtown looked like this today,in addition to the "UAB skyline," downtown, and the rest of midtown.
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