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  1. well, the Banner Bank office tower in Boise idaho is LEED platinum....but still one out of three office towers in the country is unbelievable!
  2. the silence about this project recently is starting to get me nervous
  3. i know the site the trumps are looking at would be right across the street from Wachovia's office tower but i didnt know they were actually supposed to be related or complementary to one another.
  4. Well, when the CBJ interviewed Infinity Partners in april they said more news and developments should be heard in 60-90 days so anytime from towards the end of june to the end of july we should hear something and hopefully SEE something, and if they are already in the rendering stage maybe they could surprise us all and give us a rendering a little early! But does anyone know about how much time a project of this scale would take to complete a rendering ready for public announcement?
  5. yea that is not exactly the 4th ward that most people envision when they hear the name of that neighborhood but this area also is not very walkable from uptown im fairly sure i wouldnt walk it in most situations! Of course we already know that its not the most accesible by car either so i guess we will see how much of a problem access is but as things always go how much development around this project will determine the success of the venue
  6. yeah the building seems to get narrower at the top and the bottom with it being the widdest somewhere around the lower middle area at my count about the 20th floor not including the lobby but nonetheless, the width of the building is definitely not my only complaint, the architecture is not awful and would certainly bring a new element to the skyline but i dont think that i could ever actually like this architecture and certainly not at this height maybe downscaled to around 900' and the building might have been popular and ultimatley built
  7. the building was cool but not in charlottes skyline haha didnt they say in the proposal that it was supposed to be around 1200' which is about 300-350' taller than BoA that thing would have stuck out like a sore thumb but hopefully this trump project will come true and lead to a beautiful new building(or maybe two with the rumored companion tower) whether its the new tallest or not
  8. exactly nostyle, the football hall of fame logo is the only one that i could honestly say i have ever seen before. all in all i doubt the logo will get much exposure even at the hall of fame itself besides an entrance emblem. but even if it were to be posted all over the place would anyone really care i mean does it take anything away from the racing heritage here? logos can change and most are not noticed at all but this city and this state have built the sport and a simple hall of fame logo is not going to change anything the hall of fame is a great thing to have here and a logo should be th
  9. i agree i love the BofA building it truly is the building that most native charlotteans will know as the signature tower for the rest of their lives; tallest or not, and i would certainly be happy with the new trump building being shorter but knowing trump and his track record in other cities i just cant imagine him going with something less than the tallest especially with all the hype and secrecy surrounding this project i have a feeling when this project is formally made public it will be a big splash and i think a lot of people would be a bit dissapointed if it was not the new tallest
  10. i dont know if i would risk the architectual quality and styling of a great building by putting on a spire just to reach 1000' i would be prefer a 850-900' beautiful building as opposed to a 1000'+ monstrosity of a building. while a 1000' tower could be a motivating point to other companies and firms to dream big and really extend our skyline upwards we all need to remember that this is going to the new crown of our city a building that will remind our everyone of charlotte so lets make it look good and do just as good a job if not better than the one caesar pelli did way back in 1992
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