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  1. Coffee shops inside existing businesses don't seem to add much to the neighborhood's vibrancy (see Creston Brewery). Any movement on the old RBJ location? I know the property is listed for a prohibitive amount, but it seems crazy to let it just sit empty all this time.
  2. "Developer of Grand Rapids shopping center files bankruptcy" GRBJ article on Village at Knapp's Corner
  3. Sweet!* Many's the time I've sat outside Kava House or Bombay Cuisine and imagined the inside of that place hollowed out with four, steep balconies looking down on a stage. Usually an in-the-round performance by Rolling Stones for an intimate crowd of about 1,500 . I suppose retail would be my second choice * I reserve the right to be less enthused when floors of high-end apartments are announced for the upper floors.
  4. Love 'em or hate 'em, they were the main reason Art Prize received so much publicity last year, and therefore why it drew so many people.
  5. .... in West Michigan. Don't want to get off-topic, but this is precisely the opinion I've formed of most Grand Rapidians in the four years I've lived here. Obviously there are pockets of exception, such as Eastown. What I found irritating about Art Prize last year was the Art Snobs who assumed the event was for them. Their constant wittering and complaining about what is/isn't art is no doubt the reason there's a special prize chosen by "artists" this year, negating the need for a last-miinute pity prize for the likes of Young Kim. IMO, the event is for the populace and the winner is
  6. That's as ridiculous as saying nobody is entitled to drive on public streets. I see I'm not going to get any sense out of you, but you're entitled to your opinion.
  7. Even someone who rides their bike to work every day is entitled to own a car for those necessary out-of-town trips, and they have to park it somewhere.
  8. It's agreed in principle. Just awaiting state approval. Article at MLive.
  9. While waiting at the stop light yesterday, I snapped a couple of shots of the new pedestrian bridge over the Medical Mile: http://yfrog.com/1udscn1921xj http://yfrog.com/a9dscn1923j
  10. The new Eastown "Pizza" Hut (that sells wings): Hoop! Don't walk!
  11. I love that photo, Jon. It made me go check out your other work at Picture Michigan. If you're ever in the market for a new site, let me know Andy
  12. It wouldn't be the first time. Remember how Fifth-Third plaza used to look?
  13. Funny, I have a very similar shot from the other day!
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