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  1. I hope that turns out well. The drawings look nice. That intersection at Veterans and 13th and the surrounding areas are very interesting. There are several businesses in unattractive/suburban style buildings (midas, the car accessories store, Gateway Mitsubishi etc), a few in nicer looking/more urban buildings (AT&T), and then some vacant properties. The streetscape improvements will make the dumpier looking things a little more pleasant and hopefully will encourage some upgrades on exsiting buildings in the area. I also hope it will spur some development to fill some of the vacant lots and buildings. I travel through downtown on my way to work evrey day, so I won't complain about any visual improvements to the drive.
  2. Three great articles about projects/development in Columbus from the LE today... First just a general article quoting some agents about the thawing of the local retail/restaurant market. http://www.ledger-enquirer.com/2010/05/23/1132371/columbus-market-thaws-as-new-stores.html Secondly a good article on the added benefits/impact of having the Aflac games in downtown. Did anyone make it down there? Was there a good crowd? http://www.ledger-enquirer.com/2010/05/23/1132416/move-downtown-spices-up-games.html Lastly, and most importantly in my mind, an article suggesting that an out of town developer is going to convert the Swift Denim Mill on 5th into lofts and office space, with later phases potentially including some retail too. In my short time here, I have thought that the mills between 5th and the railroad yard are really cool and could make for a street filled with great renovated old mills serving as residential, retail, office space, etc. Swifts Mill and the Golden factory further down are some of the most architecturally interesting buildings left downtown. Maybe this will be the start of somethign big. If they could get the railyards removed/moved that would help a great deal as well. Hoepfully this goes well. Can't complain about 50million dolars in investment however it comes. http://www.ledger-enquirer.com/2010/05/22/1131552/swift-mill-slated-for-50m-face.html
  3. What has been the private response to public infusion of cash in the past? I havent been here long enough to tell. It seems to me that public funding on Broadway/Riverwalk has helped lead to some private investment (obviously not equal to what was spent by local government on street scapes and CSU for their downtown campus). South Commons improvements over the last couple of decades are nice, but have done little to improve that part of town. Newer public investments Wynnton Streetscape Projects and Sears property purchase/public building projects have not really had any impact on private investment yet in Midtown. So the question is do you all feel like the public investment eventually spurs development here, or will things just continue to move further out to the "newest and best places". Just curious since several publicly funded projects (Veterans/13th project and Hilton/Wynnton project) are all getting started near my area.
  4. Having lived in Mobile and spending a large amount of town in Bham (wife is from there and a majority of our friends moved their) I have to disagree on Columbus night life being comparable to either of those cities. More comparable with Mobile than Bham though. Mobile is about 5-10 years ahead of Columbus with regards to the urban redevelopment thing. Things Columbus are just getting Mobile was getting when I was in high school there 8-10 years ago. There are bars, restaurants on Mobile's Dauphin St that have been open since the early 90's and some that never left for sprawl. Birmingham has multiple areas with more to do than Broadway. Southside, Lakeshore, Downtown Homewood, and the various villages of Mountain Brook all have more to do individually than Downtown Columbus, much less if you combine them. Part of the problem I see in Columbus (aside from the lack of college/young professional class that feeds this scene) is the relatively uninteresting and spasely developed downtown. Lots of parking decks, wide open parking lots, random lawns in front of buildings. Broadway is the only relatively continuous urban street in downtown. All others have had buildings destroyed, empty lots, large empty parking areas, etc that detract from the "downtown feel". Plus the average citizen of Columbus/PC does not seem to appreciate these types of things. Many would rather go to a chain out at CPC than come downtown to eat at a place like The Loft. Just my observation after about a year here. The positives for downtown do seem to be improving though, but they need more support to continue to exist. Rivecenter and CSU downtown need to continue to build and improve offerings because they do more for downtown than anything else. Tsys, Bradley, Synovus, and Aflac also have to help leep the momentum moving with all of the weight they can throw around. Aflac games are moving to downtown riverwalk and whitewater is coming. All of these things will continue to get people downtown which will improve the nightlife. Concerts on the river/downtown music festival would be a nice addition. Mobile's Bayfest has run for almost 20 years with pretty big acts. It gives a boost to downtown. Mobiles downtown survives off of a steady diet of regulars from the three local universities, a decent professional class, and a long history of locals appreciating entertainment/alcohol (I think it comes from being a port city with a ton of history). But what gives it a shot in the arm and ensures that it thrives is a constant stream of events downtown that draw people in that might not come to downtown weekly. These big events (Bayfest, Mardi Gras, Senior Bowl, GMAC Bowl, St Paddys, Chili Cookofff, Azalea Trail Run, 1st light marathon, New Years Eve, Conserts at the Saenger,etc) ensures bars and restaurants of 10-15 huge weekends to go along with the steady diet of regular weekends that may or may not get them through. I bet bars/restaurants in downtown Mobile cover the majority of their yearly expenses during Bayfest, Mardi Gras, and Senior Bowl and then run break even or deficit for the majority of the year. Columbus can do it, but it is a slow process. Mobile started in the late earliy nineties, with a lot of built in advantages over Columbus, and it has really only recently (since early 2000s) seen a more rapid growth in condo development, national chains moving in with more local restaurants, retail, new hotel development, etc.
  5. Maybe there will actually be something to talk about with regards to major transportation projects in Columbus now that a local boy is in charge of the DOT. Below is the LE article on Vance Smith moving into the position has head of DOT. http://www.ledger-enquirer.com/news/story/753544.html
  6. Im sure everyone is aware, but the National Infantry Museum opened today. http://www.ledger-enquirer.com/news/breaki...ory/754022.html 3,000 people were on hand for the festivities this morning. An article last week talked about the economic impact of the museum. It threw out huge numbers (millions of dollars of impact and hundreds of thousands of visitors), which are probably wishful thinking. Hoepfully it will draw people from the surrounding areas into Columbus and provide visitors from further away something interesting to do while they are in town. I am excited about going out there. Not growing up in a city with a military presence, I am probably not as familiar with Ft. Benning and the Infantry as some of you locals, but I think I can get intothe museum, me being a big history buff and all.
  7. Where is corporate ridge? Being new to the area I have no idea where most stuff is (especially it is not near my little neighborhood). I tried googling it and got nothing
  8. That is a pretty substantial investment in Columbus (860 jobs is awesome). Any idea where they will locate this factory in town?
  9. nimsjus

    Downtown Mobile

    Downtown Mobile Alliance Dec-Jan newsletter is out. I always enjoy the section on a piece of downtown realestate each month. They always give history, tenants and other interesting info about a building that we have all seen a million times, but have no clue about the inside, its past, etc. http://www.downtownmobile.org/images/news/dan_decjan.pdf
  10. There was supposed to be a ceremony and big announcement at the museum site yesterday but the PR did not cover it. Anyone hear what went on?
  11. Yeah I was wondering myself. I wonder what the big announcement on Thursday will be? Todays paper was packed with good stuff. This article, real estate column had several downtown/midtown moves, annexation/firehouse stuff, art market article, Mobile Convention and Visitors Beureau new website, and Wine Loft in Spring Hill. I posted all the links here: http://forum.skyscraperpage.com/showthread...149#post2875149
  12. nimsjus

    Downtown Mobile

    From today's Press Register Real Estate column... Info on several downtown properties changing hands or being rennovated. Sullivan-St. Clair Marketing Public Relations and local investors are going to spend $1.6 million to purchase and renovate of a building at 202 Government St., at Conception Street. The firm will move in by January The ground floor will be parking. The second and third floors will be offices. A building at the corner of North Conception and St. Michael streets was purchased recently. The building had been used previously as a deli/yogurt shop. The buyer will renovate it for retail and office use on the first floor and put residences on the second. And finally, the city is selling the City Hall North annex at 350 St Joseph. http://www.al.com/business/press-register/....xml&coll=3
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