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  1. Lol yep and is free for under 1 or 2 hours I believe.
  2. I was hoping they would build over the street completely (basically tunneling the road). Could of been cool with you actually driving in like that from 385.
  3. They had the new sign up at the road last weekend at Greenridge.
  4. johnpro318

    The West End

    Friday - Saturay?
  5. They are instead going to repair and update it unfortunately.
  6. It seems that the argument is more about hiring more workers to maintain the parks with the comment about staff shortages and all of the required overtime they are having to dole out.
  7. Hopefully a major renovation and the parking garage torn down.
  8. I would assume they will redevelop the rest of their lot behind the chapel once the offices are moved into the new building.
  9. Which kinda makes sense since it was mostly used as a cut through for people that didn’t live there.
  10. Also you can take part in citywide grants and some waived business fees, depending on the business and location.
  11. That’s great. I’ve always felt they should do a trail extension along the bridge to start a new spur. There could be a couple overlook areas at the highest point in the bridge.
  12. Yea I live off East North and it’s great honestly.
  13. The building is bland but I do like the feeling that Falls Park is becoming more of an Oasis in the middle of downtown. Just a cool vibe.
  14. Kimbrells building getting rehabbed for office and retail. https://upstatebusinessjournal.com/business-news/former-kimbrells-location-to-become-mixed-use-and-coworking-concept/?fbclid=IwAR2FH_snWTc6IjA5AT8dkxGPO1GOwPXCWixVtDZQqiUwitPkkNCE53uhXiU
  15. Great news. I wish the county would do something for White Horse Rd.
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