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  1. This is actually good IMO. The layout wasn’t the best and we could use more density here.
  2. This is honestly a thousand times better. Just wish wr could get some sort of density in this area.
  3. I'm glad companies are starting to look towards the future again.
  4. It is a Spinx gas station as you said.
  5. It's simple, if you can't get workers, raise your benefits to encourage people to work for you.
  6. Site plan looks great. Let's get these all down Laurens Road!
  7. Hopefully the development triggers ARC to sell their land and Second Presbyterian to sell their parking lot.
  8. I agree and I'll add that every road needs sidewalks.
  9. Lol its a strip mall. Even the Village at Sandhill is more of a town center. At least it has apartments and a library... street front stores. Magnoilia Park is a strip mall. I'm not saying there's any fault or saying they can't call it that, I just think it's comical. I digress since it's not topic.
  10. Just because it calls itself a town center, doesn't mean it is. Look up Avalon in Atlanta for an example. Thats what I was hoping Magnolia Park would be. But maybe the development in Mauldin will be more of a true town center.
  11. Yea the clientele for both of these stores will find these stores. It's probably a good fit with the image they and Verdae are trying to have.
  12. I'm more upset about the layout of thr building which wastes a quarter of the lot.
  13. johnpro318

    The West End

    It's lame because we are literally in the city. Should be taller honestly to help Academy not feel so massive for pedestrians.
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