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  1. Greenville Photo of the Day

    Agree. Should have been a pool terrace. They really dropped the ball with that one.
  2. Proposal: 708 S. Main

    Fingers crossed for an Apple store for downtown.
  3. BridgeWay Station mixed use development-Mauldin, SC

    Maybe it will encourage densification in that area, specifically from the site North towards Woodruff Road. There are a lot of businesses that don’t seem to really fit the area any longer that could be redeveloped.
  4. 121 Rhett Street

    I’m just not a big fan of randomly spaced windows like that. Every time I look at it I try to find the pattern or thought process behind it.
  5. Augusta Square

    We need more density in Greenville. This area is appropriate for it. The senior housing complex actually isn’t urban or dense enough in face.
  6. Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    As in they want more brick or they want less brick?
  7. Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    I like it and do you guys see a faint see through pedestrian bridge or something on page 9? Coming off the side? Maybe they are just connecting with the existing parking garage for the Bowater building or maybe they are future proofing for more development.
  8. Stone Avenue at Main Street mixed use project.

    What made you decide to move if you don’t mind me asking?
  9. The State of Downtown Retail

    There’s just a lot wrong with Brazwells. Maybe somebody will move in that can better utilize the building.
  10. When Will Greenville Be Ready For Height?

    I agree and it would really help the skyline.
  11. Pelham Road Projects Top golf coming to Pelham and Garlington Roads. Includes parcels for a hotel, restaurant and 75K sq.ft. Building. Wonder what that could be. There seems to be a phase two as well. I wish this was developed a little more attractively to start and set a precedent in this area.
  12. West Greenville Village

    Wasn’t too much. 556 Perry Ave. is being redeveloped by the same people who did the old Augusta Bakery building (where Upstate Craft Brewery is located). The main building will be offices and the smaller building by the road with be a community amenity chosen by the community. Glad to see the West Village grow.

    Pedal Chic’s current location at 651 S Main St.

    Does anyone think the owner of the current building will want to raze or renovate and get rid of that parking lot on Main Street. It drives me crazy.
  15. New downtown federal courthouse

    It’s really bad.