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  1. So happy they are hiding those HVAC units, I was worried for a minute.
  2. My apologies but when someone's position causes more suffering, I don't take kindly to it. This is not a position on what is the best restaurant for brunch, it's a position that will mislead people and put other's in danger. I'm going to believe the science and note that the hype isn't high enough for a lot of Americans to take this seriously. There's being optimistic and there's being foolish. In this case, people will suffer, die or come out with thousands of dollars in medical bills if we as a country can't decide to be wise for once in the past few years.
  3. Do you make money if more people get sick and pass away? What is your MO for people to not take this seriously? What do you gain?
  4. Nope. Covid probable case but not counted in covid positive without being confirmed. They started reporting probably cases a few weeks ago now. Also, I'm sorry for their suffering but you can't say that 3 million plus people are being false reported as cases. It would have leaked to fox news or reddit. It's always someone said or someone at my church or someone at my wife's friend's job. I'm not saying you are lying but you may have been lied to.
  5. That's like, your opinion man.
  6. Why? He's actually been proactive.
  7. The observation tower was in the last phase of construction I believe.
  8. This. Some brands have been shifting away from department stores to their own stores to promote exclusivity and the ability to control all of their brand image. Michael Kors is available at Belk as well I know.
  9. The Chickfila remodel is complete on Pelham.
  10. johnpro318

    245 E Broad

    It's 245 East Broad Street.
  11. This is true. Look at the Richardson Street garage. Lack of foresight makes this stick out like a thumb and since it's so large, it probably be there for a long time like that. I was hoping they would build micro apartments to front the alley or maybe two or three levels of small retail spaces. Anything would help.
  12. That's a good thought. Maybe if they could get ahold of the Citgo property to make a really nice bookend for Main Street. That location for a parking garage makes total sense though. Just wrap it in apartments/condos and retail/offices and I'd be happy.
  13. Interesting. Do you think the church will relocate to sell its current land?
  14. Yeah the almighty dollar to those in charge.
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