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  1. It's going to be the biggest eyesore by the park for sure. I presume eventually it would be torn down for a new development. There are parking lots all around here but that will be the last place to put new construction right there on the river.
  2. I was referring to the neighbors saying it shouldn't be allowed based on the plan made 20 something years ago which is not legally binding, but thank you for telling me about the zoning. I thought everyone knew this would require a zoning change but someone may not.
  3. Lol there's no legal leverage to stop the County Square plan either.
  4. Yeah I will not be voting for him. His campaign material convinced me of that.
  5. Maybe Swift Air is for Twenty One Pilots. They perform tonight at BSA.
  6. Hopefully a turn lane lol.
  7. Yes it's the new Gateway Clubhouse.
  8. Do you know if the lot is city owned? They could partner with them for a public/private garage.
  9. It probably should be redeveloped with housing since it has a great accessibility. After the announced closings, there will be zero Kmarts and two Sears in the state (Myrtle Beach and Greenville). It looks like Liberty Tax is buying all the Sears Hometown stores (they just bought a furniture chain as well)
  10. So nice. Now we need the whole set of photos for the downtown projects haha
  11. It opened a couple weeks ago. Haven’t been yet though I will change that this weekend.
  12. Maybe our zoning for the city should be updated to require a percentage of “affordable” housing with perks of going above and beyond? Additional FAR/height, reduced parking requirements if located near transit (bus stop), etc? It is 2019 after all. Many cities require this now.
  13. I hope they connect with Chadsworth Drive. It looks like they planned it that way but you never know with this development.
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