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  1. Should be a boost for the Halton Road area when complete as well.
  2. It’s brought up in the 2040 survey so I’m assuming it’s still on the table.
  3. I can’t wait to hear their comments. It’s crazy how the public is in uproar about this building. And people wonder why land holders don’t let people use their private land as a grassy field even. People start using something that is private and the owner allows it, then they think they are forever entitled to the space.
  4. Because we would have to drive through downtown to go to it. For this one, we wouldn’t. Not everyone lives downtown.
  5. I’ve seen the apartments on the Stone corner going up faster now. Bids were requested for the Harris Teeter recently. Does anyone else get the idea that three local businesses they posted about might be the ones that might have letters of intent for the retail section? Cakes by U, Tipsy Taco and Ambitious Kitchen? Seems weird for them to post those randomly. All within two weeks recently.
  6. The connecting flight from GSP is most advantageous when flying long distances and not wanting to drive back from Atlanta or Charlotte when you get back and are exhausted. Plus it’s just easier to get going (parking, finding your gate, etc.)
  7. Thanks for the pics! I have a question and it’s probably been answered but where will the parking be for the hotel? The Bowater garage? I hope they spruce it up if so.
  8. I don’t know but it’s probably 2 parts coincidence and 8 parts wishful thinking. Haha
  9. What I’m getting at is a very similar mural is on the side of the building at 306 Falls Street. Maybe it was commissioned because there are plans forthcoming at that site (Parks and Rec building) and the current mural will be demolished with the building.
  10. Run it right beside Stella’s and cut through some of Greenville High’s giant lawn in front. It will need to be realigned anyway to be a right angle.
  11. The Dunbar connection would another smart one. Maybe the city is hoping one day that the spur can be purchased or something as a trail extension and they can redo the road then. I mean hire some engineers, a tunnel or bridge would be expensive though.
  12. I still don’t understand why they don’t have University Ridge connect to Vadry so there’s a straight shot to Academy. The intersection will be a PITA to upgrade but this is our best chance to do it. It’s so close right now.
  13. On it I see “Welcome to Greenville. Textile center of the world “. I wonder if they know something we don’t because the building around 306 Falls Street currently has a mural about that. Maybe they know of plans to redevelop that lot? I think the city or county is currently using that building.
  14. Hmm I wonder what they are thinking. Since there isn’t a drive thru for the big anchor, I’m assuming not a grocery store. Thanks btw
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