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  1. Oh lord the city better issue demo permits before people start protesting to keep it. I think the land is too valuable for that house of no significant historical value. If someone wants to do a go fund me to move it, that would be okay. Otherwise, let's look forward instead of backwards. Edit to say: I researched and 15 Reedy View Drive was built in 1998...
  2. What would probably allow it to support that much height would be the fact that it is basically the last site on the river.
  3. Thanks! That's great for the area (short term hopefully).
  4. Yeah I assume when the new South Carolina's Children Theater opens, that huge lot will be put up for sale. Could be crucial in extending the urban footprint in the Village.
  5. I got a lot of his campaign material and it focused on "vote for me so we don't become Atlanta." Even though building denser projects in the city reduces sprawl. He would rather we literally become Atlanta by building ever inch of land between the GA and NC state line I guess.
  6. Haywood Mall Sears allegedly closing mid April per USA Today: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.usatoday.com/amp/4675534002
  7. Well here are Tiffany's current locations. It would likely lure other luxury chains in and would be a game changer. Wonder if any of the nicer Haywood locations would jump ship: https://www.tiffany.com/jewelry-stores/store-list/united-states/
  8. Trader Joe's is my guess if its not Target.
  9. Here's hoping they work with the City to bury the utility lines.
  10. Much more than a garage. The article states that the cost includes all of the below. Plus remember the garage will have a new rental car center and it will be one of those smart garages that tells you which floors have spots and directs you to them to save time.
  11. From Target's website (https://corporate.target.com/article/2018/07/small-format-stores): I'm assuming it would mostly focus on grocery and serve as a pickup location for online orders which would be awesome.
  12. It would become my go to Target. But maybe you are referring to Trader Joes?
  13. They are renovating into 3 spaces for lease: https://buildout.com/plugins/inventory/589554-lease/view?document=1382210
  14. johnpro318

    The West End

    I am so excited for this one to open.
  15. The points look about eye level lol. Hopefully no one tipsy trips into it.
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