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  1. It's much smaller than I thought it'd be. (insert "that's what she said" jokes...)
  2. Dan, the poles are going to be street lights for the roof-top parking level.
  3. Is this a concept or is it going to happen? I haven't heard anything about this.
  4. Here's the latest update on the old Advocate spot. From the business report- http://www.businessreport.com/archives/daily-report/latest/ Plenty of interest in Advocate's former site Banks and companies looking for high-quality office space have expressed interest in the old Advocate site downtown, but there is no timetable for developing the property, says the attorney who is spearheading the development. Charles Landry says the Manship family is interested in doing a special project on the Lafayette Street site, something that adds to downtown. "No one is interested in doing anoth
  5. The BR Metro Council approved the change in the Blue Law to allow alcohol sales on Sunday. The vote was 7-2. LINK Bones Addison and Lori Burgess voted against it. The mindset of these people insane. Bones, once again, pushes his religious beliefs on others, and Burgess thinks allowing alcohol sales on Sundays is the root cause of drug abuse and domestic violence. Oh well, at least I can buy a bottle of wine on Sunday without having to go to Ascension.
  6. Score another win for our "wonderful" city council-- council votes down Holden's symbolic "acceptance" resolution. Apparently professing an openess to all races, creeds, nationalities, genders and sexual orientations encourages and invites the beastiality and pedophelia crowd... http://www.2theadvocate.com/news/10446697.html I'm not sure that the resolution was necessary given its symbolic nature, but you have to give it to the council's moral police for making us look (again) like a bunch of idiots.
  7. California biotech company picks WBR to build 140,000-square-foot research facility. I don't know anything about this group. Hopefully they're legit. Great news for WBR if true, especially when combined with the planned studio. http://www.2theadvocate.com/news/business/10421242.html "Telomolecular Corp. has chosen West Baton Rouge Parish as the home for its $43 million facility that would house 20 biotechnology and research companies dedicated to pharmaceutical development and the study of therapies to address age-related disease and human aging. The 140,000-square-foot facility w
  8. Nice job on the pictures, but you forgot the courthouse and II city plaza.
  9. When did this place turn into a support group> [welcome Ike]
  10. I can't seem to picture the Onyxx building. Does anyone have a photo?
  11. Any word on the King Hotel renovation? I'm curious on when this project is supposed to start.
  12. Thanks. I tried to get some pictures of the courthouse construction, but you can't see anything with the green fences surrounding it. I thought of taking some of the old advocate site and the river place lot, but I figured no one wants to look at a bunch of weeds. (one day, I know...)
  13. More: The rubble that once was the A.Z. Young building, soon to be an apitheater: The outside of the soon-to-open M-Bar as I drive by. I had a picture of the work going on inside of Schlitz and Giggles but the file got corrupted. For those that haven't been by lately, there's alot of work going on. They've installed a stair case that looks to go up to a second floor seating area.
  14. Here's a few shots from some of the ongoing projects downtown: Kress-Levy: Something being built on the top. (looks like an HVAC platform). The new garage on North St.:
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