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  1. It will be good to see development go down Fourth Street. This end of the street has always felt disconnected. Also to see some height will be good.
  2. It will be great to have these buildings to connect the existing West End Village to Burke Street. That will also benefit the businesses on Burke Street which has the potential to become an even more vibrant downtown neighborhood.
  3. The carpet is hideous though. I do like the wall of glass on 5th Street and that the building now abuts the street hard. Makes it more inviting and part of street life. I do with they added a second floor on the 5th street side for some small rooms. That would have made it look larger.
  4. It is good to see some new residential for-purchase opportunities opening up downtown and some brand new retail/restaurant space. This end of Fourth Street needs a jolt of energy in the restaurant realm considering leftover space across the street in the Stevens Ctr and the Commerce building. It used to be great seeing all the people eating outside here during the warm months. Unfortunately those restaurants and buildings were cursed due to the odd nature of their design for restaurant space. Having this brand new retail space in the condo building will likely bring new interest and provide a blank slate for a new restaurateur. Thinking about it now, this could be a good location for a downtown bowling alley/restaurant/bar concept. I would think the 2-levels of retail space could easily fit the concept in the space.
  5. Demand has really been pent up for downtown units for purchase. It has been years since new units were constructed and up for sale. I hope this leads to more developments. I don't foresee huge skyscraper buildings for sale but smaller buildings, rehabs of existing buildings and new office buildings with a few for-purchase units included. Glad to hear there was a good response. Wish them the best
  6. About time they tore down the building. This project was announced a long while ago. Can't wait to see the structure going up.
  7. It's great to have this urban edge confronting you as you drive through the city. In the minds of newcomers to the city or visitors, this means progression. Plus it is just nice to have some juxtaposition along Business-40 since so much of it is the older houses in the inner-ring neighborhoods.
  8. The developer of Plant 64, Chris Harrison, is the speaker at the Downtown WS Partnership's Annual Meeting this morning at the Convention Center. Hope he spills some details and brings some pictures.
  9. Bailey Power Plant, located at the intersection of downtown Winston-Salem and the Wake Forest Innovation Quarter (WFIQ), is being redeveloped as 103,100 square feet of cool, distinctive office and retail space. http://crossstpartners.com/Bailey_Power_Plant.html
  10. Mast General Store has confirmed that it will create a new store in the Art's District in the old Coe Plaza building along with apartments on the upper levels. This deal was made possible with a $2.3 million incentives package from the City, including a $250,000 direct grant, a $500,000 low-interest loan and $250,000 in public infrastructure improvements. As part of the public infrastructure piece, the city will upgrade an alley that runs between Cherry and Trade streets to give people who want to shop on Trade Street more direct access to the parking deck across the street from the Benton Convention Center. The store is set to open in Spring of 2015. http://www.yesweekly.com/triad/article-15359-%5Bbidness%5D.html
  11. Finally the Pepper Building in the center of downtown Winston-Salem has been sold to Michael Coe to be developed into 54 apartments and a new restaurant in a joint-partnership with US Development. The building sold for $801,000 from the Downtown Winston-Salem Foundation. Hopefully, the movement on this building will force the city to find the money to develop the park. Articles: http://www.bizjournals.com/triad/news/2013/01/31/coe-buys-pepper-building-in-downtown.html
  12. I wonder what is planned for this building. I always thought for some reason that it was pretty cool and wished something would happen there. I would think that the building may still have much of its original detail on it under all that ugly cladding. I really like this area and would like to see the Arts District expand over to Liberty and Main. All of these old factories could create a somewhat of a "factory or warehouse" village feel with apartments, retail and affordable office space.
  13. It would have been great if the new clinic would have been in Downtown W-S because it would have pushed for much new development. The good thing, however, about the Kernersville location is that it will help develop that area quickly because like CityBoi said "development out there is going to happen whether we like it or not". As an avid shopper and Winston resident I am always looking for potential places for retail development. With 1000+ new jobs in K-Vegas I could definitely see a new lifestyle center popping up in the suburbs. Maybe the "Union Cross Towne Center" that was proposed years ago and just disappeared. Speaking of...A new hotel and restaurant is being sited for Union Cross according to the Triad Business Journal http://www.bizjournals.com/triad/news/2011/11/04/union-cross-project-likely-to-have.html http://www.bizjournals.com/triad/print-edition/2011/11/04/rezoning-could-bring-hotel-restaurant.html
  14. I definitely would have liked a much different retailer for this space as well, but with the growing number of people living and working downtown stores like this are needed. I do wish this was on Liberty street instead, but according to other sources it is supposed to be more of an "upscale" dollar store that specializing in things downtown businesses would need and it will include a small business center with computer and printer access. Lets see what happens
  15. An interesting article about Trade Street and the Arts District in downton Winston-Salem was recently featured in the WInston Salem Monthly magazine. Really interesting discussion with people in the neaighborhood and also with facts on the timeline of the area. Read it here: http://www.winstonsalemmonthly.com/index.php/site/features/a-tour-of-trade/
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