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  1. Clobber

    Memphis BRT

    I do favor BRT over light rail as a more efficient use of taxpayer funds; but it needs to be executed correctly. This is an interesting article on the BRT concept from a DC blog. Light rail, while speedier, seems so inflexible with the rail infastructure. Maybe if there were exclusive lanes on certain routes, the speed difference could be reduced.
  2. Clobber

    Is anything at all of note happening in Memphis?

    The media is not great at keeping updates in Memphis. Perhaps the best source is Memphis Daily News. I've just returned to this site; there is more activity on other boards. I will try to help with the updates. St. Jude, International Paper, Bass Pro Shops have all announced expansion plans. IP is building a fourth tower (probably about the same ~15 stories as the other 3). Most projects are of the small, street-level variety that is critical to achieving pedestrian traffic. It's important to note that for the first time in a while, there is evidence of regional collaboration. The level of vitriol that has handicapped progress in the past, that has kept Memphis sort of in the mud, has been replaced with city and county mayors that work together for once. And, most impressively, is the evidence that the city mayor, Wharton, has reached out twice to the neighboring chamber of commerce in Mississippi (Desoto County Chamber of Commerce) to stress collaboration. That's something that his predecessor puportedly never did in his twelve or so years. February 9, 2013, Memphis is hosting what is billed as the largest startup conference in the nation. See also More activity coming to Broad Avenue, affirming the 2010 conceptual experiment from "A New Face for an Old Broad." Adjacent to, and running through, this neighborhood are a couple of bike projects. The Greenline is extending by Broad, to connect to Overton Park to the west. And they are building a "gate" to the park. This board is probably already aware of the federal grant to connect downtown Memphis to downtown West Memphis, highlighted by the renovation of the Harrahan Bridge for bikes and runners. And a project on Broad is a finalist for an arts grant. In December, a renovation downtown of a 12 story building and dilapidated adjacent garage was announced. There is a bit of a lull these days, as certain decisions at the state level have worked against the city and the region, such as organ transplants and I-69 funding. Looks like the city is digesting the new manufacturing projects, but there is evidence of several small business owners expanding which is nice. Victorian Village expanding with James Lee House; Right now, it seems that the eastern edge of Midtown is churning the most. Cooper Young has a couple new restaurants, a new convenience store; Overton Square to the north is evolving into the theater district previously described; Broad Ave is bustling; hopefully the Fairgrounds is next. That would create a nice circuit along with the established Overton Park/Memphis Zoo area. Get the city to ensure that there is a walkable, bikeable loop for those areas (Cooper, Madison, Poplar, E Pkwy, Young, and Central especially). If Crosstown succeeds like Broad, then that would be a downright impressive neighborhood. None of the districts are huge, necessarily, but each has their own distinct, complementary identity. Not cookie--cutter suburban, lol... Is the Hilton the old Hyatt cylinder in e/Memphis?
  3. Clobber

    Moving to Memphis?

    I seem to remember that MCI/Worldcom having an operation as well as Time Warner laying a ton of infrastructure in the city. Beyond that, I think Sitel is a telcom company, it has an operation in Millington, although it's just a call center, so that may not be up your alley... Bell South I'm sure is around. I'm not up to date with the industry, so perhaps someone else has more info to offer. I do remember that as of a few years ago a lot of companies were laying infrastructure throughout the region. Now if we could just get widespread wireless.
  4. Clobber

    Memphis International Airport

    It's too late now, but maybe they could've incorporated the martini glass theme in a classy non-cheesy manner. It's like putting up tall gorgeous flowered hedges in front of the columned entrance of a house. But, if that's the only place to put it and there was no way to build it without obstructing the view . . . I guess it's the next best option. It in and of itself, for its purpose, is nice.
  5. Clobber

    Memphis International Airport

    I like the glass; I guess I wish it was split down the middle so you can see the terminal or somehow when approaching, it framed the rest of the property somehow. I dunno. It's much better than I expected in and of itself.
  6. Clobber

    Memphis International Airport

    I don't know. As a garage, it's nice. But it's no front door. That image obscures the architecture of the terminal. Maybe it's not reflective of the final arrangement, but I'd like the garage to complement the architectural uniqueness of the terminals (and hopefully as time goes by, we see either an expansion or renovation of the exterior of the concourses as well), not obscure it. It's like you have to go through a wall of trees to see a mansion. It seems that with CVG, Indy, Minneapolis, and Detroit so clustered together, there would be some reduction amongst those four.
  7. Clobber

    Memphis International Airport

    Their initial foray into MEM certainly indicates interest here. I am hoping for a rapid recovery in their financials, and hopefully they'll resume their MEM plans.
  8. Clobber

    Memphis International Airport

    I just hope there's a way to restore some Frontier service. IRRC, it was low yields and not low loads? I'm glad we've preserved the hub status; hopefully we can increase flights.
  9. Clobber

    Memphis City Page

    It looks great!
  10. Clobber

    Memphis International Airport

    But that's b/c they have demanded concessions of the sort tennreb is speculating about, isn't it? The Feds demand that the merged companies divest themselves of certain assets (i.e. Autozone's divestment of certain stores when they merged with [insert name of second-tier competitor here that I forgot]).
  11. Clobber

    Memphis International Airport

    I noticed the same thing, but wasn't sure if it was this year or last year that Memphis stretched its lead. Irregardless, whether or not it's HK or MEM in the near future, Dubai is going to kick everyone's a$$ if their monstrosity gets built and filled. Wow.
  12. Clobber

    Memphis International Airport

    Tokyo or Hong Kong? Hong Kong has been up there in the standings. I've never heard that Tokyo has been very high . . .
  13. Clobber

    Memphis International Airport

    I think as long as the current leadership is in place at the airport you gotta believe they will do whatever possible to get more out of MEM than outsiders believe is possible. To our advantage, they've made it pretty attractive to do business there, given what I understand to be relatively low operating costs. Even if NWA departs, I think they are pretty well positioned to bring in an LCC to fill up some of the gap. I hope it doesn't get to that, and that, instead, we could somehow manage to retain the hub and develop a focus operation for, perhaps, Frontier.
  14. Clobber

    Memphis International Airport

    I wasn't directly linking aerotropolis to that. I was using the opportunity to brainstorm further initiatives the region can pursue into high-tech areas, using existing strengths and opportunities to springboard off of. There's no reason not to explore the pursuit of aeronautical industry. Edit: I just thought of this -- aeronautics also provides one of the veins by which the logistics industry circulates from Memphis. Without those veins (air, water, land, rail), Memphis is isolated, and the aerotropolis doesn't really exist. Why not be on the forefront of tech in those respects?
  15. Clobber

    Memphis International Airport

    I think they're also the home for the new Virgin Galactic and one of the "very light jet" companies (Hondajet or Cessna or something?). Of course they have lots of space to play with and to risk with accidents, but I'm impressed with how cutting-edge they are when it comes to aerospace. Hopefully we can develop something like that. It would attract lots of professional degree types from around the world.