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  1. The way the block is sort of closed off to Union on the left kind of irks me, but at least the building on the left ain't a parking lot, so that's cool. And closing off the block may be deliberate too.
  2. I think it's owned by local entrepreneurs; sounds familiar. Perhaps they were in EmergeMemphis, but I'm sure they have been featured in the business journal. Not a fan of Nascar, but a big fan of locally-owned businesses. Hopefully they strike gold downtown and expand into other cities!
  3. Burch Porter & Johnson. There's an addition to it on the north side that looks pretty cheap. The Cotton States Bldg is locally known as the Exchange building; I've never heard of the other name. It's been apts for I'd say for more than five years (maybe 10).
  4. Just to add that FedEx has indicated that their capacity needs are time-sensitive, and as the 380 passengers get delayed, everything else down the line gets pushed back later and later, and it reached the point where it saves FedEx money to pay more for the 12 777s when they need it than it would to wait for what I heard was a pretty good deal they got for the 380s whenever Airbutt gets to delivering them. They're still building the hangars for the 380s though, since they've already got started. And if the 380s turn out well, I bet you'll see FedEx convert a passenger to a freighter down the road. Edit: the cancel involved 10 firm 380s; FedEx had options I think for 10 more. My understanding is they are ordering 15 777s. Maybe I heard wrong. A new 747 is coming out soon ("747-800"). But this is a time-sensitive need, so the bottom line is when can they get delivery of whatever they choose.
  5. I'd be interested in that website . . . edit: nm, found it. thanks!
  6. MEM won top Richard A. Griesbach Award of Excellence for concession programs in airports of all sizes.(http://www.commercialappeal.com/mca/business/article/0,1426,MCA_440_5117234,00.html) It's improved.
  7. Down the road, Dubai might be a bigger threat. Hong Kong is a big port b/c it's viewed as the gateway to China. Maybe if there is a rivalry between HK and Shanghai, that might slow it, but I doubt it. Memphis still has room to expand, if it needs it. I think "made it appear" is the key point. There were stats that "made it appear" that HK would surpass Memphis back in '99 or sometime around then. Didn't happen. The lead grows and shrinks. Eventually, HK probably will surpass Memphis. But it's more than a year away, I think. No doubt! Memphis still has room for expansion, if necessary.
  8. They just announced a major expansion up there in Louisville. If I come across a site, I'll share it. http://www.courier-journal.com/apps/pbcs.d...SINESS/60516057
  9. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's one of their ground hubs. There are 29 of them (http://www.fedex.com/us/about/today/companies/ground/facts.html?link=4). You gotta have many of them to be able to have a legit ground network.
  10. I think FedEx Ground is based in Pittsburgh. FedEx bought RFS (I think that's the name) which was based in Pittsburgh in order to start services to rival UPS. I think they left the newly-formed FedExGround in Pitt. Edit: Not to beat a dead horse, but here's a site, http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/05072/470124.stm, 2005, with excerpt: "Sullivan has returned the favor. As FedEx Ground has grown, so has its Pittsburgh headquarters. The company employs more than 2,000 people here in a hill-top administrative and operations center built above Montour Run Road in Moon. Another 200 work in distribution facilities in the region."
  11. Do you remember the project I'm talking about though? It was a special feature at the entrance of the cobblestones where it hits Union, I think. The sidewalks have been fixed up, just like the renderings, all nice and wide, but I don't recall anything happening at the entrance. I think the Beale Street Landing fountain is different; someone forked over money for the Terry fountain, for it to be named after the dude. It was a beautiful rendering, I hope it still gets done, in addition to the Landing's water features.
  12. So is there someone famous living in the huge house on the north side of Winchester east of Hacks X, west of Forest Hill Irene (near a big church)? Cuz that sh!t's pretty massive.
  13. Pau Gasol's house is supposed to be huge, and I think it overlooks Winchester. If it's the house I think it is, it's massive, and much more than 2 mill. Also, I would think that Fred Smith's house is pretty expensive as well.
  14. Whatever happened to Terry Plaza at the cobblestones (fountain)? Is it still going to happen?
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