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  1. I'm not much of a traveler (only been out of the country once, and that was just to Canada 10 years ago). Looks like the family is going to Egypt next year, and the thought of planning an international vacation to a non-English speaking country is giving me anxiety fits already. Can anybody recommend a good travel agent (not Expedia/Orbitz/etc), preferably one with lots of international work? Muchas gracias. PM is fine....
  2. Also, see old pics here: http://www.the-haunt.com I guess I didn't know what to expect the first time I went, but I am always impressed with their dedication to detail - some of the sets and costumes are nearly Hollywood-good.
  3. It changes a bit from year to year but I've gone a couple times and it's pretty cool. I've only ever done the haunted house part but they really are committed to the ambience and the "actors" do a good job. They even have a dance stage/coreographed zombie dances that keeps you entertained while waiting in line (gets quite busy on Fri & Sat nights). Just watch out as soon as you get there as monsters roam the parking lots and dark corners of the property and love to jump out at you. I'll be going this year, and if you go early & during the week the prices are quite better ($5 off coupons are everywhere).
  4. A little birdie told me: MSU med school - on schedule, on budget, still planning to open Fall 2010 VA II - ahead of schedule and under budget, planning to open Q1 2010
  5. No pics, but some things I've noticed on the HDVCH: The elevator core that sticks out the back side has been covered with this weird black brick. They've started laying out the "garden" on the podium thing - lots of landscaping bricks and stuff shaping up. (not visible from the ground) The first floor is pretty well closed in now with glass, and you can see where the entrances are going to be. Rumor is they may actually be back on track to open late 2010 instead of early 2011.
  6. They also have a Flickr set for the construction. This shot of looking out thru the new glass is pretty cool.
  7. The NYT has a nice article about the Salvation Army Kroc centers and there's a quick mention of GR as one of the cities that's been able to actually get their center off the ground.
  8. Obviously perception is not my strong suit. I'll shut up now.
  9. D'oh! For some reason I had in my head that the new Rylee's was going on Fuller just north of Michigan....no clue why I thought that. So the good news is that they've started work on the new Rylee's!
  10. The big empty lot on Michigan just west of Fuller has activity today (cranes, bulldozers, etc) after nothing but "coming soon" signs for 2-3 years. All the signs promising a forthcoming medical building are gone so I wonder what the story is now....
  11. You're absolutely right. The building should sit vacant, not employing anyone, not generating taxes. It's not like we need jobs or funds for state operating budget, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. Your dislike of the area is well known but now you're just being ridiculous.
  12. I think it's the only access for vehicles in and out of the tower 35 pit. Probably got cleaned up when LHCP finished, and now it's needed again.
  13. Seconded wholeheartedly. Check out Ann Arbor's bus tracker - very cool (and optimized for cell phones).
  14. Sadly, it only drives the wedge deeper. Kumbaya neighbor Tim!
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