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  1. Bowling Green is where folks from Sunfish went to get legal liquor. A lot of Kentucky counties are still dry.
  2. I never spent much time in that part of the state. It is a coal mining area subject to repeated boom and bust cycles. When coal prices and demand are up, everyone has a new truck, bass boat, and double wide. One of the towns just to the west of Harlan is Coldiron, KY. I worked many years ago with a young lady named Connie Coldiron who was from Coldiron. I asked her where it was and she replied, "T'other side of Booger Mountain from Harlan."
  3. Sunfish, Kentucky is in the West Central part of the state around Mammoth Cave. That area around Cannon's Lane and Lexington Road in Louisville is, indeed, a gorgeous part of the city of Louisville. Actually it is now Metro Louisville. They combined city and county governments a few years ago.
  4. Who Am I... Name: Dick Age: 56 Occupation: State worker School: University of Louisville Hometown: Louisville, KY High School: Trinity Born: Sunfish, Kentucky (quit giggling!) Hobbies: Bicycling, woodworking, bass fishing, grandchildren Other Cities I've lived in: Denver, CO and Knoxville, TN I was doing a Google search on the Mission San Miguel development and ran across this group. I got transferred to Tallahassee in 1990 to manage the Stein Mart store. We fell in love with the town and I changed jobs so we could stay here.
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