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  1. Sure didn't help the Louttit Laundry Building over on Providence's West Side.
  2. Looks like a nice day out today. Who wants to take the day off? I will write out permission slips.
  3. another 12 hours and I probably could have kicked this disgusting habit.
  4. there is an interesting consolidation of power happening and not by accident.
  5. I wasn't referring to Cianci running for mayor.
  6. I am far more horrified by the blind eyes cast at routine nonsense that happens in Providence right under everyone's nose, with the approval of some very powerful people. Everyone will be watching Cianci, waiting for him to screw up, to lunch with some known criminal, when our freely elected officials dine with criminals all the time. Just look at who is contributing to their campaign war chests. Paolino, however, is not an elected official anymore; he is certainly free to create bizarre aliances if he wishes. It certainly has a strange bedfellow feel to it, but this is Rhode Island. Is i
  7. the article said he was commuting from boston.
  8. i wonder if he is taking the train or driving? It sure would be a shame for him not to be commuting by train...
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