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  1. Sooo I could either go somewhere like the Vue where just the entry level units get you all Bosch appliances, 20 ft ceilings and condo level construction for hundreds less. Or splurge for 3/4 less square footage and "Hardwood-inspired" flooring lol. What are they smoking?
  2. Agreed, I'd rather have a square mile of DC height buildings than worry about the height of a tower unless it has a stunning design or something. Street presence any day.
  3. Happy with the brick, but interesting choice to have nothing street level at that corner/side...
  4. Maybe once the stadium relocates that'll be the green light.
  5. I'm sorry but it looks like a styrofoam cattle trailer turned on its front end, I don't get the hype. But for you easily offended bunch I'll balance it with a positive and say very I'm grateful they're making an effort for ground level street interaction.
  6. What the fricky frack am I looking at right now? A temporary seasonal "now hiring" sign at Party City looks better.
  7. Yes they should be filled with concrete. They look like CFST columns. My guess is because these column types can typically support a larger open floor area than a typical reinforced concrete column or just steel. They're used mainly in in high-rises, transit construction or seismic prone areas.
  8. The first riders will be brave souls.
  9. If those facades don't survive I'm over the city. May not be everyone's cup of tea, but its nice historic character in so much beige and bleh, I mean blue...
  10. Love this project, but I can't unsee it...
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