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  1. if dear leader can grab crotches, i say why not all of us? he has jesus' blood in him you know?
  2. is that astroturf park still planned? seems like that would go perfectly with a styrofoam building. :sad
  3. you think people should show up to watch you run? ha yes! parks should be for the living, not the dead. if humanity lives long enough, we'll laugh at the notion that people who died hundreds of years ago should inhabit some of the best real estate in town.
  4. PNC is in the worst location of all locations in the history of sports. sit in traffic forever only to arrive to an enormous parking lot in the middle of nowhere with absolutely nothing there but an empty football stadium. at least when the light rail opens things should work better, right?
  5. eventually raleigh will have to deal with the density people coming in and telling you that any single family housing inside the bel tine needs to be torn down to make a "better" city.
  6. i love how they're going for the all out trashy look on the LU building. Charlotte's new Christmas tree.
  7. are we seriously discounting the safety risks? i see 100 people scooting a day and never once do i see anybody wearing a helmet. but since we're being rational, let's use some data. https://www.9news.com/article/news/local/more-than-60-of-survey-respondents-have-been-involved-in-a-crash-or-near-miss-with-an-electric-scooter/73-8def0d9b-b20c-45d0-8bdd-f99848c382b0 "More than 60% of survey respondents have been involved in a crash or near-miss with an electric scooter" How does this affect your analysis? https://www.denverpost.com/2019/01/31/electric-scooters-hospital-visits/ this one says scooters are way more dangerous than walking or biking. shocker.
  8. damn, i didn't even realize you could get "likes" on this site. where have i been? ok, who wants a like from me?
  9. the hornets are so bad at drafting i think they relish the opportunity to finish 9th so there will be no expectation the next draft pick will ever produce.
  10. I want to know more about how MJ broke somebody's leg in half then made fun of breast cancer.
  11. exactly. it's not like anybody is shocked they're cutting corners here. it's just that they ditched the part of the project that EVERYBODY actually loved. now it's just another one of those towers that they're are building all over the place at this moment. like that fnb tower or whatever with a completely random and useless glass rectangle on the side that will look absurd in five years. but at least this is sets up for the theater to be there for years i guess.
  12. https://www.codot.gov/projects/i70east/cover_park The Denver park cover plans.
  13. update https://www.heraldsun.com/news/business/article224633435.html#storylink=latest_side interesting note they they aren't scared by the loop as some claim to be. groundbreaking in 2020 is what they're saying now.
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