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  1. bragging about the low cost of housing compared to nocal is hilarious considering apple coming here is going to destroy that notion forever. we beg companies to come take over our awesome communities while the cost and availability of housing is getting more and more out of reach. yet we celebrate. fools. with zero transportation plan other than build more roads and now the legislature looking to do away with corporate taxes altogether, i gotta tell you, the future looks horrible. some rich folks are gonna love the triangle and most of the rest will feel the squeeze without much more. the framing of this as some ginat boon for a region that isn't in need of a savior is a total joke. duke, unc, and state aren't going anywhere. the triangle will always be relevant. unfortunately it's about to get even more crowded and expensive without getting much else.
  2. but hey, at least apple is coming. rip triangle
  3. i have it on good authority that this is by far the ugliest building in the city. wtf happened here?
  4. love these moon shots. really nice work!
  5. if dear leader can grab crotches, i say why not all of us? he has jesus' blood in him you know?
  6. is that astroturf park still planned? seems like that would go perfectly with a styrofoam building. :sad
  7. you think people should show up to watch you run? ha yes! parks should be for the living, not the dead. if humanity lives long enough, we'll laugh at the notion that people who died hundreds of years ago should inhabit some of the best real estate in town.
  8. PNC is in the worst location of all locations in the history of sports. sit in traffic forever only to arrive to an enormous parking lot in the middle of nowhere with absolutely nothing there but an empty football stadium. at least when the light rail opens things should work better, right?
  9. eventually raleigh will have to deal with the density people coming in and telling you that any single family housing inside the bel tine needs to be torn down to make a "better" city.
  10. i love how they're going for the all out trashy look on the LU building. Charlotte's new Christmas tree.
  11. are we seriously discounting the safety risks? i see 100 people scooting a day and never once do i see anybody wearing a helmet. but since we're being rational, let's use some data. https://www.9news.com/article/news/local/more-than-60-of-survey-respondents-have-been-involved-in-a-crash-or-near-miss-with-an-electric-scooter/73-8def0d9b-b20c-45d0-8bdd-f99848c382b0 "More than 60% of survey respondents have been involved in a crash or near-miss with an electric scooter" How does this affect your analysis? https://www.denverpost.com/2019/01/31/electric-scooters-hospital-visits/ this one says scooters are way more dangerous than walking or biking. shocker.
  12. damn, i didn't even realize you could get "likes" on this site. where have i been? ok, who wants a like from me?
  13. the hornets are so bad at drafting i think they relish the opportunity to finish 9th so there will be no expectation the next draft pick will ever produce.
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