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  1. I was researching and found this article http://www.memphisflyer.com/memphis/Content?oid=oid%3A38326 We certainly welcome officials from Bham to visit World Famous Beale ST. I read that they are using Beale as a model for their plans in Bham that's great. What I would like to know is why the criticism by some officials of John Elkington and Performa. Is it the so called slow pace? or is it more to do with the politics of your city? I know that John has signed several tenants to occupy space and is updating officials each month on progress made. A major project like this has to go through due diligence and from what I have heard here in M-Town there seems to be some reluctance from potential local tenants to sign because of the possibility of a Dome being built and there seems to be a problem with some potential tenants line of credit. Is that John Elkingtons fault? Please enlighten me on the feeling of the citizens about this project.
  2. Agreed, It does have to be built first. My statement is not about who wants them the most, we already have them; It was to enlighten the panel of the unlikely move to Birmingham even if a dome is built. Correct me if I'm wrong is this not the second or third proposal for a new stadium? Didn't a previous proposal get voted down by the citizens before? LOL on building a dome but even if that happens the Grizzlies won't be playing there. Try Seattle or Neworleans Memphis has a state of the art facility for our team FedEx Forum. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FedExForum
  3. <br /><br /><br /> "The NBA Memphis Grizzlies will leave the river city for Magic City if the price is right"? What about the contract signed for 10 years? Where will the corporate sponsorship come from for luxury suites? How many season tickets can be sold in a predominately football city? What type of attendance can you expect in a 82 game season? With all do respect to the forum how many of you believe this? Let me explain some things here. 1) I am a season ticket holder for the Grizz. 2) while it is true the majority owner Michael Heisley has looked and may be still looking to sell his majority ownership, the local minority ownership led by J.R Pitt Hyde( CEO AutoZone) would never let this this happen. 3) Stan Meadows and Hoops have to much on the line and a long term contract to be responsible for the day to day operations at FedEx Forum. 3) FedEx and Fred Smith will never let this happen after investing major money into the Naming rights for FedEx Forum. Fred Smith would buy the team before they would relocate. I admit my bias as a Memphian and season ticket holder but please let's be real.
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