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  1. I was at the ribbon cuting for college park and I spoke with the President of the housing authority about the very same topic. Apparently there was a lot of concern that Winston would do something similar to LA and knock down low-income housing and replace it with something most people in the area couldn't afford. But you're right, it is a great view of downtown!
  2. I wonder if the foundation will be built to support additional floors in the future as space is needed? I remember reading in the Journal a few years back that the Cancer Center was built with this ability.
  3. In regards to the strip clubs on High Point rd, you've got to give Tiffany's some credit. It looks great until you realize what it is.
  4. That's it! I'm glad to hear they're gonna do something with this. I can't wait to see it finished...there's not much in the area worth looking at. I just hope it will help inspire the adjacent landowners to clean up their properties.
  5. isn't this that older brick tower looking building up on the hill near the railroad line?
  6. one thing is for certain, the ridiculous off-ramp onto Peters Creek Parkway traveling from WFUBMC will be upgraded. I almost get an accident each time I use that interchange. But....come to think of it, I only use that exit when I go out drinking with friends, so maybe it's the driver? LOL, j/k
  7. also, it was reported that she also went along with it because "it is also for infrastruce witin the park, something all citizens can appreciate".
  8. I like the location as well. It's close to all the new WestEnd condos and would in some ways connect DT to Hawthorne Hill.
  9. I hadn't heard that. Thanks for the info. I did read that the owner of the Warthogs (sorry I forget his name)was buying up land around the Peters Creek Pkwy exit off Bus 40. Isn't it supposed to be modeled after First Horizon?
  10. I went to a GMA (GSO Merchants Assc) event at the park and it's a VERY nice addition to DT Greensboro. It definitely has Winston officials talking about the Warthogs proposed DT stadium. Great pics!
  11. Here is the master plan for PTRP. The grant was for infrastructure in the central district. http://www.ideallianceinc.org/ptrp/masterplan.htm
  12. I agree Eastsider, Winston's Downtown does lack entertainment. The weekend and evening Festivals are great, but we need something that would keep people downtown year-round. I think things are changing though....now the citizens of Winston, not just the elected officials, all seem to want a more vibrant downtown. Speaking about me personally, I've been downtown more in the past year than I have in all of the 20+ years that I've lived in Winston. There is a push for more downtown housing....I think that will only help growth. The planned projects are great...I'd just like to see them actually built.
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