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  1. ^ yea i was responding to DaAchievers last photo.

    I was at the ribbon cuting for college park and I spoke with the President of the housing authority about the very same topic. Apparently there was a lot of concern that Winston would do something similar to LA and knock down low-income housing and replace it with something most people in the area couldn't afford. But you're right, it is a great view of downtown!

  2. Gloria is usually strongly against incentives, but since Wake wasn't going to seek tax-exempt status for this project and it would provide good paying jobs plus add to the tax base, she supported this package. Good news for Downtown/W-S/and Forsyth Co.! :thumbsup:

    also, it was reported that she also went along with it because "it is also for infrastruce witin the park, something all citizens can appreciate".

  3. I agree Eastsider, Winston's Downtown does lack entertainment. The weekend and evening Festivals are great, but we need something that would keep people downtown year-round. I think things are changing though....now the citizens of Winston, not just the elected officials, all seem to want a more vibrant downtown. Speaking about me personally, I've been downtown more in the past year than I have in all of the 20+ years that I've lived in Winston.

    There is a push for more downtown housing....I think that will only help growth. The planned projects are great...I'd just like to see them actually built.

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