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  1. I've heard some unsubstantiated talk that the biggest reason this happened is because the owner of the BSC is loaded and has a lot of pull with the city. Unless that white office building is being remodeled with ground retail, this was a big waste of tax payer money. Not that this type of project is bad, just that Brown st was undeserving.
  2. Why did they decide to spend so much money on something like this with only one retail space that fronts the block? Besides the jazz club all there is are two ugly parking lots, some outdated office space and brick walls.
  3. Can we get this firm to complete the rest of the project? http://gizmodo.com/5873962/amazing-timelapse-of-30+story-building-made-in-only-360-hours
  4. Have any of you ever been to the Village at Sandhill in Columbia? How do you think Greenridge/Mag place stacks up stacks up against that place?
  5. As a downtown resident, I would be thrilled to have an urban mixed use development that includes a Wal Mart. This design does not qualify. I really hope that the powers that be throw their weight around a little and make them do more with this site. That said, if this is the best we can get, I still want them here, it's just a dollars a cents thing. I like cheap groceries, all that high brow "I'm to good for Wal-Mart" stuff is for people who can afford it and don't care about the people in need of such retail and jobs.
  6. The owner of the 21 east has some pretty cool ideas for this place.
  7. You can see the steel from the 123 bridge already.
  8. Gotta say that it looks like there is some unfilled space as well. There will probably be more tenants going in at some point.
  9. For those keeping track, this is the second to last of the unrenovated buildings stretching all the way from the Hyatt to the ball park. The other is the building next to the Army Surplus Store. I'm really glad to see something going in that space. After these two building get filled; the empty lots will have to be used!
  10. Fratelli's is the best NY style pizza I have had here, better then Tito's, Anthonys and Pizza City if they where rolled up in a stromboli and smoked. OUTFRIGGINSTANDING! From what I here they do great Italian food as well although I have not tried it yet.
  11. I agree that one of those Wal-Mart marketplaces would be better suited off of Main as well as make it easier to get in and out of. Does anyone know what the future of the empty lot across the street from the Croc Center is? That is one large, prime piece of real estate. Four lane road to get in and out, lots of room and very visible. I'd love to see a tall building go here.
  12. Do you know why they closed? Does someone else already have plans for the space?
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