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  1. fivesfella


    And here we come down to it. Does Tallahassee want to be just another sprawled out, ugly, strip mall infested south Florida-style burg, or do we want something more? Are people really flocking to Florida mid-range strip malls these days? You know, there are many reasons we're losing tourist dollars, and one is that they have Gaps and Bed, Bath, and Beyond stores back at home. All signs, from developer to design, fail to raise much hope for something decent. And, of course, we'll have to put up with Moore whining the whole time because throwing money at the right people doesn't allow him to skip over the process quickly enough.
  2. fivesfella


    Is that really a good justification for the project? I mean, Florida's pretty well known these days for some ugly, sprawling strip malls.
  3. fivesfella


    And pigs might fly. I mean, we are talking about Moore and his history here.
  4. Hey Gearhart, where is that? Nice stencil work.
  5. Or if they've never been to the south/to Florida before and want to see gators and such.
  6. For whatever reason - usually an out of town guest - I wind up going out there a couple times a year. It's one of my favorite local attractions.
  7. Junior Museum. Or whatever the real name is - Tallahassee Museum of Natural History?
  8. fivesfella


    No kidding. I don't want to have to put on sun block to shop.
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