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  1. wow!!! what an experience today...i figured i would catch a free ride to pineville to see a movie...it was 12:30pm and i thought i would catch the train at 7th to make it to a 1:45pm show...WRONG!! when i saw how the line worked at 7th, i walked down to 5th. when i saw how 5th was going, i walked down to the stonewall station. when we saw at least 4 trains come back north, but none going south, i walked down to the carson station, where i finally saw a train going south, BUT, it was way too packed to get on. So I walked to the bland station, then on to east/west blvd, then on to tremont, but they were STILL way packed...so, onward to remount, then the superhike to the new bern station (kinda reminded me of the mcalpine park trail..just a little eerie) where i was able to get on heading south. i think this is gonna be a great exercise tool for me ...made it to the 485 station, where, as the pictures above showed, the line looked way too scary to even think about coming back anytime soon after arrival. oh, i made it to a 4:30 show at the amc pavillion. after the show, it was easy getting back on (phewww). rode back to the new bern station...hit chick-fil-a, back on the train by 7:50, back in 4th ward by 8:20. i need to cool my dogs off. i think i'm gonna like this, but no more opening day events for me.
  2. i too, am a g'ville native living in charlotte .... so nice to see progress back home !!!
  3. i think of charlotte as a 'big' smalltown. it can be like Cheers...where everybody knows your name.
  4. I was there as well...so big, so clean, so empty, so many helpful workers...i just love opening weeks.
  5. just wondering .... does anybody know if the new Target will be a "Super" Target?
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