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  1. Light Rail seems to be of good use. Very good way to save gas. Hope once the newness goes away the use stays steady so expansion is a must based on how good the 1st track does. Would love to see Light Rail regionally. LGNM
  2. This is a GREAT sign for the city of Norfolk and the ENTIRE METRO!!! Now if the rest of the cities can finally see, Norfolk is the center of the area and should be supported more by the other cities. This will benefit the other cities so much I can't put it in words. Could we ever imagine a train from Norfolk to D.C (goes thru Richmond as well) ? This says something about how the state sees the area as well, they approved $100,000,000 for this so, I guess they see potential growth in Norfolk as well. GREAT sign Norfolk and the ENTIRE METRO!!! LGNM
  3. I agree Urbanlife. You explained what the benefits typically are. Subways make cities useful and several ways such as New York and Philly and Boston. Being able to leave a car sitting or not even owning a car is attractive to businesses that are considering a move to a metro or city and just go for business in general. I can only imagine where Norfolk and the area would be if we had regional light rail or subways. Id ride it all the time to save gas and just not to have to drive all day as we have for decades in Norfolks metro. Light rail helps down the line and indirectly as you said Urbanlif
  4. Good news regarding over 5,000 on light rail wednesday. As for the debate regarding light rail making money, I agree with Jim Nasty. When cities bring in subway's or light rail profits aren't the main goal. Aside from that, look at the positives light rail will bring, funny how humans manage to find a lump of used coal in a numerous amount of diamonds,hahahaha! No offense is meant to anyone saying anything about profits regarding light rail, don't get me wrong. My comment is to say this. Light rail is a good thing locally and regionally, period. Iv'e been here for ALL MY LIFE and never imagine
  5. I could see what you feel urbanlife is an efficient way and beneficial for the metro!! Norfolk I think has yet to see how important it is as a city compared to the surrounding cities, no disrespect intended. Chesapeake, Va Beach, Portsmouth and the Peninsula cities have done some wonderful things to make there cities better over the years. That said, Norfolk is the urban center of the metro while Portsmouth is a wonderful compliment to Norfolk as well. Again, I agree with your above comments urbanlife and previous ones regarding what Norfolk should Focus on because to me, Norfolk is the Peyton
  6. Up in D.C metro and when I come here, I get bothered. WHY? Our area has so much potential but, I feel the politics bring alot here. Now, as for light rail, I feel our area should and may want to expand it but, the dollars needed may not exist. What makes light rail great is it can be a tool to move people around from there jobs to home and back,over and over. That said, we don't have the advantages of metros like Northern VA and MD/D.C! Am i saying light rail isn't a good thing, NO!! I love light rail and what its meant thus far is excitement and pride for long living residents! That said
  7. Good points Brik, I think you said some key things city leaders for NORFOLK should consider. It's clear Norfolk is the financial center of the metro anyway. Va BEach is like the girl who's cute but not as smart as the other girl. Norfolk may not be as pretty(on the surface) as Va Beach but, like the better girl, NORFOLK has character. I was born in Norfolk and actually lived in Va Beach as well as Portsmouth and Chesapeake and Suffolk,VA! What Norfolk has then other cities don't to me is a history that's pure urban. I LOVE Ghent and Ocean View and all parts Norfolk. I was born in what is calle
  8. I agree most in Norfolk(and metro) are proud about the light rail we have to use, I agree some may even be saying "Bam, in your face" out loud in general, not aimed at anyplace having light rail now. We have a million miles to go to even speak to high of our light rail system to compete with Philly and NYC and Boston and Washington D.C! Light Rail is a small/huge step for Norfolk and the metro. The Hurricane put a damper on the opening of it being till tomorrow it is free and 2 days were lost but, I'm proud of the progress Norfolk,VA has made. And hopefully VA Beach and it's residents will
  9. There going to have to expand The Tide. Im hearing alot of people saying they will use it. This Tide light rail clearly needs to be expanded southside to Portsmouth,Chesapeake,Virginia Beach! Eventually, The Peninsula needs its own version and one day over the water so those on the southside and peninsula can go back and forth over the water. My lady is going to use it and she is excited like its Christmas! This is looking like something the city of Norfolk did right. LGNM
  10. If the UFl folds this is very unfortunate. I myself have ideas for the league. That said, i don't think they would listen to them anyway,hahahahaha! Seriously, I don't think it's mismanagement. I think the USFL had the perfect model for there league and until they tried to compete with the NFL, they were thriving to a degree. Donald Trumps ego destroyed the USFL trying to challenge the NFL. That said, the UFL for one shouldnt be in smaller markets on a top to bottom basis. They should be in L.A and cities that are larger like Austin and SanAntonio(though not huge cities, SanAntonio has the Spu
  11. Without question I see the 1st 30 story building in Norfolk! I see also more jobs to attract newcomers to our scenic beautiful metro(Norfolk's)! I agree The Tide(light Rail) will be a HUGE PLUS for the area. No telling what that will do to the appeal of the city and I see other cities adding The Tide making a over ground rail system to get folks fromVa Beach to Chesapeake and to Portsmouth and elsewhere! Hoping for the Peninsula to get The Tide because that area is a growth site with much land to be used and awesome people! Downtown just by itself will be the center of a boom soon to come. Thi
  12. Norfolk has the potential to go over the top. The problems are obvious, we all have discussed them, now we have the economy adding to the issues. The recent debt budget no telling the effect that will have locally and nationally if something doesn't get done soon(new budget before deadline)! Norfolk to me has always been almost there. Stayed at The Renassiance(excuse spelling) in Portsmouth 4th of July when I got back from Miami. We have an awesome downtown (norfolk) and the view is nice. Whats missing is JOBS! That may be the key to growth we for a while have had elude us. Va BEach for a whil
  13. The poblem, well not the whole problem but a huge part of it is the city leaders!!!
  14. I think were years away from what Va-Rider desires. I'd imagine most older members want the same as VaRider as well, I DO, HAHAHAA! One thing they(city leaders) have to do is be more aggressive attracting businesses with tax breaks and other creative financial perks to bring businesses here(Norfolk/Metro)! The city leaders we have in place don't have the ability or shall I say experience it takes to do so. Fraim is a solid Mayor, not a great one. I don't have anything to say bad about the man, he's done well for a local and for someone who faces opposition i'm sure all the time within city gov
  15. Hey TElmnstr, I think you made some truthful points. I hope people respect your honesty because I do. It hurt to hear the truth but, it was the truth so I have nothing to say but, thanks. Our area has suffered for years with the issues you mentioned. Mainly the types of jobs locally. We have very few jobs that provide any type of diversity in the 757. There are some awesome things about living here but, the jobs aren't one of them. As the economy suffers and our METRO depends on the government mostly for its jobs, we are at a crossroads. The cities locally must move now because its already to
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