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  1. Light Rail seems to be of good use. Very good way to save gas. Hope once the newness goes away the use stays steady so expansion is a must based on how good the 1st track does. Would love to see Light Rail regionally. LGNM
  2. This is a GREAT sign for the city of Norfolk and the ENTIRE METRO!!! Now if the rest of the cities can finally see, Norfolk is the center of the area and should be supported more by the other cities. This will benefit the other cities so much I can't put it in words. Could we ever imagine a train from Norfolk to D.C (goes thru Richmond as well) ? This says something about how the state sees the area as well, they approved $100,000,000 for this so, I guess they see potential growth in Norfolk as well. GREAT sign Norfolk and the ENTIRE METRO!!! LGNM
  3. I agree Urbanlife. You explained what the benefits typically are. Subways make cities useful and several ways such as New York and Philly and Boston. Being able to leave a car sitting or not even owning a car is attractive to businesses that are considering a move to a metro or city and just go for business in general. I can only imagine where Norfolk and the area would be if we had regional light rail or subways. Id ride it all the time to save gas and just not to have to drive all day as we have for decades in Norfolks metro. Light rail helps down the line and indirectly as you said Urbanlife, I totally agree with you sir! LGNM Light rail to me won't fail, I just had an issue of people getting used to it being downtown and not crashing into the rail cars. Thats my only concern. Plenty will use light rail especially due to the economy. In a way, the bad economy is why it will be used. Imagine gas being so high, we need light rail!!! I hope it works, and I'm confident it will. LGNM
  4. Good news regarding over 5,000 on light rail wednesday. As for the debate regarding light rail making money, I agree with Jim Nasty. When cities bring in subway's or light rail profits aren't the main goal. Aside from that, look at the positives light rail will bring, funny how humans manage to find a lump of used coal in a numerous amount of diamonds,hahahaha! No offense is meant to anyone saying anything about profits regarding light rail, don't get me wrong. My comment is to say this. Light rail is a good thing locally and regionally, period. Iv'e been here for ALL MY LIFE and never imagined a subway or light rail EVER. What light rail does is show progress and thats what we all should hope for and a need for it in the future. I think Norfolk feels in the future this type of transporting people around will be a need and they did so beforehand. Light rail was meant to provide locals with an option that doesn't require driving to some locations and if the 1st section works, look for expansion locals and be happy. See the growth this metro is trying to slowly but surely accomplish and be happy we didn't lose light rail due to cost. Then what would be the discussion, hahaha! LGNM
  5. I could see what you feel urbanlife is an efficient way and beneficial for the metro!! Norfolk I think has yet to see how important it is as a city compared to the surrounding cities, no disrespect intended. Chesapeake, Va Beach, Portsmouth and the Peninsula cities have done some wonderful things to make there cities better over the years. That said, Norfolk is the urban center of the metro while Portsmouth is a wonderful compliment to Norfolk as well. Again, I agree with your above comments urbanlife and previous ones regarding what Norfolk should Focus on because to me, Norfolk is the Peyton Manning of our area and as Norfolk does or doesn't go, we will follow as metro because the city of Va Beaches residents don't seem ok with the idea of making there city to urban! LGNM
  6. Up in D.C metro and when I come here, I get bothered. WHY? Our area has so much potential but, I feel the politics bring alot here. Now, as for light rail, I feel our area should and may want to expand it but, the dollars needed may not exist. What makes light rail great is it can be a tool to move people around from there jobs to home and back,over and over. That said, we don't have the advantages of metros like Northern VA and MD/D.C! Am i saying light rail isn't a good thing, NO!! I love light rail and what its meant thus far is excitement and pride for long living residents! That said, we need more jobs like here in the D.C metro that pay higher salaries. Urban places are made because there are jobs. When in D.C what makes it seem better is the number of people and jobs, otherwise Norfolk has beauty and water everywhere, good schools(metro wise) and more! Norfolk has much to offer we just need more. One day I hope our area is where people come for jobs cause when that happens, we will see things like getting light rail as not such a big deal, and to me, thats a good thing when we see new awesome things like, :Oh, we have another..." or, we say nothing at all because its normal. LOve light rail, great addition to Norfolk, lets add jobs(better paying to keep college grads)!!!
  7. Good points Brik, I think you said some key things city leaders for NORFOLK should consider. It's clear Norfolk is the financial center of the metro anyway. Va BEach is like the girl who's cute but not as smart as the other girl. Norfolk may not be as pretty(on the surface) as Va Beach but, like the better girl, NORFOLK has character. I was born in Norfolk and actually lived in Va Beach as well as Portsmouth and Chesapeake and Suffolk,VA! What Norfolk has then other cities don't to me is a history that's pure urban. I LOVE Ghent and Ocean View and all parts Norfolk. I was born in what is called Diggs Park not exactly Ghent but, even there has a character. Most of the people are good people, and only a few give ALL low income areas bad reps but, 98% who live there are honest good humans. My point, Norfolk has some wonderful people who if explained a plan to bring more jobs and things to do will back it. Norfolk somewhat has a culture. Arts and museums and festivals like Greekfest, are looked forward to especially Harborfest! Focusing on Norfolk will eventually put Va BEach in a place were it will need Norfolk. Va BEach is still a suburb of Norfolk and it would take years to change that and if Norfolk's city leaders are smart they would know the way to keep that as the case is what Brik stated, FOCUS on Norfolk, put light rail were it's wanted. Va BEach will soon have to have it or NEED IT to compete with what it is going to provide Norfolk, another thing Va BEach doesnt have along with the character Norfolk has and Va Beach and its cities within cities doesn't. I like Va BEach to but, from the stiff rules at the oceanfront keeping certain folks away and the attitude toward a stronger region that follows Norfolk as its center not on there agenda, I see the city leaders as selfish and misleading to its citizens in terms of what best for Va Beach and thats supporting Norfolk in the past and present and joinging forces to create a better metro which ultimately benefits both individual cities!!! LGNM
  8. I agree most in Norfolk(and metro) are proud about the light rail we have to use, I agree some may even be saying "Bam, in your face" out loud in general, not aimed at anyplace having light rail now. We have a million miles to go to even speak to high of our light rail system to compete with Philly and NYC and Boston and Washington D.C! Light Rail is a small/huge step for Norfolk and the metro. The Hurricane put a damper on the opening of it being till tomorrow it is free and 2 days were lost but, I'm proud of the progress Norfolk,VA has made. And hopefully VA Beach and it's residents will join in for the bettering of transportation locally and add light rail to add to the ability to get humans around which will HELP tourism! We as a metro must either get bigger or perish because we can't continue being dependent on the military/government $! Light Rail will help with business people commuting as well as students and business owners bring what BIG CITIES have to get people from point A to point B! In 10/20 years, I expect Norfolk and the metro if the city leaders use there minds to better the area and not themselves as a metro that can bring more jobs and excitement for future generations to come!!! LGNM
  9. There going to have to expand The Tide. Im hearing alot of people saying they will use it. This Tide light rail clearly needs to be expanded southside to Portsmouth,Chesapeake,Virginia Beach! Eventually, The Peninsula needs its own version and one day over the water so those on the southside and peninsula can go back and forth over the water. My lady is going to use it and she is excited like its Christmas! This is looking like something the city of Norfolk did right. LGNM
  10. If the UFl folds this is very unfortunate. I myself have ideas for the league. That said, i don't think they would listen to them anyway,hahahahaha! Seriously, I don't think it's mismanagement. I think the USFL had the perfect model for there league and until they tried to compete with the NFL, they were thriving to a degree. Donald Trumps ego destroyed the USFL trying to challenge the NFL. That said, the UFL for one shouldnt be in smaller markets on a top to bottom basis. They should be in L.A and cities that are larger like Austin and SanAntonio(though not huge cities, SanAntonio has the Spurs and Austin is a good sized city as well) and Memphis and Saint Louis. Cities that have a track record of pro teams working is best. Don't get me wrong, I want us to be a part of the pro leagues but, the UFL shouldn't be in our type market. WHY? We desire a NBA or MLB or NHL or NFL team, the BIG 4. I don't know if it will be supported properly. The issue isn't coaching they got a GREAT COACH, LOVE Marty S. great coach and man for the UFL's new city! YOu can't beat the NFL with salaries as low as the UFL either. The USFL did what the AFL did and its why the AFL thrived. They paid Namath so much, he dissed the NFL for the AFL. That would be like Sam Bradford or Andrew Luck next year, dissing the NFL for the UFL if they could pay him more. What makes sports is $ paid for services and the model of the UFL is a AAA baseball type league, not a pro league. Yes, QB's make more in the UFL and they have some real NFL talented players as well, its the Santonio Holmes' and the Tom Brady's you need to draw fans. Heck, if Mike Vick played for the VA team, what would the attendance be? If Tom Brady played for the Las Vegas team what would the ticket sales be? The model is good as far as not spending alot of cash but, who would you pay to see, a good rock band or The Rolling Stones who in there 60's do more gigs and make more money than the hottest young bands today. The NFL is The Rolling Stones and to compete, you have to at least get a U2, though not as long a tenure in the game, U2 does have a strong following a awesome music. The NFL has the U2's and Rolling Stones type players, while the UFL has the good players that compete and play hard but, don't draw fans who just want to see them. Get Randy Moss or T.O to play though older, they draw fans! I hope the UFL works but, you need stars like the AFL and USFL(Herschel Walker) had!!!!LGNM
  11. Without question I see the 1st 30 story building in Norfolk! I see also more jobs to attract newcomers to our scenic beautiful metro(Norfolk's)! I agree The Tide(light Rail) will be a HUGE PLUS for the area. No telling what that will do to the appeal of the city and I see other cities adding The Tide making a over ground rail system to get folks fromVa Beach to Chesapeake and to Portsmouth and elsewhere! Hoping for the Peninsula to get The Tide because that area is a growth site with much land to be used and awesome people! Downtown just by itself will be the center of a boom soon to come. This area has things others don't. 1 is much water and places to dock boats and places to fish and golf within a 20 minute drive in ALL DIRECTIONS. Downtown just needs a signature business not named Norfolk Southern. We need another minimum 2 Fortune 500 companies! I see a bright future and with the right future mayor and councilman, I see even more than I named. I see a downtown VaRider you will tell your kids how much its grown from 2011 they won't believe until you show them pictures! HAHAHAHAAHA! I am despite my past comments optimistic about the prospects of Downtown and Norfolks metro as a whole. The potential for our area is 3,000,000 residents and 2 pro teams and 6-8 Fortune 1000 companies! LGNM
  12. Norfolk has the potential to go over the top. The problems are obvious, we all have discussed them, now we have the economy adding to the issues. The recent debt budget no telling the effect that will have locally and nationally if something doesn't get done soon(new budget before deadline)! Norfolk to me has always been almost there. Stayed at The Renassiance(excuse spelling) in Portsmouth 4th of July when I got back from Miami. We have an awesome downtown (norfolk) and the view is nice. Whats missing is JOBS! That may be the key to growth we for a while have had elude us. Va BEach for a while grew alot but, most of it must have been people leaving Norfolk and other cities, and military! New JOBS bring growth truthfully. Norfolk's issues may lay more in the fact the JOB market is less than moderate. Northern VA is made for growth, D.C across the water and so many jobs and growth. We can't compete with that and need more than chain eateries and shops to spend $ in. Yes, it's good to see more come here no matter what it is but, we need JOBS to accompany these eateries and shops that we will spend our money in. Another $9-$10 an hour job won't make folks rush to Norfolk or the metro. Cities are built on jobs and opportunity! This area doesn't lack beauty! It doesn't lack good schools and most of the people are good citizens, those are draws. The problem is, compare here to even Richmond,VA. Richmond has more Fortune 500 - 1000 companies than Norfolk, no knock on Norfolk just showing what we didn't concentrate on growth wise(JOB market wise)! Why go to Richmond over this area! Interstate 95? The state capital is there and the Federal reserve has a branch there, 1 of 12? I have no idea. I know this, until Norfolk brings better paying JOBS and more to do aside from the beach, it won't draw companies to come here. LGNM
  13. The poblem, well not the whole problem but a huge part of it is the city leaders!!!
  14. I think were years away from what Va-Rider desires. I'd imagine most older members want the same as VaRider as well, I DO, HAHAHAA! One thing they(city leaders) have to do is be more aggressive attracting businesses with tax breaks and other creative financial perks to bring businesses here(Norfolk/Metro)! The city leaders we have in place don't have the ability or shall I say experience it takes to do so. Fraim is a solid Mayor, not a great one. I don't have anything to say bad about the man, he's done well for a local and for someone who faces opposition i'm sure all the time within city government. Only GOD knows what Fraim tried and has tried to do regarding improving the financial sector in Norfolk as a whole with a major focus on downtown. Simply put, all BIG cities are, are places were there are plenty of jobs and opportunities to own and start your own businesses. Weather helps(see Miami) and schools etc., but, the main draw is the job market(see Detroit and Michigan for what happens when jobs leave or companies shut down)! Norfolk needs a new regime in city government and that is were it starts. The growth we have seen is small compared to cities Iv'e visited that were smaller 25 years ago than Norfolk and have passed Norfolk. It needs to be pointed out that city structure is key, meaning independent city, verses county city governments. Norfolk is the center of the area but, with each city being independent, it hurts Norfolk becoming Charlotte or Atlanta! Maybe one day for VaRiders sake, he will see Norfolk become the urban center I dreamed of before long. I don't think it will be in the next 25 years but, I hope im wrong. I love the attempt and effort though. Norfolk is much better along than it was when I was 15-21 so, Im optimistic but, think the city needs better leadership (mayor/city government)! LGNM
  15. Hey TElmnstr, I think you made some truthful points. I hope people respect your honesty because I do. It hurt to hear the truth but, it was the truth so I have nothing to say but, thanks. Our area has suffered for years with the issues you mentioned. Mainly the types of jobs locally. We have very few jobs that provide any type of diversity in the 757. There are some awesome things about living here but, the jobs aren't one of them. As the economy suffers and our METRO depends on the government mostly for its jobs, we are at a crossroads. The cities locally must move now because its already to late. They need to decide how to proceed on a financially based economy not based on the military for its survival. Norfolks metro has some very beautiful places to live, good schools and beaches. Whats missing locally is things that make folks move here outside of that. Populations ironically or not so much to those in the know grow mainly for one reason! JOBS!!! As Tel has stated the types of jobs in Norfolk don't tend to attract new residents as Charlotte has in the last 20 years. What Tel has said isn't bad, its a wake up call to understanding what is needed moving forward for bettering our metro as a whole. It doesn't feel good hearing the truth but, in the case of comments Tel has made, its good to hear. Only if the local politicians could here how Norfolk/Metro is seen and take steps now to provide a stronger economic base. Until we get better jobs(higher pay especially) the Norfolk/Va Beach metro we see will stop growing or lose residents as did alot of midwestern cities. The government cut backs soon will effect us severely, and we aren't prepared for it at all. Great honesty Tel, some won't like it but, I appreciate and respect honesty. LGNM
  16. I agree it has to expand with Va-Rider, the problem is the cities never work together. The way for the ENTIRE METRO to grow as Charlotte has in the last 25 years, is for cooperation within the metro area. Norfolk/Va Beach havent be able to do so nor has the other cities is 757! What's so bad is, if the cities would humble themselves as far as who is who and be honest, Norfolk would be the centerpiece city and VA Beach the 2nd city in the metro. Norfolk has the financial center other locales don't as of yet as well as history!!! That said, light rail has to at least cover Va Beach/Norfolk to work and on a larger scale. Its attractive to me as a car owner knowing i can park and catch the train like I did when i stayed in D.C's metro. It went to Northern VA and that helped alot as well as parts of Maryland! Light rail helps make a metro what it is and most large cities or medium sized cities have this type of transportation as well. Its part of the building blocks of what makes a metro! LGNM
  17. Good seeing we have some Fortune 500 companies here in any capacity. We trail Richmond by quite a bit but, some is better than none. To get the type of company sponsorship needed for a pro team I don't know the criteria but, I would imagine Norfolk Southern and the other 3 would buy company tickets in the luxury seats. There good for business and just as perks. Man, thinking about going to the Norfolk.... in the NBA or Virginia...... in any sport makes me smile, I am now. I hope before I leave earth we attain a NBA or MLB or NHL team. We won't get an NFL team without a better financial center locally, to military dependent to support the NFL in my opinion. Thats said, the UFL seems like they have a great model for building a league, not competing against the NFL and smaller stadiums and smaller salaries. I hope Norfolk/Va Beach support the team.
  18. Im certain all of us on this site have done alot of traveling, well I assume we all have. Anyway, when you look at the make-up or DNA of a city and its surrounding metro, I have concerns about ours. 1st let me say I LOVE Norfolk,VA and the entire metro. I was born and raised there till I left at 18! That said, being in Miami and other cities there are always ills that plague cities but, the positives are what attracts a sports team. My point is this. If we get any pro sports team, whats the draw to the metro? Were do the major business dollars come from? I think the 1st order of business has tho actually be taking care of the financial issues we have locally. I think but, am not sure it has been a cause for us not getting pro sports for years. The area is to military dependent! We have a wonderful looking area with good schools and great places to visit like Williamsburg and JAmestown and the historical value is second to maybe only Mass/NY/Penn! That said, Norfolk's metro needs some fixing from a financial standpoint 1st because, if Oklahoma City got that team to leave a major city like Seattle(been to Seattle, wonderful city) they had to have more than we imagine for the NBA to ok the deal. Deals are ok'd based on many factors and economics and the support the team would get was probably #1! Hey we all LOVE Norfolk but, how confident are we that a pro team can be supported based on the job climate and the pay in Norfolk's metro? How confident are we if we take of the LOVE hat and put on a investors hat, meaning your money, you spend it! How confident? If it were yours or my money would we be certain? I myself have to say no. Im concerned how the military controls most of the businesses that survive locally. What if the military lost the ship to JAcksonville,Fl we keep hearing about? Not to mention, more jobs the military supplies, what then. We need a local economy not dependent on the military to me to support a pro team cause most, not all military people will be moving soon or just there or in Norfolk based on stationing based orders only. I would love a MLS or any type pro team, I would support it. I make enough to go to maybe out of 20 games at home half! Just want the area to step the game up as far as local economy because thats what buys the tickets. If we want Championships we have to pay the best and we know that cost, ask the Miami Heat that and the Knicks! And if Lebron left Cleveland, we know he would have left Norfolk for Miami as well. Its about opportunity and the game and night life etc., basically lifestyle. Its a reason the Yankees get the best players and Redsox, $$$$!!! LGNM
  19. MLS may work here. I think we have soccer fans to support it. Question is, how do we get one of those teams! Our area needs a jumpstart with sports in general, well pro sports anyway! Lets wait and see!!!! LGNM
  20. Looked at the population figures(not that it has much to do with pro sports) recently and Norfolks metro only has 2-3 cities ahead of it metro population wise with more people! Well, this isn't solid as to what gives an area a pro team as we have more folks than Buffalo does and they have 2 pro teams. That said, I don't know if Norfolk/Va Beach will ever get a pro tema from the 4 major sports. I think the UFL is our ceiling as far as pro sports goes. Jacksonville has a pro team!!! We are bigger than this metro as well. Iv'e been there, nice place but, we hold up against this metro very well. So, there has to be another reason we don't have a pro team ! I just love the idea of going to a pro game in my hometown metro. Heck, I'd go to Richmond 2 times a week to see a pro team! Maybe if Norfolk/Va Beach/Richmond combine to attain a team it could happen, thats enough fire power. Were talking 3 million people who will want to see a team in state and im certain those around the state will join in. It won't be the NFL(Redskins won't allow a team to come to VA)! LGNM
  21. The Harbor Park point is great as well as the Scope being a landmark of historical value, I agree with both points. Now, about Harbor Park. That is a great place to have a pro stadium and could be expanded. I was thinking. Should they try and expand it now before a team is possible(pro baseball) so when the chance arises, we have it. Could be used for outdoor shows and events until we acquire the baseball team. I also agree, outside of the D.C metro having the benefit of the Wizards and Nationals and the Capitals and Redskins, theres no real concern for pro sports and Im starting to think thats why. The Redskins among all of the teams are supported by this area most. A football team won't happen. Baltimore is an exception due to its history and economic ability to support a few pro teams. Well, what can be done? How can Norfolk/Va Beach or Richmond get pro sports within state lines? I wish before I leave this earth hopefully of old age and unpainfully, I get to see a pro team in VA. Though I LOVE having the Destroyers of the UFL coming soon and the coach they got is top of the line. I want a NBA/NFL/MLB/NHL team I can support in person. I'll support the UFL cause it's ours and can show if we support it, we can support a bigger team! If only we had a Paul Allen(Portland Trailblazers) or or someone who had billions who lived here and loved sports and wanted a team here and could pay the price needed like Charlotte has with the Panthers ownership and most cities do that get teams(see Oklahoma City Thunder)! Oh well, I can dream, thats free!!! LGNM
  22. Yes, our area and Richmond need an upgrade but, that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our arenas and attracting pro teams. The area cant support pro sports now. The income and local economy is to dependent of the military and theres a need for bigger companies with higher paying jobs to support teams were a arena needs to be at least 17,000 0r 18,000 seats to support a team(hockey,basketball)! Scope isn't a bad arena when you think of when it was built. At the time it was a gem in the whole state as was the Coliseum in Hampton. Both are old and outdated but, our metro isn't what we want it to be. Population tells a small part of what this area is. Take away those here via military and thats how many residents we truly have. Not many stay after college or after there military duty is done because its not a great job market locally. A better arena may not make much sense due to the economics as well. Hey, I LOVE were Im from but, the truth is, we have what we have in all aspects cause its what this area is. If we want big city, we must go to Northern VA or D.C itself. If we want a area to live in that can support a team, we must move! VA is ran by old fashioned folks to this day and that may change but, no time soon. You would be surprised to know how many folks son't want growth in Norfolk/Va Beach nor Richmond at all. An arena of 17,000-18,000 is a sign of next level growth and trust it can be built but, this is what our area is, next years Boomtown, problem is, we've been waiting on this boom for 20 years or more now!L.G.N.M
  23. I also agree with urbanlife's comments, great comments urban!!! The after hours issue has always been good to bad depending on the day of the week. If the downtown had more to offer all days of the week that would be an attraction for new residents Im certain but, hopefully more family oriented activities as well as some for the single crowd, more of a balance! The downtown is progressing and looking pretty good. LGNM
  24. My comments aren't related at all to the previous statements for the most part but, development is the focus of my comment. Well, the direction of the city that is. Norfolk has to have a core focus on what the city wants to become regarding progress. The military cutbacks have effected the area to a degree and more cutbacks are possibly on the horizon. With all the talk about housing projects what I see as the problem especially after returning from Miami again on business is the job market. Heck, without proper jobs living quarters don't matter much. Norfolk has to focus on becoming less dependent on the military and make more tax cuts and whatever else is needed to attract new businesses and existing businesses to the metro. Northern VA has the advantage of being outside D.C and Richmond for years has been the financial center for the state along with the capital of our state among being were one of the Federal Reserve banks is located, one of the total 12 is what Richmond is fortunate to have in its city. All this while Norfolk as a city and a metro outside VA Beach/Williamsburg area is seen as a military town and metro. To develop into a REAL strong metro as a whole and city we must have more of what SanDiego which is also a military hub has, more diversity. The Wachovia Center is a good start but, just the tip of the ice berg in an economy that clearly is leaning toward major changes in the military and its budgeting. How much longer can Norfolk depend on the military dollar. All the talk of housing is mute if, all the military folks no longer need to have housing here cause trust me. Other than the military and Va Beach in the summer, what truly can keep them here? JOBS? No!!!!!! Norfolk and the metro has to focus on increasing its job market. LIght Rail is nice and all but, Norfolk's Focus should be making sure thousands use light rail a day going to corporate jobs downtown and other parts of our metro. I been going to Miami for 16 years and let me tell you, the growth downtown there is past impressive. I think Charlotte is a better goal for Norfolk to aim to, weather gives Miami an edge. That said, Norfolk has an issue of jobs and that creates a better need for housing and if the jobs pay high enough salaries will bring Norfolk salaries that attract residents like Norther VA has for years. Its the jobs and opportunities that make BIG CITIES, not the cities themselves, the jobs!
  25. Yeah, the UFL team hasn't done well as of yet setting a tone with the locals. Losing Doug I can understand, like you said, he coached Grambling before and made them good in the past and is returning to his alma mater, most would just for the love. Losing Doug hurts a bit but, is understood but, the rest of the issues the UFL Virginia team has now are questionable! The UFL can work here but, the stadium is a issue. Weres the coaching and what I saw reported on the news was, Doug Williams never got to hire anyone and had zero power. Maybe he left cause of that as well. We need a better stadium for the UFL team and the place it should be is Foreman field but, won't be. NSU's has the seats but, Foreman has the better field and seats having the luxury seats it has newly done. Hope it works out and the UFL steps in and corrects the issues the Virginia team now faces!!! LGNM
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