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  1. Krezee - Of course it's better to make 26/hr instead of 14/hr, even if we assume it's the same job in WA as it is in SC. But, market forces then determine that 26/hr in WA is more than one needs to pay for the job and the next thing you know the employer is putting new jobs in SC. Maybe later, the existing WA jobs will come here too. That's the problem with Unions, they try to defy market forces by monopolizing labor. However, there are other options - as this case demonstrates well. And, like someone else said, not everyone is making 14/hr. But, I assume the 14/hr is starting pay. Th
  2. The C-17's are at the nearby Charleston Air Force Base. So, that's different. I work in global logistics, there are no int'l cargo flights originating or terminating at CHS that I am aware of. Airfreight coming to Charleston from overseas (or leaving from CHS) would generally use Atlanta, with the rest covered by truck. I guess there could be, or have been, some flight to Bermuda or the Caribbean.
  3. I've read this board off and on a lot over the years. I finally registered to ask this compelling and vital question which has bothered me greatly: Why is it called Charleston International Airport? What international flights originate or terminate there?
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