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  1. The website is still up and actually has been updated since I last have seen it months ago. I hope this moves forward at some point; it is a great project. It had several parcels at ground floor set aside for retail opportunities.
  2. Neither, it's still moving forward (slowly). I believe it's in some prelim stages still.
  3. Similar zoning as seen in South End. Parking limitations, road design, dedicated pathways for bikes and mandatory large sidewalks, building design restrictions, density minimums; I could go on and on. UCity has 2 things going for it that gives it a sharper edge then S. End had: Population/University and a large amount of corporate offices that again, brings people. See UCity land is cheap, so without zoning limits, anything can be built. Urban developments typically cost more in this situation, which is why when you give the choice, the more expensive and proper development is not chosen.
  4. I think the campus is headed in the right direction as well as the immediate roads that perimeter the property of the University. There has been some wonderful enhancements over the past year on both N. Tryon and UCity Blvd that makes it safer for pedestrians and vehicles: placed lights and better crossings to slow traffic down and promote pedestrians to use. When it comes to other areas around UCity I don't see much positive change to a more urban environment; nothing more that a newer update current UCity. Now I hope it proves me wrong, but the current health care building is no where close to being urban in anyway, which is within the 1/2 mile radius of a proposed station (Mallard Creek) and I hesitate about the BofA campus. The city needs to enforce strict zoning limitations to TOD NOW even if the light rail is 3 years away.
  5. Andyc545

    The Vue

    One word... massive. Turning out to be a beautiful building though.
  6. Some pictures from NC Music Factory last night. Sum 41 and Offspring concert... I will say I'm impressed with how this area turned out. The NCMF has a sense of authenticism and historical preservation that is often lost in Charlotte, and they did a good job with the blending of the new work with the old warehouses. Great atmosphere to listen to music in. Only complaint... had 2 trains honk their horns while going by earlier in the concert.
  7. When I flew in CLT this morning, I noticed that there is some construction taking place in the downstairs baggage claim. I believe one of the bathrooms is boarded up and closed and another section where the baggage conveyors are has plywood up and workers inside. Is this part of the overall remodel or is this just minor projects?
  8. Sell off that parcel. It's 1/4 of a block that has 3/4 now basically fully developed. Or a park extension if the city were to purchase it. But Pleaseeee, someone do something with it before it is handed over for surface parking.
  9. Atlvr brings up good human-scale aspects where this project may consider to fail. There were a lot of opportunities wasted with the lack of ground floor retail. From an aesthetics stand point, I think this is a great looking complex. The material use selected was a great mix and the architecture is distinct and pleasing to the eye. It adds a lot of character to a rather steril environement.
  10. Ghazi's stage 3 is still just a mere fantasy. It won't get off the ground unless it can land a major tenant/hotel/or a thriving condo market which is not in the works now or the most-near future. Sure, the future of U City could be compared to Ballantyne in one way; depends how you look at it. So far future buildings, like this medical building at Tryon/Mallard Creek Church is just like the rest, and unfortunatly represents little to no Urban train of thought to help change the path of the growth and change of U City. On the positive note (over Ballantyne) is what may or may not still take place with the help of the light rail extension. It could help spark (with strict zoning) TOD areas that will spark new true urbanized projects (IKEA isn't one of them really).
  11. One thing that the two hues allows for is a mental separation between the two. This block would mentally seem like two buildings densely built instead of one large project that is united on a block, like a lot of Charlotte buildings are. That's just my opinion though.
  12. I like the way the glass looks as well. That ped bridge is killer though (and I hate to start any further arguments about that). Looking better than originally expected and I agree about the curved corner being worthy of a nice news/stock ticker. Maybe something more up to date (digitally imaged ticker or video screen).
  13. It would only be connecting one more block; they could curve 10th to connect with Phifer Ave and bring it to college- giving two distinct marketable parcels and somewhat improving the grid. I'd love to see these parcels developed (And what Atlvr posted was a nice project). This area is so crime ridden and a dead zone for very expensive land within the loop.
  14. Those units were old units just near where the Citadin were suppose to be for 100k. If you look at the next lowest mass price point, it is/was Catalyst at around 170/180k, which we know how that all went. I'm thinking they would still have trouble selling these, but I think they should have still built these out and let BofA hold whatever doesnt sell until the market improves, that is unless it improves by the time these would have been completed. I also want to express that I wish the emphasis of this project was on the condos and green market and restraunts instead of the parking structure. It would have been desireable to make the parking underground partially or less aparent in return for the retail and condos.
  15. This may not be totally relevant, but the MARC commuter train opens up certain stations that may not typically be served during times if there is a certain event going on. I know there is a race track that has a station that isn't used on the Penn Line except during races. I'd suspect that if we ever get the North line built that it will see an influenced schedule during Panther's games (more frequent trains at the beginning and end of a game as well as staging) to accompany the 80k+ fans.
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