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  1. Shotz is awesome! That's great that there's one coming to Little Rock!
  2. They have completed enough of the main sign "renovation" to get a little more information from what will be coming next. Most importantly, we now know that the movie theater will be a Regal Cinemas theater. On the Regal website, it says this theater will be opening in 2012, It will feature 12 screens, stadium seating, and will feature an RPX theater (Regal Premium Experience), which is the same thing as the large screen at the new Conway theater. This will be a VAST improvement on Lakewood 8 which appears to have its days numbered.
  3. This one hits home for me, because my mother has worked there for over 25 years (since it was opened), and come April, she won't have a job.
  4. This is from the Dickinson Theatres website: Dickinson Theatres to take over the Lakewood 8 Theatre on June 27th, 2008 Monday, June 16, 2008
  5. According to Arkansas Business, the Doubletree Hotel will undergo a $9-12 million renovation in order to be able to better compete with the Peabody and Capitol hotels.
  6. Here is a little bit of Little Rock, enjoy: The Arkansas Capitol Building The Clinton Presidential Library The Peabody, Little Rock Little Rock Central High School Dickey-Stephens Park in downtown North Little Rock The Trolley and Rivermarket in the background I can't take credit for any of these pictures, but I just thought y'all might be interested
  7. Ok, a couple of things. Places like Raleigh, Orlando, Austin, etc., they're already stars in and of themselves. I believe that the next rising stars are the cities that are currently most poised for growth and expansion. Little Rock/ Norht Little Rock is one of those places. Central Arkansas is steadily growing, and Little Rock has a very diversified ecconomy, not realying on just a couple of big companies, though Alltel, Dillard's, Acxiom, and Stephen's Inc. are all big money companies headquartered in Little Rock, and they do employ a lot of people, but Little Rock also employs a lot of
  8. I'm not speaking exclusively of the rivermarket district, or Argenta, but back even across 630 into the Quapaw quarter. I don't think that the theater in Argenta will be a big multi-plex, but I think that it will be a great addition to dowtown offering more to do. And the population in both downtowns is increasing almost by the day.
  9. I thank you for your welcome, I love this kind of stuff. Progress and development just fascinates me, and what a perfect city/ region in which to live for that. I don't believe that the "theatre at North Hills" will cancel out the Argenta Town Center Theater. They're going to draw from two different "audiences", even though they're so close. Shoppes will draw everyone from NLR north of the interstate and everyone from Sherwood to Jacksonville, Cabot, etc. because of not only the IMAX (which I would be a LOT of money on it going there), but also because it'll be like what the Rave is to citi
  10. I visited the Pleasant Ridge Town Center for the first time today, and I was pretty impressed, personally. I really liked Fresh Market and Parisian. I'll be honest, I hadn't ever been in Parisian before Belk bought them out, so I can't really make a comment on selection or quality, but I thought that it was really nice. I'm sure that it doesn't have as many high-end stores as originally planned, but I thought that it was very nice. I really liked the speakers that were in the ground playing music, I thought it was a nice touch that kind of took me back to Disney World. I'm hoping that we'
  11. Hi, I'm new, but am a long-time reader. As far as the new Imax goes, in all of my research into developments going up in the greater Little Rock area, there are only two multiplex theaters currently on the table, and both are to be located in North Little Rock (in the Argenta Town Center and the Shoppes at North Hills). This only applies, of course, if the Imax is indeed placed in a multiplex theater. And both fit the timeline, being complete around 2009.
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