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  1. taken june 29th; lake michigan drive on the outskirts of standale.
  2. just curious...anyone get a picture of the sunset tonight? it was the most encompassing, beautiful, passionate sky i've seen in such a very long time... my cousin snapped a few pictures, but we were in the car, and the trees blocked much of the view, so i'm not sure how those will turn out. i'll post them when i get the chance though, just so you've some idea if you were indoors this evening. also, one theory as to why so many were at last week's BOTM...the fray was in town and schedule to play at 7:30pm or so. i know of quite a few people who murmed 'the fray' while walking down the s
  3. i like this angle. i also like your username and avatar.
  4. weird. and i think that 'biker gang' is the grpd. haha. i mean, at least i think so.
  5. i adore traverse city, and up north in general. i've a few 'traverse city' tees to declare my affection, too. favorite pasty places, anyone?
  6. saturday, as the storms were rolling in. i was in the tax free condos building when i took this.
  7. no worries. that last part was a sidenote.
  8. That's what I was thinking... I can't wait to bring all my friends with me to the GRAM once it's open and done with renovations, etc.
  9. free hugs! left hand daisy. mustard plug's "skank" pit.
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