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  1. And I've tried to do a copy and paste job to bring a thread showing all of the projects underway downtown to this thread, but repeatedly received a "this community does not support this type of extension" error message. If anyone is curious on other projects underway, I will link to this thread on another website (hopefully this is OK). http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=1725494
  2. New proposal for an $85 million, 200 unit apartment tower with 9 screen movie theater, indoor climbing wall, night club and parking lot. If all goes well, construction could start in late 2016. This would be the 5th tallest building in the city (and Iowa) if built.
  3. These shots of Des Moines aren't as photogenic, but taken from a different angle, you can better gauge the full size of the downtown skyline. Defintely a close one. I love LR's skyline and I'm totally biased, but DSM's skyline just has a little more class to it IMO. And here's a rough and dirty winter shot of our small "midtown" skyline taken from about a mile and a half away.
  4. Thanks for the offer, but I really don't have much time to stay on top of an Iowa--Des Moines page on this site with all of the duties that come with the website I currently run. Here's a better rendering of a new condo tower proposal:
  5. Thanks for the comments. The Asian Garden thing might seem out of place, but a little known fact about Iowa is that a former Governor offered amnesty to Vietnamiese refugees back in the 1970's after the fall out of the Vietnam war sent several sects of Vietnamiese people into a genocidal downward spiral. 15,000 Vietnamiese refugees ended up settling in Iowa, with most in Des Moines. By and large, the Asian population in Des Moines isn't huge, but it's very comparible if not exceeding percentage wise to many other cities. This garden is a gift to the Asian people that have settled in Iowa, and it's being named after the former Governor that brought them here. There's talk of an entire recreated Asian village and museum area being built just north of downtown.
  6. Thought I would highlight the bulk of the projects going on in Des Moines. A little about Des Moines, it is a white collar city of 200,000 in a metro of 520,000 that is experiencing very respectible growth (over 10,000 people estimated growth in 2005). There have been some very big job annoucements lately, and like most midwestern cities, the downtown has seen a pretty tremendous rebirth. I am a City Planner for the City of Des Moines and there even more projects I would like to show you, but confidentiality agreements won't allow me to just yet! Maybe I will update this thread in the future when some of the larger projects are announced. Downtown has added/soon will add 2 million square feet of new office space, unfortunately everything has been primarily low-to midrise so far. There are a few middle-sized towers in the works, but renderings have not been made public yet. Downtown has seen 2,700 new units of housing proposed, built, or under construction since 2001 with seemingly a new project every week or two. There are many quality of life and civic projects underway downtown as well. I'll spare you the smaller projects and listings of projects I don't have renderings for. There's even more going on than what's shown here. I might add, you can read up about all the projects on the website I am the co-founder of, www.absolutedsm.com The suburbs are adding the lion's share of the growth in the Des Moines area, and they have a few projects to boot which I will show. The bulk of the interesting projects worth showing are being built around a new super regional mall called Jordan Creek Town Center. Downtown/Midtown Projects: Downtown Civic Improvements Principal Riverwalk--under construction Asian Botantical Gardens/Cultural Center--under construction Science Center of Iowa--recently completed Iowa Events Center (17,000 seat arena, new convention hall)--recently completed Central Library--under construction Gateway West Park--under construction Higher Education Learning Center--recently completed Principal Park Baseball Stadium Improvements--under construction Drake Stadium Renovation--under construction Capitol Complex Visitor's Center--proposed Commercial Projects Wells Fargo Credit Division II--under construction (1,000+ new jobs) Allied Insurance Headquarters (4,600 new jobs) Records and Property Building Renovation--under construction Mercy Medical Center Expansion--under construction EMC Insurance Parking Ramp Masonic Temple Performing Arts Theater--recently completed Federal Building Renovation--recently completed World Food Prize Renovation--proposed Court Avenue Entertainment Development--conceptualy proposed Residential Projects Equitable Building Conversion--under construction Kirkwood Hotel Residential Conversion--under construction Hubbell Building Conversion--under construction Gateway Lofts--under construction Metro Lofts--under construction Gateway West Condo Tower--proposed Water Street Brownstones--recently completed Brownstones on Grand Avenue--under construction 10th Street Lofts Conversion--recently completed 111 City Lofts Conversion--under construction Whiteline Lofts--under construction Olive Street Condos--under construction Spaghetti Works Renovation--under construction Mulberry Lofts--under construction Liberty Building Conversion & Parking Garage--under construction East Village Square--under construction Woodland Avenue Brickstones--recently completed University Place--completed SoHo Lofts--recently completed Adio Lofts--proposed 1912 Grand Avenue conversion--proposed Younkers Building Conversion--proposed Rumley Building Conversion--proposed Riverpoint West Urban Neighborhood (800 urban homes built from scratch)--proposed Hawthorne Hill Renovation--proposed Court Avenue Residential Redevelopment--proposed Miscellanious I-235 Freeway Reconstruction--under construction MLK Parkway Construction--recently completed Suburban Projects worth showing Jordan Creek Town Center--completed Wells Fargo Home Mortgage (3,000 jobs and 960,000 sq ft--->this is all we got) West Glen Town Center--under construction Village of Ponderosa--proposed Glennan Square--proposed Jordan Creek Crossing--under construction Ashworth Station--under construction Des Moines Menance Soccer Specific Stadium--proposed
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