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  1. ^ Ugh, thanks for the reminder of what could've been. Will be a long time before we see another 40-story building proposal in a city this size again. Here is the new $138 million federal courthouse being built on the riverfront downtown.
  2. A few updated shots of the historic Warrior Hotel/Davidson Building restoration. Renovation is expected to be complete later this fall. Phase I of the new riverfront park has began construction The Bluebird Flats project is set to open this fall as well. Historical image of building
  3. The District at 6th project is just wrapping up construction in the burgeoning Market District area on the fringe of downtown. This project has 213 dwelling units and some first floor commercial space. The project is entirely parked underground, and features a pedestrian plaza street that is open to the public to enjoy. Another new apartment project was constructed next door and opened up last fall, called the Rowat Lofts. The silver crane derrick you see in the center courtyard was repurposed from the old cut stone business that used to be on the site, which was a nice way to pay homage to the industrial character of the neighborhood. Pedestrian Street concept Another smaller 58 unit apartment project is also under constructon just to the south of the buildings shown above. This project is called The Connolly Lofts
  4. The Surety Hotel project is a $40 million conversion of a classic office tower that was seeing its vacancy slide. The Aparium Group from Chicago is renvoting this building into a 138 room boutique hotel that will probably be one of the nicest hotels in the metro. There will also be a lounge and a restaurant space called the Mulberry Street Tavern. Completion is expected for this fall. Here's a before photo showing the windows that were partially enclosed. The new renovation has restored the original size to the window openings. Renderings of the hotel Current exterior progress
  5. I'll start trying to gradually fill this in. Will start with the Bridge District, a master planned downtown residential community on reclaimed industrial land. Unfortunately, there are still a few warehouse holdouts. This development is being built in phases and will add about 500 new dwelling units to the East Village Neighborhood of DT. There are a few apartment projects that've been built, one on the way, and plenty of rowhomes that are selling for $425k and up. The plan for the area Level Apartments have just broken ground and will complete the multi-family projects in this development. Velocity and Verve Apartments have already been built Rowhomes and former train trestle repurposed to art The district coming together from afar
  6. Sioux City is actually home to a Hard Rock Casino (no Hard Rock Cafe though), which is probably one of the most notable casinos in the State of Iowa. True to theme of historic preservation that you see in this thread, the Battery Building was converted to the hotel and guest services with an addition put on to host the gambling floor. They have a very popular outdoor concert series during the summer months that draws people in from across the region. The Hard Rock recently completed a large new parking ramp that has some street level commercial space.
  7. The historic St. Luke's/Methodist Hospital is no longer being used for medical purposes and has been sold to a developer from Omaha that is proposing to convert the building to affordable housing units. Historic image That same developer has proposed a small restoration and conversion to residential with retail to the Hatch Furniture Building as well.
  8. The Gilchrist Learning Center addition has recently been added to the Sioux City Art Center. Art Center
  9. Cone Park is a new winter sports park that takes advantage of Sioux City's quite hilly topography. And the Pearl Street Park has been installed right across from the Sioux City Children's Museum, which caters towards children's play activities.
  10. A new $20 million expo center is being built just south of downtown, and right off of I-29. This facility is targeted for events that aren't condusive to the existing convention center and arena complex. Existing Tyson Arena/Long Lines Events Center
  11. Downown is somewhat isolated from the Missouri River riverfront with I-29 bisecting the two, but the city is envisoning a more lively riverfront in the future. Here are some of the conceptual renderings proposed so far.
  12. The Virgina Square redevelopment consists of several projects on the south end of the city's primary warehouse district. There are several loft/mixed-use projects and a new Avid Hotel is currently under construction. Warehouses recently converted to apartments or condos 101 Virginia Avenue Rendering Avid Hotel Rendering
  13. The Bekins Furniture building has been converted to 70 loft apartments and is now called the "Hons Apartments".
  14. The Benson Building has been purchased and is just starting the development review process to convert the building to upper story apartments and first floor retail. Historic Image The old Municipal Theater Building is starting a conversion to a new $11.5 million regional theater/arts production space. Historic image Rendering
  15. I have no idea it will still happen in the aftermath of coronavirus, but this lovely architectural gem of a hotel is slated to be renovated and convered to a Cambria Inn & Suites with 123 rooms. This has been a Hilton, a Clarion, a Howard Johnson, and a no-name independent hotel over the years, but currently sits empty as the quality of the building has continued to detioriate. The hotel is connected to the City's convention center. On the other side of the convention center, a new Marriott Courtyard Hotel just opened up earlier this year.
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