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  1. 2). we need to redefine what 'progress' means on a very basic level. Most people assume it's just development. (more is better) For example, Costa Rica knows that progress can come in the form of ecotourism, alternative energy sources and education. Quality over quantity.
  2. Isn't this the problem? There aren't many in the South. Charleston proper used to be nice.
  3. This is why I cringe every time I hear or read about a wonderful new Ballantyne or Northlake building.. Then, there's the casino.
  4. Bound to happen eventually. We discussed this topic once before and I believe someone mentioned the stadium has settled some already. Also a problem is methane gas buildup. That was an issue in the old Little Hardware fire years ago.
  5. I remember those days. Their first location was at Park Rd. Extension and Park Rd. (an old elementary school friend... last name Allen if you knew them). They then moved farther down Park Rd. Extension near Huntingtown Farms. I remember taking a few friends down there when things were literally off the rails. We just walked right into their studio and pretended like we belonged. Nobody cared. What a scene. My friends (from Latin America) were so taken aback by the abject greed. They were ringing bells and all that crazy cheering stuff when the money was tallied up.
  6. Just keep cheering that crap on.
  7. This is the REAL point of beltways isn't it? To split up old family farms and divide up open land for sprawl. Excuse me if I can't get excited.
  8. Amazing footnote! Note Cameron Morris, General Council. Despite being one of the higher-ups in The Klan, it's amazing how many things he was involved with.
  9. Not just trashy and tacky. A very real problem for fish and wildlife downstream. What in the heck does Charlotte Storm Water even do?
  10. Interesting article in "The Davidsonian" about "talks" now between new leadership at NS and town mayors. http://www.davidsonian.com/future-public-transit-systems-will-be-a-game-changer-for-davidson-students/
  11. Funny, this picture just showed up on a Facebook group I follow. "Sailing". Are you on that one too?
  12. Sad, but good question. I swear I can't find a many young folks who have the imagination to run a smaller scale distribution warehouse by themselves. I only have a couple of relatives, and, even they are enamored of big names. You have to really have a lot of confidence to do it on your own. Creating something that Amazon will sell for you will only take you so far. I'm pretty bitter about the big fish eating little fish thing.
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