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  1. Unless they used the new glass that doubles as solar panels, which is till pretty far out there, the amount of electricity panels on the top of this building might generate would be enough to power a room. It would be much more effective to install them on top of parking decks around town. This way your car could also stay cool and shaded.
  2. Very interesting! Thanks
  3. You must've done some pretty in-depth research to find this out. I do know for fact, however, that many of the early vessels were used over and over. Cook's voyage around the world was an older, recycled work boat. As far as burning them to keep citizens from mutinying, I'd like to see some documentation on that. A boat was very precious in those days. imagine the man hours and craftsmanship to build one. More than likely, mutineers burned down the boats in their attempts.
  4. Could it not have crisscrossed the ocean more than once?
  5. It's not an either/or deal.
  6. And, this is a good thing? I just can't get over this rush to mow down everything green in this region. The Canadians are decimating the Lancaster area with their huge open pit gold mine. They were fined just last month. "Now, after nearly five years of assembling land — more than 2,300 acres — exploratory drilling and legal footwork, Piedmont Lithium is preparing to pump out copious amounts of lithium that could create a major new industry. ..."
  7. Museum of The South! I hear they're looking for a new location.....
  8. My vote would be for The Gold District, along with a section dedicated to the old gold mines. That was, after all, a major part of the South and this region.
  9. I'll never forget one of my delivery men returning from Asheboro, crying. He was African American. He told me the owner of the business where he was supposed to have made a delivery ran him off the property with a gun. I called up the owner . In the owner's words, " I don't want any GD N..... on my property. Find someone white to deliver!" Of course I just cut him off after that.
  10. Jessie Helms was something else. I was in Chile in 1976 as an exchange student.. One night while I was watching the news a "special guest" came on to be interviewed. That guest was Jessie Helms. Of all people. I guess he was on some kind of junket, but in those days he was part of the Nixon/Kissinger cabal that saw to it "communism" would be defeated in Chile. Guess he was sort of following up on that. At any rate, I'll never forget the poor translator trying to understand his garbled country colloquialisms. ...."We have a sayin' in our pawt of the country.....blah, blah, bla...." and the
  11. As long as it happens in downtowns, I'm fine...and happy.
  12. On another topic, you guys are doing to have to omit, "Midrise" from the thread's title.
  13. Steel is high now too. There's some gouging going on.
  14. Wasn't that what the lawsuit that delayed it was all about? MANY, including folks here, were against that idea. (to design it with the ability to expand)
  15. There was another article printed around 1960 that has Duke Power saying, "There'll be hundreds of access points". There might be 6-8 now, after much pressure. The rest they sold off through Crescent.
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