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  1. We have a would-be emperor who wears no clothes. (My 7 year old mentioned the "no clothes)
  2. Forgive me this dumb question, but what percentage (more or less) of the "Fed pumping out money" is included in that 2 trillion dollar bonus money? It seems The Fed has been pumping it out a lot lately, but I was just curious about the direct implication of that stimulus. (?) Starting to sound like Venezuela
  3. I know you're excited about development around the Charlotte perimeter, but I just can't get so excited about all this. Such a great opportunity for the Catawba to help preserve some natural land and promote ecotourism. But, I know, it's all about money.
  4. I was born at Presbyterian in the late 50s, as was my dad in 1925. My mom was born in a log cabin that sat on approximately 200 acres where Carmel Rd and Sharon Road intersect. One of her uncles had a rock quarry where Mountain Brook swim club is. (is it still there?) He was murdered by some co-workers by way of a stick of dynamite strategically placed. I'm not sure if he was a Civil War veteran but my mom (now 94) can still remember sitting on the laps of more than one Civil War veteran. I don't know who wound up with ownership of the quarry afterward ;-) Another one of her uncles became somewhat of a renown horticulturalist who provided boxwoods for the governor's mansion. He also had a hybridized strawberry named for him. Both my mom and dad's side landed here in the 1740s. Some of my dad's mom came from Waynesville area. Most of my dad's side was part of the Scotch-Irish migration from Pa, Maryland, while my mom's was from a small migration that included the Furrs and Tuckers from "the Canton of Zurich" in 1740. There was no Switzerland then. That group landed primarily in Charleston, SC and Virginia. I'm sure some of my dad's ancestors married some of my mom's hundreds of years ago. When I researched my mom's side from Zurich, I came across a couple of entries from one of the two brothers who arrived and sent back letters to their church. In the "Kirchenbuchs" they encouraged other members of the congregation to come over the beautiful green land of Anson County. Later, Anson was split and where they were describing is now Cabarrus County. More precisely Dutch Buffalo Creek area. Quickly becoming developed, sadly.
  5. I just hope we won't be looking at unfinished projects for the next 10 years.
  6. However, credit card debt is at an all time high. Over a trillion. Why the gold standard? Russia would then control our money since they have so much stockpiled. Or did. (Russia is just an example)
  7. I still think they should eliminate, at all hours. left hand turns off of Tryon. Most of the backups happen when people are yielding to oncoming traffic before turning.
  8. "Every parking space in a transit accessible area has a $5 per day (per space) tax imposed. The tax would be paid to CATS and (ideally) earmarked to operations, service quality and improving frequency and capacity. The rate is low enough that businesses can easily recoup the cost by charging for parking (like in Atlanta), the rate might be high enough to encourage drivers to look harder for other options and high enough for tenants to avoid buildings where there are more than a minimal number of ..." Define "transit accessible". One block, two, three? I think, for starters, and this would appeal to the libertarian spirit, eliminated the requirement for parking spaces for businesses building new construction. I know exactly how many spaces my firm needed when we built our warehouse. Never the less, we were required to pave over some undeveloped areas I wanted to preserve in order to meet the city's requirement. ( they're always empty FWIW) How many spaces are these high rises required to have in the first place? Perhaps, they'd cut back some anyway.
  9. Steve Inskeep had some nice things to say about downtown Charlotte this morning on NPR. "Downtown Charlotte is BEEEUUUUTTIFUUUL!" https://www.npr.org/2020/03/03/811504602/the-deep-divide-between-urban-and-rural-voters
  10. Looks like all the workers are still at it despite the big drop.....
  11. Like I said, we all know there are really sad stories out there.
  12. As much as I clash with my own family, I know that if I were to be evicted or fell on bad times, they'd take me in until I could support myself. Where are these folks' families or friends? Did they get run out ? Walking by the park beside Alexander Michaels the other day at lunch I was approached quickly by a homeless guy who obviously was going to hit me up for money. I could've stopped I guess and given him some money AS I ALWAYS do, but I was in a bit of a rush. The guy practically chases me into Alexander Michaels threatening to , "kick" my ass. All because I ignored him. I realize this isn't First Ward, but it's still the north end. Some of these folks aren't classic down-and-out people.
  13. Don't we want to show off our fair city? Bypasses, yuck.
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