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  1. It IS a lot to ask. The only planning that happens in our outlying areas is who gets what piece of the pie. It's the same all around Charlotte, except for maybe Davidson. Even Davidson is having some real battles with developers. Actually, it's the same all over The US unless the area surrounding a city is protected already by State or National parks. We're very short-sighted in this country.
  2. Windsurfer


    "These EB5 investors are extremely shady (and personally I think it's a total racket). Citizenship for sale. I see those ads in Spanish all the time while flying from Latin America. It's a huge deal for Miami.
  3. I can't help but think the super low unemployment is hurting a little too. Do you know how trade schools, and community colleges are doing?
  4. My dad wrote a letter to the editor in the late 50s or early 60s expressing his dismay at the relocation of the train station. Things come full circle so many times. I kind of remember when they moved the mint branch out to Randolph. Wasn't that in the 70s ?
  5. Makes sense.... Keep up the good work. It must be frustrating. You're the voice(s) of reason.
  6. Does the mayor or City Council Members even know they wield such power? Aren't they listening to you guys, and can't you say something like, "We're bound by law to approve this City Council Member, but if I were in your shoes I'd ask for.... ?
  7. At lunch I was cruising around that area and the thought occurred to me that the parking lot where Business Journals is located would make an awesome food truck zone. I'm guessing it's probably too valuable from a development standpoint to do something like that. The old building will probably get sold and torn down like the rest of Charlotte, but just think how that block could transistion with something funky between South End and Uptown. Off topic (my apologies) but I see where downtown Portland's food truck block at Alder is being removed for a new 35 story development.
  8. Why and where would tunnels be required? Tyvola has such a huge traffic volume. Wouldn't that be crazy expensive too?
  9. Seems like it would be much simpler to just run a spur from Scalybark to Park Rd. shopping and then South Park.
  10. Windsurfer


    I really can't tell when you're being sarcastic so I'll drop it for now. Back to work for me.
  11. Windsurfer


    Growth for the sake of growth isn't necessarily the answer either. Quality over quantity !
  12. It's already been done in part. I-77 bisected Pinewood many years ago during construction. You may or may not have noticed the remainder of the cemetery on the western side of I-77 beside JC Smith. Rumor has it not all the graves were marked and found, meaning you're probably driving over a few graves when you travel 77
  13. And, you cannot eat the fish out of Badin because of pollution from battery factories upstream as well as some residue from the aluminum plant. If Pipe and Foundry is heading towards undeveloped land, I sure hope Stanley County doesn't just allow them to pollute at will in their ambition to create jobs. It's sad enough they'll be creating more sprawl already.
  14. You scoff at the idea of more trees, but there was a story in The Observer several years ago that tracked average temperatures within the city. It found that, on average, Myers Park was five degrees cooler than the rest of the city due to the foliage.
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