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  1. Can I propose on thing that might upset a few inhabitants of this planet: Let's not combine, alter, or move uptown streets any more than we have to from the little grid that we still have. We compromised Mint Street for the stadium, we compromised the streets that go around our coliseum, and then, lately there's been discussion of altering the area of North Tryon, College and Belk freeway for a soccer stadium.
  2. I remember there used to be one like this parked near the football stadium in 4th ward. This was in the 90s. Pretty cool and not sure why it was terminated. (no pun intended)
  3. You'll appreciate this one: My dad used to work at a theater down the street from The Carolina when he was 11 (during The Depression). He met his best, life-long buddy there, also 11. They sold popcorn, dressed up as mascots and walked up and down the sidewalk, and swept after the "Saturday afternoon farmers spit their tabacco in the isles". This was the early 30's. His best buddy continued into his old age selling concessions to theaters through out The South and did well for himself. (Last name 'Wayne' if that should ring any bells) His business was on "Film Row". I know you know where that was. Eventually, he was forced to move out so he relocated to Mint Street where they later condemned his property for the stadium. That last move killed him and he died while in his 70s. Both he and my dad had a ton of stories about the old movies. Mostly Western shoot em up things. Do you remember the name of the old theater where they might have worked? It was apparently a little lower on the scale than The Carolina.
  4. I think it was the same kung fu movie I convinced my buddies to watch on a lark down.,...er, uptown. Was it the last movie they showed? I think the year was 1977,or posssibly 76
  5. Wonderful!!! Was there anything at all left of the old fort? Thanks!
  6. Roads lead to development. Think about it, beltways are built through open land, and what follows? Strip malls, subdivisions and on an on.
  7. One thing that I've thought about through the years is, why follow interstates with these rail lines? Everyone does, and I can see why with land and easements, etc. But, wouldn't it make sense to run rail into areas where there aren't freeways already? For instance, Matthews to Charlotte, or SouthPark to downtown? Seems redundant to have a freeway and rail line together.
  8. The best decision I ever did was build our warehouse at Statesville Av and 85 about 30 years ago. I assembled about 6 different parcels that included and old defunct auto parts store, a bankrupt carpet company, and some things that had been dumped. It was all zoned I-1. It came to about 8.5 acres total, and I probably could've added more if I wanted. Directly across the street was a salvage yard. Hundreds of acres in there. And, this is but one tiny corner in Mecklenburg. At the time, I considered Lincoln and Cabarrus Cos, but, because I try to practice what I preach, we built where it now stands. We sold it last week. Before that, we refurbished what is now "Cedar Hill" building owned by Beacon. I sincerely believe that we did the right thing morally, environmentally, and economically by building where we did. Bulldozing hundreds and thousands of beautiful forests for some kind of ego-driven growth-for-the-sake of getting you town on the map is not really thinking ahead. Especially when we're trying to save the planet.
  9. Especially when we have 'mega sites' already in places like Freedom Dr. or Wilkerson Blvd.
  10. I wish we'd be just as concerned about saving mega-natural sites. How does bulldozing thousands of land contribute to Urban living, which I thought this forum would appreciate more? Quality of life matters.
  11. I remember The Charlotte Observer brought in some urban planner from the West coast to write a commentary our our fair city about this time. His chief comment was, "Might as well be Oskosh".
  12. So, just sit in traffic and not pay attention to google alternatives when there's an accident ? I77 is already a log jam now in the morning. Just a fender bender can lock it down for an hour.
  13. Say you put it on a diet, as they're doing to Statesville Ave, except for I-77, how do you get from north to south on a busy morning when there's an accident on 77? Especially since CATS doesn't see fit to build turnout lanes for bus stops. Nothing more irritating than sitting behind a bus on Statesville Ave at that choke point where there is a 'diet' just to have to wait for the driver to time his schedule right.
  14. They thought, rightfully so, that they'd get re-elected. Collins in Maine knew what was going to happen with Kavanaugh, she's just putting on a little drama in order to have her cake and eat it too.
  15. Awesome photo, but one question: Where are the people?
  16. Not really a high rise, is it.
  17. Did you make the jump? As I mentioned before, having sold auto parts for over 55 years (born and raised in an auto parts environment), I can't say enough good things about my wife's Leaf. We're living out of state now, but had it shipped to us. I probably could've driven it across the country with all the charging stations available now. You can see them real time on your display. Even shows reviews by customers. If I didn't have hobbies that took all of a Sprinter to store, I'd have one myself. NOTHING goes bad in them. Her range is 240 miles and I understand now they have Leafs with even more.
  18. "Despicable" is a very subjective word. Just look at the censorship hitting school libraries. As far as young people....high schoolers.
  19. Looks like an interesting book. I noticed one of the reviewers said, "Charleston". ;-)
  20. It's about time! A whole new theme is brewing......Charlotte Gold, 'Pick of the day', Quartz vein, .... I'll see you there!
  21. Do they? Some of the young folks I talk with today don't know the difference between The Civil War and WWI. It's pathetic. And, perhaps a marker wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing if you think about it. It would be an opportunity to enlighten.
  22. Yes. This. Just imagine if we could pick up the buildings and wannabe skyscrapers and move them to a central location, say uptown. Wouldn't that be cool. We could then preserved some natural landscape instead of faux pastures and multiply urban life uptown.
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