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  1. I'm sure you've travelled the world, as most on this forum have. One of the FEW things we can boast about, or at least relish, is the fact that we have some trees in this city. Drive around LA or Southern Cal. Visit Madrid., Sao Paulo or any other megacity. What do we have they don't? Trees. Or, at least what's left. Buildings are a dime a dozen, and the ones UNCC put out there look like something made of plastic to look like ancient Greece or something. So. Corny. I appreciate STEM, but so many in those fields can't see beyond their Legos. I'm glad you appreciate some green. Go wit
  2. I have a nine year old myself. She's able to look up books on her own and loves having that power. She still gravitates to "graphic novels"....we used to call them comic books, but also reads at a college level. We didn't press her, just read aloud to her even when she couldn't understand us, or the book. All she realized was that we enjoyed reading print. Somehow that was conveyed. You hit the nail on the head about libraries being essential. This was on my mind last night after reading the above comments with regard to our uptown library plans. Should we still be planning improvements
  3. You guys remind me of several engineering friends of mine. I asked one once, "When is the last time you read a book?" His response: " About 20 years ago". (It had been just a weather manual at that) Unbelievable. If you meet and talk with any CEO , lawyer, or owner of a well-run business, and ask him/her what the last book was that they read their face will light up. You'll be lucky to shut them down after they tell you the wonderful things they just read. I can't begin to tell you the stuff I found just going randomly through shelves at a library. You're missing out on a
  4. Have dinner in either NoDa and ride it afterwards to uptown, walk around there, then either walk or catch it again and bar hop in The South End. Buy a day pass so you can relax and hop on when you can. Don't limit yourself to one area
  5. I suspect you'll find it's changed a lot in the quick 10 years you graduated. My wife teaches there. When I met her in the early 2000's she was bubbling over with excitement. Her research was going well, other professors and she would get together for Happy Hour, and students were so fun and ready to learn. One of her classes even took it upon themselves to create a bumper sticker that had to do with a segment of her class. There was a lot of chemistry. Perhaps things changed during the recession. Perhaps things changed due to the increased pressure to develop STEM programs at the loss o
  6. I wish they'd emphasize quality over quantity. You should hear some of the complaints from professors I know. Some of these 'kids' haven't even EVER stepped into a library before. It's scary.
  7. Maybe this idea is all in jest, but I don't see how the concept could even be considered seeing that that part of 277 climbs a ridge. Maybe flood Morehead down where it crosses under 77?
  8. The Health Department was pretty upset with the lack of Covid concerns.
  9. About 25 -30 years ago I participated in a gathering put on by BOA for landowners in 3rd and 4th Ward. The purpose was to discuss plans and possibilities for West Trade. (Mostly it was just to hear BOA's plans) BOA had a nice presentation about the area with maps and renderings. The guy running it was named "Jim Palermo"..and I feel bad for not remembering his last name very well, but he had been hired by Hugh MCcoll to develop uptown to BOA's specs. About halfway through the presentation the old preacher of that church stood up and, basically yelled, "Hey! Where's my church?" In all the r
  10. Midnight Diner does it for me.
  11. There's always a lot of 'life' at that diner. It's really cool listening to the 60s music in there. Not everything has to be a brewpub.
  12. Too bad they couldn't make it a bike lane with elevators at the occasional bridge.
  13. The least they could do would be to change to the '99ers', as our gold rush was 1799. I also think they ought to put a marker where there used to be a gold mine over on the Highway 29 side.
  14. More or less across the street where Randolph Scott grew up, no?
  15. Wow, another one I bet my mom knew. The log cabin where she was born was on Sharon View, about half a mile from Carmel Road. One of her uncles owned part of the old quarry where Mountain Brook Swim club is now. Her uncle was 'killed' by an explosion during lunch hour and the quarry fell into some other partner's hands. I digress now, but there's a little intrigue in that story. My mom remembers when he was killed because a young black child came running up to tell her mom that he saw a "white guy" put the dynamite beside the path her uncle always took home for lunch.... The child had been
  16. I bet my mom knew your mom. She died last August at 94. Was raised near Carmel Rd., exactly between Mathews and Pineville. She said there was a single school bus that traveled between the two towns and all the way up to the Grahams Diary farm (Park Rd. Shopping Center), and that the bus never quite filled up. (1930s). All the students went to Sharon Elementary , including Billy Graham. Her maiden name was Furr, FWIW. And, FWIW, I remember myself when South Park was a cow pasture. I'm *only 62.
  17. The Stanbacks have saved thousands of acres in this State. We owe them a lot of gratitude. Eventually, preserved land will be a huge tourist draw. Bigger and better than discount malls and casinos.
  18. Unless they used the new glass that doubles as solar panels, which is till pretty far out there, the amount of electricity panels on the top of this building might generate would be enough to power a room. It would be much more effective to install them on top of parking decks around town. This way your car could also stay cool and shaded.
  19. Very interesting! Thanks
  20. You must've done some pretty in-depth research to find this out. I do know for fact, however, that many of the early vessels were used over and over. Cook's voyage around the world was an older, recycled work boat. As far as burning them to keep citizens from mutinying, I'd like to see some documentation on that. A boat was very precious in those days. imagine the man hours and craftsmanship to build one. More than likely, mutineers burned down the boats in their attempts.
  21. Could it not have crisscrossed the ocean more than once?
  22. It's not an either/or deal.
  23. And, this is a good thing? I just can't get over this rush to mow down everything green in this region. The Canadians are decimating the Lancaster area with their huge open pit gold mine. They were fined just last month. "Now, after nearly five years of assembling land — more than 2,300 acres — exploratory drilling and legal footwork, Piedmont Lithium is preparing to pump out copious amounts of lithium that could create a major new industry. ..."
  24. Museum of The South! I hear they're looking for a new location.....
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