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  1. Walk and Bike for Life Join BREC to Discuss the Future of Trail Development On Monday, Jan. 26 at 6 p.m. in BREC's Ballroom, 6201 Florida Blvd., the BREC Foundation is welcoming world-renowned trail planner, Gil Penalosa, Executive Direc
  2. I haven't seen this website posted yet: http://www.kressthirdmain.com/ The bottom of the "Features" page has some good general info on a potential theater and restaurant.
  3. So HB-46 of the recently concluded special session says that we got 100 million to widen I-12 from O'neal Lane to WALKER. The advocate keeps reporting that we got the money to widen I-12 from O'neal lane to RANGE AVENUE (which is in Denham Springs). So which is correct? Why the discrepancy? I sure hope we are widening it all the way to Walker. That should help traffic in that area for years to come. If instead we stop at Range Avenue, we will simply have another bottle neck at Denham Springs and we will already need to widen I-12 further before we even finish with the current project.
  4. I was driving down Third Street about a week ago and noticed some signs in the windows of the building on the corner of Third and Florida Blvd., the building with the Coca Cola sign on it. The signs were "coming soon" signs and had the name of the bar/club, and indicated that they would have live music, Sunday brunch, etc. I think the signs said it would open in the fall of 2008. I drove by there yesterday and the signs were gone. Did anyone catch the name of the club before they took the signs down? Anyone know the plans for that building?
  5. I will do my best to make it to the meeting. I put it on my calendar.
  6. Here is a link to the LaVie website. There is a fairly detailed slide show that provides a lot of info about the project. Very, very impressive: LaVie I agree with someone else who said that there needs to be a TND thread.
  7. A little further down Third Street, Schlitz and Giggles is set to open in about 4 or 5 weeks I think. Still further down Third Street (but before the Wine Loft), the M Bar is supposed to open in early September. I drove by both places over the weekend. Both appeared to have active renovation efforts (i.e., not just a "coming soon" sign, but actual construction). These places should be very nice additions to third street. Of course, openening in a year or so should be the "Stroube's Chop House" (or whatever they end up naming it). From what little info that has been released, it looks
  8. Thanks for posting this. I was really curious to get an idea of what the inside of this place would look like. I drove past there last weekend. The doors were open and it looked like they were doing some work. Couldn't really get a good look inside. Glad you posted the picture. Speaking of, how did you get these pictures? I plan on trying out this place very close to opening night. I hope its nice, yet not too pretentious.
  9. It looks to me like this would have to be the surface parking lot that is bordered by Florida, Lafayette, Laurel and River Road. That lot is about 1.5 acres.
  10. The following quote from The Advocate has me encouraged. I looked at the website for Beluga in Orlando and was very impressed. Prime steaks, seafood, and a hip, modern atmosphere with what appears to be a more prominent bar than the average restaurant. If this new restuarant models itself after Beluga, I will be very excited. Beluga website: Beluga Four years and 150 prospective tenants later, Commercial Properties Development Corp. announced this morning that Capital City Grill owner Rick Volland will open an as-yet-unnamed restaurant in the former Stroube
  11. I am thrilled that this restaurant will be a steakhouse. I only hope that the new owners do it right. People expect a lot out of a steakhouse. The steaks at this place need to be at least as good, if not better than Chris' or Flemmings. If the steaks are that good, the restaurant will succeed (and flourish). I worry that Capitol City Grill has no experience with top quality steaks. If they simply try to use there current recipes and cooking techniques for the steaks at this new place, it will fail miserably. I hope they know that this new restaurant has to be completely new. They
  12. http://www.businessreport.com/news/2007/aug/13/livin-large/ Livin' large ONE ELEVEN: A dozen contemporary-style apartments , some of which will overlook teh Roux House on Third Street, will be built next to the Shaw Center. By Monday, August 13, 2007 Like many cities around the country, Baton Rouge has spent the better part of two decades trying to transform its sleepy downtown into a thriving urban center. It's making progress. Consider what the Shaw Center for the Arts and Friday evening concerts have done to attract crowds to a business dis
  13. I would really love to go to the one today, but work will keep me from going as well.
  14. This could have gone in a bunch of different threads. There is a ton of interesting information in this article. I wish I could be at this meeting. Also, I can't wait for Tuesday to see what the new restuarant will be in the Stroube
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