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  1. You have to remember that these are two different projects and two different developers using the same Bryant Park Name, they have renamed this whole district Bryant Park. West Morehead cuts Bryant Park area in half. The apartments are at Millerton and West Morehead across the street from WBTV Studio, the single family home are in the existing Camp Greene Neighborhood off Berryhill Rd behind the apartments. The commercial side of this area between Wilkinson Blvd. and West Morehead St. already has The Charlotte School of Law building there and will have more commercial space on the Wilkinson Si
  2. Signs have gone up at West Morehead & Wilkinson Blvd. for a new 140,000 sqft office building, 3 stories modern design.
  3. Those rental units at S. Tryon & Remount Rd. are not public housing they are owned by CD Spangler and have been leased to the company that rents them. The leased for 99 years there is aprox 40 years left on the lease.
  4. It is part of the light rail sidewalk connection to uptown, since they deleted the pedestrian bridge to uptown next to the rail line they are going to route it over the South Blvd. bridge.
  5. Per zoning they can't have a coffee shop or retail in this building, the developers wanted it, but the zoning they needed would not allow for it. They will have there rental office and other offices on the ground floor facing W. Morehead, the street level windows will be clear glass and then on the top level of the building there will be offices facing W. morehead & uptown on the corner there will be a large corner balcony. They are looking to purchase the old coffee shop & tattoo parlor next door for any retail or coffe shop. They added parking on there site for those other old buil
  6. The Blumenthale / Merrifield Properties site where The Charlotte School of Law is being built, all the land around it has been cleared and about 9 buildings around it have been torn down. The schools building is topped out and they are hanging curtain walls and installing glass. There will be a new road connecting Wilkinson Blvd. ( at Class Room Central ) to West Morehead Street ( lining up with Millerton Street ) it will be called Bryant Park Ave or St.
  7. Signs for Morehead Commons were taken down yesterday, but they are still installing pipe and moving dirt on Cedar Street side of the project.
  8. No entrances on Kings for Best Buy, Staples or Marshalls. They are fake doors behind them is the loading docks for those stores.
  9. When is CATS going to get the street lights ( that were put in for the trolley ) down the light rail line working again.
  10. Cats already has funding for an enhanced bus line to the airport, they are in the planning stages now, it will replace #5 bus and also have nicer stops that can hopfully be use for future Street Car stops.
  11. On the Morehead Common site they are working on the whole site, apartment & condo areas. Cedar St. is completely dug up curb & asphalt, looks like the are lowering the grade to match the lots on each side that they lowered the grade on. Saw on West Morehead next to the old Grinnell Bldg next to Wachovia a construction sign for Robert Johnson Architecture. Hopefully a new Bldg. or rehab the old Grinnell Bldg.
  12. Wesley Village project got a boost last night from city council, The new Stewart Creek Parkway will be built from Freedom Dr. to Tuckaseegee along the creek, this will add access to the new Stewart Creek Greenway being built now by Park & Rec. this street will be on the other side of the creek from the 3 new art monument that were recently installed on Freedom Dr. at W. Morehead St. they are also going to reconfigure how Thrift Rd. and Freedom Dr. intersect.
  13. I believe this building would sit between the Coke bldg & the old un-rehabed Grinnel bldg on W. Morehead on a current surface parking lot.
  14. Finally some info on Morehead Common! I think it looks as good as 3rd Ward Warehouse Dist. building on 1st street. http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/1940690622/
  15. Some drawings of West Park & Brooklyn Village Park from last night. http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]
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