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    Collecting (guitars, cork-lined soda pop bottle caps, Boy Scout CSP's & OA flaps, CD's, hockey jerseys, books, knives, professional wrestling masks {Lucha Libre and old school American styles})<br />Sports (football, baseball, hockey -- I miss the Tallahassee Tigersharks)<br />Broadcasting (20 year veteran of radio broadcasting {behind the mic} -- 10 year veteran of television broadcasting {behind the scenes)

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  1. Beukeboom


    Some news I read online concerning the Tallahassee Mall --- 4/27/2009 <H2 style="LINE-HEIGHT: 13.5pt">HFF to market Tallahassee Mall </H2>by Eric Ramsden Tallahassee Mall, which lost two anchors in 2008, is being offered for sale by a court-appointed receiver being represented by Holliday Fenoglio Fowler. The nearly 1 million-square-foot mall sits on nearly 100 acres 2415 N. Monroe St., close to Interstate 10, downtown Tallahassee, Florida State and Florida A&M universities. The property is 61 percent leased to tenants including AMC Theatre, Belk, Burlington Coat Factory, Ross Dress for Less, Sports Authority and Barnes & Noble. http://crefeed.com/news/220611-hff-to-market-tallahassee-mall
  2. Where IS everyone? This forum is deader than a doornail.
  3. Beukeboom


    If it does go under, I wouldn't be surprised of it remained empty for a long time with it ultimately being bought by the State of Florida to be used as offices and/or storage.
  4. Beukeboom


    That's what HE claims. Any OFFICIAL word from governmental sources on permit approvals? As I stated before, I'm having a difficult time taking DeVoe's word for it as evidenced by the failed promises of the past. His track record is, let's say, shaky? I'll have a better time with it when the ground is actually broken by construction equipment. Until then, it's all smoke to me.
  5. Where the old Wal-Greens used to be before Katrina flattened it. I'll have to check it out when my wife and I get back to Biloxi. I got several Biloxi t-shirts last time in June so I'll need to get some Gulfport t-shirts to balance it out.
  6. I was indeed referring to Surf Style (I couldn't remember the name offhand). I stopped by there when my wife and I were staying at her mother's home for a week. I wanted to pick up some t-shirts. I was wondering if Surf Style was planning on constructing a shop in Gulfport. Where is the Gulfport location? Near Courthouse or closer towards 49?
  7. Beukeboom


    I purchased some of the fixtures for sale from Goodies and asked the manager why the closing. She told me Goodies filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and is closing 65 of its stores. This is a bummer for me especially because Goodies was one of the stores in Tallahassee where I could find inexpensive clothing. Now I'm down to Wal-Mart, Target & Beal's Outlet with the Dillards in the GS mall being "iffy" (the Tall. Mall Dillards always had some men's clothing on sale but the one in GS mall sometimes puts them on sale). But all of them require more driving than the Goodies. Nothing on North Monroe any longer.
  8. Quick question: Any plans in the works to build a tourist t-shirt shop by the beach in Gulfport like the one in Biloxi?
  9. Beukeboom


    No welcome for Dad? Dadgummit! Yeah, I'll go further and just say that's an inane slogan.
  10. Beukeboom


    I am pretty sure that behind the scenes the Tally mall mgmt is trying to get the Dillards space filled again. Too bad that the Bass Pro Shop didn't pan out. I wonder how long it will take before they actually get it occupied once again. And hopefully not with a State of FL Gov't agency. I'm afraid if it remains empty for a year which is possible, it will increase the decline of the mall as a whole.
  11. Beukeboom


    To quote a movie line, "I gotta bad feeling about this."
  12. Beukeboom


    In my experience, the Dillards formerly of the Tallahassee Mall usually had more clothes in the men's department on sale that the Dillards in the Governors Square (Management-Hates-When-People-Call-It-A) Mall. As to the clutter, get used to it. Both stores always had a problem with clerks and stockers leaving carts and excess clothes out and about. I have mentioned it to clerks and at least a couple assistant managers receiving the promise that something would be done but it never helped. I guess that's the quality one receives with minimum wage (or close to it) employees. They have more to do than time in their shifts so they compromise. At least that's my observation.
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