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  1. Yup... Im back... I think we might need to recognize a blossoming single family and row home boom in the downtown, church hill, fan, oregon hill, and several other close in areas. Development is going in that direction it would seem. And we all know, businesses follow what? Occupied rooftops... just a matter of time ladies and gents... just a matter of time...
  2. I know I know... where have I been... Well, Im sure Ill get to explaining that sometime soon... But lets just say I am back for the time being... Some insider information on this project, re-zoning and special use portion of this project will go forward as planned... expected building though will be contigent on the ever-present issue of funding. Banks aren't necessarily balking at this project, but they want to see some more 'real estate' momentum in the area first. Expect those numbers to be good by the end of this year. On my street (33rd) there are 17 homes being renovated or b
  3. Any way I can meet them to someday get their inheritance
  4. You wouldnt have to pay for parking if you were riding a light rail line in... maybe 2 dollar round trip?
  5. I dont know if I present the right face for press secretary, but you are thinking the same way I am... somewhere in the administration is the goal... things need to be done, and need to be done now IMO. We know what they are, the power-brokers don't. Time to bring them both together.
  6. To Burt, Cam, Wrld, etc.... I need your help... either PM or ask for my email address. I have been thinking, and this weekend I came to a conclusion - I think I will try to get on one of the new mayor's staff's in a place that will help us all love our city more. I need advice on all of the candidates, their backgrounds, etc. Anything you guys/gals might know will be helpful. Thanks Wish me luck...
  7. I believe you are refering to Audubon. That is only a shopping center at the moment... in the site plan stage...
  8. Ignore the two hour restrictions everywhere in the city on the weekends, and don't pay the meters (this is true for all street parking). No meter maids on the weekends and it is unwritten but the weekends are free parking.
  9. I wanted to leave it alone. I might apply for that position for the next mayor. Maybe get someone in there with some design sense and no pre-concieved notion of how to run a government.
  10. Maybe I should just do a review, having went in this store about 2 weeks or so ago... Very thorough knowledge of soaps... and you can't miss the place as they leave the door open to let the smell permeate... and it is the best that section of the city has smelled... ever! Make a pit stop... I recommend the Kitchen Soap to get grease, etc. off of your hands... all while naturally rejuvanating your skin....
  11. They are under-performing according to the news report I heard on the radio this morning.
  12. I do believe so... unless I am getting my clubs mixed up... I was around Tarrants when I saw this one... or is there another club opening and I am mixed up?
  13. Peering through the windows within the past few weeks has shown me a poshly designed space- reminiscent of the high-class DC or NYC venues... should be a real draw for the Richmond-elitists...
  14. Me too. Now if Burts proposal for that surface lot adjacent this one were to get some traction... well then a lot of people would be really interested in that corner...
  15. That sign only works for 4-6 months at a time anyways, it would be about at the end of this time around's run. They only turn it on when it is time to push for new leasee's anyways. Oh well. It looks good for about a month. Now, I cringe when I walk the dog - wondering when it will explode.
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