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  1. umm.....those wooden light poles in the middle of Main st or absolutely ugly...those aren't permanent are they?
  2. ^^^^ But is that in reference to a "W" hotel or any Starwood hotels period? I know the Sheraton is under that umbrella and I couldn't really see a "W" hotel in Columbia at this moment...but a Weston or Aloft is more reasonable to see.
  3. Give me the email address and i'll get to voicing my concerns... Looking at those plans make me want to hit the bar and get drunk...lol...seriously! That just isn't right...I can understand the developers anger, and at one point i agreed with them...but i think it was more out of disappointment that the other project got canned. But looking at this really makes me agree at the city council for even passing this plan....
  4. ^^^^ Oh yeah...it's still functional. I had to attend jury duty there earlier this year for the whole week. And as my luck would have it i got selected 4 of 5 days to hear cases. But i often wonder how long it will be until they move from that location. That's a prime parcel of land and while that building has 3 levels...the concrete surrounding may be enough for Richland County to resist a good offer to move to another spot. And for the record....that's one ugly building.....lol
  5. ^^^^ It was there before....i still remember when it had the "City Year" logo in the middle of it...lol...and it was at that intersection and at the Laurel and Main intersection also....I actually like the brick circle...if they move it i'll miss it...but it won't crush my spirits...lol
  6. Me too...i didn't like the other design...the brick one in that location flows better IMO
  7. Looking nice....Jeff Morris Furniture is where i got my first Bedroom and Living room set from when i moved our years ago....I think that store supplied my family with a lot of items when i was younger...
  8. I was looking at the webcam shot and is it just me....or do the tree lined median look like a row of Christmas trees But i'm about to leave for Columbia [gotta film a church conference in the morning] and i'm gonna go by Canal Side and look at it up close...
  9. As stated by me in a lot of casual conversations with friends...and as i've seen on here many times....I really feel as if the Decker/Parklane area would prosper with a focus on creating an International flare there. There are a nice number of different cutural shops on the Decker side [and Percival]. So it may work....but i guess it would be a little difficult to pull off at this point but not impossible. It's just unfortunate to see empty banks, the grocery stores leave for greenery pastures, restaurants [Red Lobster and Olive Garden] close, Target bolt for the same pastures as the groce
  10. now if we can just get someone to tear down that dag gone Best Western.....i'll be very happy....i hate that building with a passion...lol..
  11. ^^^^^ DDRC lefthand reaches under the table and grabs Carolina Ale Houses envelope that was pre taped to the middle underbelly of the table and magically things happened.
  12. Once again.... in my heart...I want something very nice there. i would love to have that corner be a crown jewel in the 5pts area. But like Capt. said....i don't have any faith in this project [nor any other 5pt points projects] in the future. I still would say i'd just leave the property empty. I know it's not making me any money...but i'm sure if i sat on it long enough that someone would be willing to pay premium dollar to take it off my hands. But yep...for the time being "5pts meet eyesore" aka "soon to be bad urban project" bka "missed opportunity".
  13. Matt i usually agree with most things you say...but this is one that i'm gonna have to disagree about. I don't even think someone like Holder could have got this off the ground. True the tunnel issue arose, but after that it was straight pandering and bickering. It was never about the height in my opinion...but more so about having power and control and Wales Garden was allowed to dictate this outcome for all of that area. The city could have been more proactive if they wanted to but they weren't. Cutting a half of million was like a dagger in the back for those developers. First you want them
  14. ^^^^ The thing is Capt.....1 of the cities in this state has to step up and be more than a mid-sized city...if not SC is just like ND, SD, NH, ME. MS, MT and others. I mean the surrounding areas of each metro are full of rural sections that could appease those who want small town vibes. I don't think anyone in the state wants to become the next Atlanta, but the next Charlotte isn't bad [how they are currently]. I just don't understand it...the city of Columbia can be as great as it one was, but instead too many people want to pretend like it's still a small town where everyone knows
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