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  1. Always happy to see good news about my dad's hometown.
  2. I would just elaborate that the limit is for 40 stories, but says nothing about height. Depending on the type of building and the design, you could easily see something close to 700' with 40 stories. Look at the new Duke Energy building Charlotte. I believe the language offers no restrictions based on height, but based on stories.
  3. FCB notoriously pulled up stakes in DTR back in 1992, moving out to North Hills where they have a pretty extensive semi-campus/skyline campus. I'm not sure they will ever want to come back to DTR. Their demographic is North Hills, and with BOA moving their offices from DTR to NH just a couple years ago, I think we are seeing that become the spot for FCB to stay. That being said, they could be better civic stewards than they have historically been.
  4. I mean, I would honestly prefer open-air like Hard Rock stadium in Miami or SoFi Field in LA. We don't need retractable roofs, but we do need roofs.
  5. Sorry...you are correct. The A10 was a fairly good mid-major conference in bball even before Charlotte. Football has done a number of crazy things that I am still hoping will work out in Charlotte's favor. We are about to hit 8 years with football, and I assume the 10 year mark is going to be scrutinized heavily.
  6. This is slightly incorrect history. Charlotte was part of the much stronger CUSA up until they basically had to leave because they did not play football. This CUSA was home to Louisville, Cincinnati, Houston, Marquette, and Memphis all in one league. Charlotte was regularly competitive in basketball in this conference. When they had to leave (somewhat thanks to the ACC raiding the Big East in the 2000s), they went to what was the best league for non-football, the A10. But the A10 was harder on the school due to the school being in the South while much of the conference was in the Northeast, an
  7. Again, not to be a downer, but these are the annual estimates, which are likely overcounted. I would suspect the population loss in NYC, LA, and San Jose are actually quite minimal. Another interesting tidbit is that these estimates say Raleigh added almost 0% in new population 2019-2020. I find that a bit suspect, and expect that number to higher than it actually is. Very intrigued to see how these stack up with the official census numbers later this year.
  8. So just to clarify: this is an estimate for the existing MSA/CSA from the 2010 Census. I hope that Brunswick is returned to Wilmington MSA in the 2020 Census, but we won't know that for a few months.
  9. Couple of interesting tidbits too: Fayetteville CSA is at 859,000 This includes Sanford and Lumberton Fayetteville is a sleeping giant thanks in large part to the military presence I expect Pinehurst to be added soon too Greenville, NC CSA hovering below 300,000 Asheville is hovering below 600,000 Here's the link to the CSA numbers.
  10. The CISCO buildings there have a Durham address, so most likely the same for Apple.
  11. I'd say Ferragamo, Zegna, or MaxMara would do well if they have ever done in-store boutiques at NM. They would make a killing.
  12. Anyone know how this is affecting Aloft, AC, and Residence Inn? I'm really more interested in Aloft since it has been there the longest. Is it fairly busy? Is it holding up well?
  13. I'll add my two cents from my travel last week: Concourse E was INSANE -- I have flown into every concourse but A in the last year, and E by far is the busiest any airport I have been in the last year has looked. I haven't kept up with the construction in the E section, but it looks like there are two new additions? One at the E10 split and then one at E38? The utilities in the concourse could have been better -- not an outlet or charging station in sight. This time I flew out of C which looked like it had been renovated. It was also busy, but pro
  14. Sheesh -- please stop with these types of comments, here and across a number of threads. They are extremely generalized and neglect to recognize an entire set of variables that influence why someone would leave one state for another. To boil it down to one aspect, such as income, is incredibly shortsighted. I live in NYC and make considerably less than $200k and I wouldn't leave at the moment. And you have to remember that there are some here that make even less and have no means to leave. They are stuck here, essentially. Also, you have to ask yourself why places like Rye and Scarsdale
  15. This is a very problematic take. People from a number of backgrounds come from NY to NC. Sure there is a stark contrast between NYC and the other regions from a ideological and demographic perspective, but let's not all call them "lower level/middle class."
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