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  1. Kennedy on the left and Macy on the right.
  2. Whoa...wait...really? That kind of makes this building even more interesting.
  3. The City had tried a number of times to have a university, as early as colonial times, but the schools lost money and would close. The first real attempt at a university by the state was in 1887 when the City was awarded the proposed A&M school, but a last minute donation by a wealthy benefactor in Raleigh put the university, now known as NC State, in Raleigh. Queens University, Davidson, and Johnson C. Smith are all older (Davidson being founded in 1837, Queens in 1857, and JCSU in 1867), but they were so small in those days, and funded by religious organizations. Without the baby boom of WWII, UNC Charlotte may not even exist. The fact that the school has accomplished so much in less than 70 years is astounding.
  4. Another HQ win for Raleigh with Merz splitting into three companies with one, Merz Aesthetics naming Raleigh as its HQ. https://www.bizjournals.com/triangle/news/2019/11/12/merz-to-split-into-three-companies-raleigh.html
  5. Also, this makes me think it is a F500 company, which Vanguard is not bc it's private? I think it is something else.
  6. Neither are terrible. Akridge looks the most interesting, but that always means more $$$. Both look pretty great from a street level perspective, and I'm probably one of the few that is happy this isn't super tall. I think Durham has a great critical mass of midrises forming at the moment, which will push for taller buildings on prime land.
  7. Not to sound antagonistic, but is that a bad thing? It's still doing relatively well amidst a growing trend of urban shopping hubs and startup retail, not to mention the overall retail climate currently. I think the overall health of the mall is going to depend on the department stores, particularly Nordstrom since that seems to run upper middle class vs the aspiring luxury of NM, the standards of Macys and Dillards, and the hometown hub in Belk. If Nordstrom continues to be successful at SP, then the mall will be successful.
  8. This is what I hope to see UNC Charlotte more and more like. All the UC campuses aside from the big 2 are incredible schools that benefited from increased education emphasis at the K12 level, as well as superior state support and private donors. The UNC BoG is the roadblock to all success for all UNC campuses. UNC Chapel Hill and NC State are somewhat immune, but the others will continue to struggle the more partisan that board becomes, and the more partisan our state government becomes. The focus currently, is on STEM education, and that's great and all, but part of the standard higher ed needs some liberal arts focus. As an alumni of UNC Charlotte, I have never been more proud of the school than I am today, and that's a large part of the great education I received. I would only hope for the same for all Charlotteans, and I can't wait to see the city, and state, finally embrace the jewel in its back yard.
  9. If I felt comfortable about mine, even though I've never lived in GSO, and now live in New York, I'd share it haha. It's also for Raleigh and Charlotte too, so you would have a glimpse of those projects.
  10. https://www.bizjournals.com/triangle/news/2019/10/25/this-2-8b-firm-could-be-the-triangles-next-public.html?iana=hpmvp_trig_news_headline While this is in the Triangle Biz Journal, the call transcript referenced in the article also mentions Charlotte as the possible HQ city for NewCo, a company that will be split off from Fortive. Fortive is a F500 (#422) company based in Everett, Washington. NewCo would be $2.8b in revenue, so just outside of F500, but def within F1000 territory. They say they have a location in mind, but have only mentioned Charlotte and the Triangle as details to that answer. I'm sure this isn't the company that has been referenced by other posters, but this is exciting to see so much interest.
  11. https://www.bizjournals.com/triangle/news/2019/10/25/this-2-8b-firm-could-be-the-triangles-next-public.html?iana=hpmvp_trig_news_headline This is an interesting article. Fortive, a F500 company in Everett, WA, is looking to split up into two companies: Fortive and NewCo (assuming this is just a placeholder). NewCo is supposedly moving to "Raleigh-Durham," so take this to mean as mostly RTP. This is a new $2.8 billion company to locate here, joining Advance Auto Parts, Syneos, Martin Marietta, First Citizens, BMC Stock Building Supply as the only public $1b+ companies in Raleigh. Elsewhere in the Triangle are Cornerstone Building Brands, Cree, IQVIA, and Pyxus International with $1b+ in revenue.
  12. Just wanted to follow up on this since I am a nerd when it comes to info like this. Any update?
  13. What if WF split up? I doubt it would ever happen, but the thought popped in my head. They could split up and maybe Wachovia be reinstated. It's just a pie in the sky, but I wonder if divestiture is something that might be proposed.
  14. Thanks! I never saw a formal announcement, but this is great news.
  15. What ever happened to this? Is Marine Layer still coming? SE seems like a perfect spot for them.
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