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  1. This just doesn't make sense. Looking at metropolitan's work, it's nowhere near Perkins Eastman. I mean, you have suburban DC developments, but only two real large scale development plans, that are from the 80s. How were they even considered for the RFP, let alone even given a chance to bid?
  2. I'd be surprised if that wasn't a big sell for them. I mean, the banking infrastructure is there, and BB&T had some skill in that part of the industry. It would be nice to see that again, albeit on a smaller scale. Personally, I think we are missing some of the point with this: this is probably one of a couple of towers for them. Think of every major bank in this city, and most have more than one tower. We aren't going to get a new tallest, but I am intrigued at what this does for North Tryon.
  3. This is huge news for the city as it diversifies its economy. Charlotte is really killing it lately on corporate relocations lately.
  4. What's the sidewalk treatment looking like? I think I see some planting strips? That looks like a pretty sad sidewalk situation, so i hope the sides of the building at least enhance the view.
  5. I would say next year could see four new F500 companies in Charlotte: Coca-Cola Consolidated (which broke the top 600 this year), Honeywell, Suntrust/BB&T, and the Ingersoll Rand spin-off. And I wonder if Sealed Air might rebound too...
  6. Cityboi...have you been up to date on a development map for GSO? I'm intrigued to see the breadth and status of projects in the city. Or at least to get a sense of where all this is concentrating. Thanks!
  7. Ok...everyone to their corners. Please. Let's get back on topic with this project. While it's design is nothing "special," we have to be reminded that design currently takes a back seat to economics and profitability these days. It's why most residential projects all look the same: they need to be made profitable from the get go. We should be applauding this project for combining three uses into one site. You don't see that a lot, especially for a city Greensboro's size. Again, I am still having a hard time with the hotel portion. I just feel like it needs something to set it apart from the massiveness of the design. But I am not going to gripe about it. I do hope this gets some office interest.
  8. So, I am excited about this project. Am I from Greensboro? No...born and raised in Raleigh, and school in Charlotte. But, I love Greensboro and W-S bc most of my family is from the area. Safe to say, I want both cities to succeed, and think they already do in some regards. In terms of this project, let's think about the office, since that will be way harder than the others. I'm thinking Kontoor might be an interesting player, as well as some front-end offices of the major manufacturing arms here. Maybe someone like Qorvo or Honda Air might be interested. I certainly think that even though we don't talk about it, Greensboro can definitely carry it's own weight in corporate presence. I truly think this is going to be a lateral move or intra-city move, rather than a new company. Has Carroll indicated what types of office tenants he's looking for? Maybe UNCG can leverage some small space in the building too, or in another building now occupied by another company. It's going to be fun to speculate.
  9. Austin has four of the five. St. Regis is really the outlier because it is supposed to be the upper echelon of luxury. Nashville might bump up there after the Four Seasons is built.
  10. This is a good size project for GSO. This should put it just over 200' at 15 stories. If it is 20 stories, that's about 300'. It will be interesting to see what number they decide on, but both should be great heights for the city. Even more impressive are the three usage types. I do wish the hotel, and even moreso, the residential had a more attractive appearance, and more separation from the office building.
  11. This is great news for the area as well. I think this brings us up to at least 7 F500 companies, with BBTST, Domtar, Sealed Air, Diversey, and Coca Cola Bottling up in the air. Throw in the new IR and Resolute Forest Products, and we have the potential for 14 F500 not this year, but next year.
  12. Maybe you can clarify, but I know IR is "HQ'd" in Ireland, but really in Davidson. The Gardner Denver deal will be US based? I kept trying to figure that out. This is totally good news because we are gaining on HQ in the process without losing the other, even if that other is only HQ in name in Ireland.
  13. This is actually pretty standard, even in NYC. There's usually a delay before the doors open to help mitigate the slam that happens when people on the train crowd the door, and people off the train crowd the platform. It allows for some calming to make sure there isn't a stampede. Not sure what the volumes look like at the stations to require this on LYNX, but it isn't out of the norm.
  14. Ultimately, I think this is the best option. I can see the initial team playing in BOA for the first few years, but eventually leveraging their profits and savings towards Memorial Stadium. It just makes sense to use the stadium in this manner. I consider this to be where the public funds are really expended, and eventually private funding can contribute to the shade structure and expansion of concessions/luxury boxes.
  15. I was thinking maybe aluminum or some sort of glass paneling. It really is the one thing I don't like about the building.
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