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  1. Is this the project that was originally residential and had cool building breaks, and it was voted down? As a replacement, it's fine. I'm happy the corner is still there, but ehhh...
  2. Aside from the roof...both buildings look so sharp. The hotel, especially. Intrigued to see the street level build out, and how the deck covering goes...
  3. And just to dispel some myths about the NYC system. To get from Lower Manhattan to above Central Park can take almost an hour, not including delays. To get from the start to finish along the A train can take almost 2 hours.
  4. Honestly, this sounds like a tower needs to be planned for them. Or they take one of the towers being vacated now. 860 employees will need a central location to at least go through while they work remote.
  5. This would be a good screenshot to capture and add in any new development massing and missing development...hint...hint...hint
  6. Going back to its founding.... It's so interesting to know that before 1898 Wilmington was a Black majority city, and even had a prosperous freed-slave population before the massive 1898 Massacre
  7. The photographer must've been at the airport at the same time I was. I was able to take some aerials flying into the city. I shared them with CLT Development on Twitter, but now is a good time to share here.
  8. My new NC base (for family, not work lol) is now Wilmington, which has long been a city of interest to me. So, I thought I would start a business section for Wilmington, since it is slowly gaining a ton of steam with its economy. First is hometown mega corp, PPD which went public after years of being private. It's now listed at #641 on the F1000, with $4.031b in revenue. I would expect that to grow this year as well too. Interested to see what space they may need with this growth. Secondly is a $100m IPO being formed by Wilmington-based Cloud-financial nCino. This is all in addition to the port seeing some of the fastest growth nationally. @KJHburg not trying to steal your thunder! You're my Econ Dev inspiration on this forum lol.
  9. I would say UC lacks apartments, at least from my knowledge as someone who used to live there. The university is approaching 30k and URP is massive in scale, and Concord Mills and the Speedway are not far. I truly expect it to be a boon for apartments.
  10. I'd say it isn't. One look at Caltrain, MetroLink, and event the three big commuter rail programs in NYC show that this is the right scope. I think the big issue is validating that scale compared to our population. All of those aforementioned lines serve 10mil people, whereas this would serve maybe 7mil. Justifying that might be hard considering the cost. But the precedent remains, and I think the timing is right.
  11. Yeesh, way to just turn your back to College. I sure wish a smaller hotel tower were fronting that side to face the convention center. But, I guess we can't be beggars in this case.
  12. And to add to this: with the failure of the Atlanta Thrashers, and the middling Florida Panthers, it's really tough to sell NHL to the SunBelt. I'd be surprised is Charlotte is ever mentioned unless the Hurricanes move, but it won't be a good look on their organization. Even Houston is problematic. Kansas City could be interesting, but I believe the NHL is increasingly moving back towards Canada where it remains the most popular sport. The new Seattle franchise is close to the border, and I do think Hamilton, Toronto #2, and maybe the Atlantic or Saskatoon provinces have more interest. I would even be surprised to see if somewhere like Cleveland or Milwaukee are more attractive than other markets in the SunBelt. Hell, I am just waiting to see how long the Vegas Golden Knights last after the first 5 years.
  13. Weren't the dorms built in the 60s and 70s? I just don't understand the logic in that it is too low ceilings when countless hotels in other NC cities have been rehabbed from older buildings similar to Hall House: Hotel Indigo and Cardinal Hotel in W/S, 21c Hotel in Durham, others in Asheville. This just seems like a capacity issue with Inlivian instead of a structural issue.
  14. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/article243026506.html This does not make me happy. Inlivian proposing 360+ units, of varying affordability, but within a 6-story building that goes in place of Hall House which will be demolished according to their plans. UGH
  15. Is a convention center even economically in the best interest of the city? Aside from a few of the major centers (Orlando, Atlanta, Chicago, San Diego, Anaheim, etc.) convention business doesn't seem super profitable, and I highly doubt we can compete in that sphere. Heck, if we were to even up to Nashville, we'd still lose out because of a lack of hotel rooms and tourism interest. Raleigh was able to capitalize on small-scale festivals and conventions, but does that hurt the chances for Charlotte to compete?
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