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  1. I could've sworn we have already discussed this building when it was initially proposed. I thought it was in the NC Music Factory page, but couldn't find it. It is quite the unique location and design.
  2. Well aware, but considering the desire of UC Partners and others, on this site and elsewhere, is to make UC more pedestrian friendly and dense, one should look to the developments around NCSU, UNCCh, App St, ECU, and UNCG for reference. They don't all have retail, but there is a critical mass for some here.
  3. Ooof this is not a looker. I wonder why they don't think retail could work in the base of this building.
  4. I believe there was a lot of remediation that was required for the site and the theater. Maybe they are finally at a point where true structural work can begin.
  5. I get this, I do, but you also have to consider the economies of both cities, and the social environs. Austin is tech-oriented, with a strong youth, college culture. Most of the brands we see in Austin and not Charlotte appeal to millennials of the tech/startup variety. Charlotte, on the other hand is very conservative in fashion because it is banking and healthcare. Most of the brands seen in Charlotte and not Austin appeal to a clean cut, streamlined look. They are different environments for fashion, and I think that's ok. There's still a very healthy fashion culture in Charlotte, but the taste is different. There's a reason Capitol, TRC, Paul Simon work as well as they do.
  6. I think you mean Dry Goods. Versona is in Asheville and Winston, as well as multiple RDU and CLT locations.
  7. One can only hope that it happens when the spin-off takes place and it becomes a standalone company. Also, one can wish that by having their HQ in Raleigh, they mean downtown and not NH or Brier Creek or Morrisville or RTP... I'd love to see them on something like 121 Fayetteville St.
  8. See my post from October. The one chance I have to get something ahead of you KJ!! But still...I'm super excited to see how this turns out.
  9. I can understand why some might not like this design, but I find it one of the more interesting projects in the city for a couple of reasons: 1. Not all blue glass 2. Inset balconies -- adds a different layer to the boxiness of the design 3. The light touches to the concrete that do have some partial deco flair. Particularly in the dark section 4. I love the windows from what I've seen. Very industrial vibe, and I am a big fan of large picture windows. I think once this is structurally complete, they will do a clean of the building and also touch up the streetscape. I remain open minded and intrigued by this project.
  10. Come to NYC, and I'll buy you a beer for keeping this 49er informed of his forming stomping ground!
  11. What's the story with the two massive parking decks in the center of this photo? Any chance they can support development on top, even if just five floors max?
  12. I think what this is highlighting is the vast spectrum of opinion regarding urban development and the needs of the people that use it. Not everyone hates this development because it provides something more attractive to them, not just aesthetically, but also in the form of things they appreciate and value. And for others, this development just doesn't cut it, and it sets a bad precedent. I actually think this project might end up being more beneficial in the long run when we are able to review the needs and wants, not just from our UP bubble, but from others in the community and try our best to provide something convenient with the hope that it will help lead to a habit change. Not everyone wants to walk everywhere. You and I know that walkability is essential, but not everyone sees this, especially in the economics of development. What this does do is minimize drive time, put things closer together so smaller trips, maybe even all while walking are accomplished. We can complain about this project till the cows come home, but it is still going to be successful in the eyes of the developer. And it's a step, if minimal, in the right direction. Let's not excuse it, but let's make note of it and move to the next project.
  13. Kennedy on the left and Macy on the right.
  14. Whoa...wait...really? That kind of makes this building even more interesting.
  15. The City had tried a number of times to have a university, as early as colonial times, but the schools lost money and would close. The first real attempt at a university by the state was in 1887 when the City was awarded the proposed A&M school, but a last minute donation by a wealthy benefactor in Raleigh put the university, now known as NC State, in Raleigh. Queens University, Davidson, and Johnson C. Smith are all older (Davidson being founded in 1837, Queens in 1857, and JCSU in 1867), but they were so small in those days, and funded by religious organizations. Without the baby boom of WWII, UNC Charlotte may not even exist. The fact that the school has accomplished so much in less than 70 years is astounding.
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