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  1. Rufus

    Greensboro's Proximity Hotel

    Well I am not going to go that far, although I do wish there was more substance with the original post. I think Proximity and O.Henry are two of NC's hotel gems, and the fact that Proximity does have such green features is impressive. It would be nice to combine this with the midtown thread since this sounds a lot like what's happening in Raleigh -- where there are two midtowns that are in relative proximity to each other (N. Hills & Crabtree). It would be smart on Greensboro's part to leverage the Friendly Center area as part of midtown.
  2. This the one from the Great Bohemian thread...almost made me do a double-take to make sure it was Charlotte. This photo is so exquisite to show just how this city has changed. The sheer density in this image too. And I only see one immediate parking lot (First Baptist). Incredible
  3. Thanks for the photos...but did we really need photos of the units? Basically all new apartments look exactly the same in terms of layout and fixtures, with minor styling details.
  4. Rufus

    Greensboro's Proximity Hotel

    What was the point of starting this thread? I thought there was already a Proximity thread, or at least one coupled with the O.Henry. I love both hotels, but this just feels like a photo dump. Maybe we can merge this into the midtown discussion? Are they close enough in proximity to build off one another?
  5. Rufus

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    I miss working on projects like this at UNCC. Fun times....
  6. Rufus

    Charlotte Knights AAA Ballpark in Third Ward

    Ehh...Denver gets that many bc it's a 3 million+ metro area for a good distance before another one even remotely comes close. It benefits from its geography more than its population. Similar can be said about Minneapolis since it is pretty removed from the rest of the Great Lakes Region. Salt Lake City to a smaller extent.
  7. But...Nashville, St. Pete and West Beach are all tourist destinations. There's a lot of disposable income with, a number of retailers like to locate there. IMO, Uptown is still not at that critical mass that soft-goods retailers that we all think should be here are going to want to locate. You can't depend on M-F numbers when your Saturday and Sunday numbers are nothing. It should be the opposite. And, I just don't think Uptown is there yet. A gym is a great amenity to have, and will make a killing in this location because of the Stonewall corridor residential, the massive workforce numbers, and its closeness to hotels. People are going to go to this place daily. I would love Target and such, but Midtown kills that option, and Southend has more potential (cheaper space) for some fast-fashion retailers.
  8. Rufus

    SouthPark Mall

    I think each of those stores opened and closed with the rise and fall of their respective "trends." More specifically Hermes, Juicy, BCBG, and even Ralph Lauren. It seems the mall and the company tried to capitalize on trend relevance, and some, like Juicy, just disappeared. Others, like RL, were misinterpreted as a harbinger for more luxury shopping, even though customers go gaga over the polo label, a $500 sweater is not the same. Again, I think SouthPark is best served as a place for accessories and business fashion retail. St. John, Burberry, Louis Vuitton do a great amount of business as places to buy accessories or items for more conservative office attire. I think Ferragamo, Zegna, and Chanel could see some cache here as solely those carry-only stores. But I doubt we will see Gucci or anything currently "trendy."
  9. Rufus

    SouthPark Mall

    Honestly, I just think outside of major population centers, luxury retailers are having a hard time competing with department stores and online shopping. It just seems like not many cities can support the breadth of luxury that others can, and I think I am ok with that for Charlotte. It can't compete with Atlanta, Miami, Washington, New York, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, or Las Vegas. I mean, this is just another adaptation on how retail is going to function. Also, I never thought of Charlotte as an Armani city, except for suits. I think something like Ferragamo but just accessories would work well here. I think accessories are where the market is for luxury fashion in smaller markets.
  10. So this puts Charlotte at 7 (potentially 8 -- Brighthouse wasn't on the list last year) F500 HQs. I would say there is also possibility for a 9th with Coca-Cola Bottling hovering close to $4-5 billion in revenue. I'm always fascinated by the number of $1billion revenue public companies are in NC, and that number continues to grow, which is a good sign.
  11. It's less than 400 rooms, so this won't really put a dent in that "need." I see this more like the Ritz -- a luxury hotel for corporate entities to use for their employees or guests. It's close to the CC, but it's small amount of rooms will mean that they will be gobbled up quickly.
  12. Rufus

    Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    Montreal is a haven for pharmaceutical research and CROs. I could see this sticking around for at least a couple of years.
  13. Any idea why it would take this long for this project? Too many moving pieces -- i.e. working with the hotel, contractor, residential and their contractor? Or could it have been the site?
  14. I think Phase 2 looks like a good chance for vertical (20-story). Phase 3 looks like a great spot for mixed use with an option for a hotel, which would be great here.
  15. Rufus

    First Ward Urban Village / North Tryon Vision Plan

    Honestly, is Levine even making money off of this anymore? Surely he is bleeding money from taxes and fines and unfulfilled contracts. It just boggles my mind that the guy is either inept at good business or is deluded into thinking he can provide something better than what has already been built. Why is the city not hounding this guy?