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  1. Sure, in terms of pure metro numbers. But, if you were to include San Jose, which is most of Silicon Valley, you get those huge numbers. Both metros are 8-9.5 million and then also 9-10k sqmi.
  2. Off topic -- I love these books. I did my Masters Thesis on these books. If CCCP or the City Planning Dept. do not have these books on their shelves and in their practice, they are making a huge mistake. The Gehl Practice is still active, and I would be so happy to see a collaboration in Charlotte.
  3. Good ol' Dilworth Crescent...one of my dream neighborhoods. I've been a fan of this view for over 20 years.
  4. Thanks! I'm very interested to hear any rumors or news about the new retail that might be brought in. There was talk a few months ago of it being pretty luxe.
  5. Any word on the Philips Place revamp? Others were mentioning a pretty significant retail updates...interested to see where that goes
  6. Also, MCM has opened a kiosk in the Belk wing of the main luxury court. Interesting that it's a kiosk...I wonder if they are gauging interest towards a free-standing store. I've never been a fan of the main designs od MCM, but they have some good stuff.
  7. That's what it was...not ALO Yoga, but Outdoor Voices! Thanks for clarifying!
  8. I keep looking for the thread, but I am having a hard time finding it -- sorry if this is the wrong place: What's the retail situation with the Lowes tower? I know Allbirds is opening, but I could've sworn I also saw ALO Yoga too? Anyone confirm the retail tenants coming to the tower?
  9. Yea, Denver is a consolidated City-County, so it's size is coterminous with the city's boundaries. In fact, El Paso County (Colorado Springs) is the most populated county in the state by a small margin, even though it's 4x the size of Denver City-County. The next five in population are all Denver adjacent counties, which would make it 2.8 million if combined.
  10. I don't see anywhere where the poster said Raleigh would overtake Charlotte. I think the Triangle has long struggled (more than Charlotte) with the suburban nature of the metro, and we are only recently seeing real efforts to urbanize and change the fabric of each city. I don't think being proud and excited for the future of Raleigh should be conflated with usurping Charlotte. As Bolt mentioned, it's a different economy, and a different region. It's going to grow similarly but ultimately in a different way than Charlotte. Plus, there are some in this very forum that want Charlotte to reach the heights of NYC, San Fran, etc. It's ok to want to aim higher. No need to drag the Triangle and the posters on here for wanting what Charlotte has.
  11. Sure, that's the full-time MBA program, but the part-time MBA that is designed for those with jobs or other responsibilities, ranks UNC Charlotte #69. And I mean, rankings only do so much since most them benefit the haves over the have-nots. It suggests that Duke and UNCCH are "better" than UNC Charlotte, even though we all know that these rankings are extremely biased towards those who can afford to pay into them. UNC Charlotte is a fantastic university, with a great business school that has been providing key employees and services to this city that has only helped bolster the growth that we have all seen. I would even chance to say that if UNC Charlotte didn't exist, this city would not be where it is now.
  12. Honestly I hope not. Again, there was a pretty great program just up the road at UNC Charlotte, and now the market is saturated by the addition of USC, Wake Forest, Northeastern, and now UNCCH. It just doesn't feel right. What if UNC Charlotte were to open a satellite school in the Triangle? How would those universities respond? From what I am hearing, many UNC Charlotte leaders are not happy with this, and it cuts their success off at the knees.
  13. It's gotta be an in-store boutique for NM...only NYC, Miami, LA, Dallas, Vegas, SF, and LA have stores. I also just don't know where there is available store space outside of the department stores. Still, that is awesome.
  14. Is it worth it to separate the Hall House stuff that's just been posted into it's own thread? I mean, isn't there already an existing thread on it? Can we stop overlapping posts in multiple threads for the same stuff? C'mon people -- there's a search function. That being said, I still hate this project for what it is destroying, but at least the design is better than others.
  15. Correct. Like a number of companies, NC companies included.
  16. I believe Eaton has their former HQ/now American HQ in Cleveland...could be wrong.
  17. Maybe it's just me, but Charlotte is a banking powerhouse, yes, but not one that would warrant a 1,250ft tower. Just a few pages back there was a discussion on financial centers vs. banking centers, and it's pretty apt to understand that just because Charlotte is home to 2 of the largest banks in the country, and numerous offices of other major banks, doesn't mean this is where the big wigs are working. The vanity towers of banks won't find its way down here anymore, and I am ok with that. Looking at JP Morgan's new tower rising, it's very apparent, to me at least, that Charlotte's time for such a project has passed. I don't want this taken the wrong way, but I have always thought of Charlotte as being the "behind-the-scenes" banking city. It's where the sausage gets made, but probably not sold...if that makes sense.
  18. 2022 Fortune 500/1000 List is out, and the Charlotte area had a nice showing with 15 companies on the lists. 1. Lowes -- overtakes BoA as the largest public company in Charlotte (F500 - 35) 2. BoA -- (F500 - 36) 3. Nucor -- (F500 - 98) 4. Honeywell -- (F500 - 105) 5. Duke Energy -- (F500 - 145) 6. Truist -- (F500 - 155) 7. Sonic Auto -- (F500 - 300) 8. Brighthouse -- (F500 - 468) 9. Ingersoll-Rand -- (F1000 - 550) 10. Coca-Cola Consolidating -- (F1000 - 560) 11. Sealed Air -- (F1000 - 565) 12. Jeld-Wen -- (F1000 - 626) 13. Dentsply Sirona -- (F1000 - 668) 14. Albermarle Corp. -- (F1000 - 780) 15. Curtiss Wright -- (F1000 - 921) Diversey is no longer listed since it is owned by Bain Capital. XPO Logistics spinoff should show up on here next year. Premier, Inc, Driven Brands, SPX Corp., and EnPro are Charlotte's other $1b revenue public companies. I think there are a couple more waiting in the wings with relocations and the overall health of the region's economy. Nice to have the bragging rights.
  19. New Fortune 500/1000 List for 2022 has been released. The Triangle has 7 companies (a 8th was just on the outside of 1000): 1. IQVIA (F500 - 269) 2. Advanced Auto (F500 - 337) 3. Cornerstone Building Brands (F1000 - 559) 4. Martin Marietta (F1000 - 568) 5. Syneos Health (F1000 - 584) 6. Vontier (F1000 - 833) 7. Avaya (F1000 - 839) First Citizens was just on the outside with $2.046b in revenue. Pyxus International, a tobacco sales company hq'd in Morrisville was not listed, but did report $4.5b in revenue as well.
  20. New Fortune 500/1000 List for 2022 has 5 Triad Companies: LabCorp (F500 - 230) Hanesbrands (F500 - 458) Old Dominion Freight (F1000 -- just outside at 578) Qorvo (F1000 - 691) Kontoor (F1000 -- 923) I'm excited to see what is in store for the Triad Business Community with all of the recent investments.
  21. All I know is that the few times I have flown from NYC to CLT and then to Wilmington, NC, I have had to hoof it from B or C to the entire end of E, and it is incredible exhausting. It's so tight moving from the main atrium on my way towards D & E, and then a massive traffic crunch at the escalators down to E. I'm luck in that I can walk fast, but whew...people stare at me afterwards bc I am drying off the sweat.
  22. I think it's a few things: 1. Greensboro's size relative to overall MSA and Urban Area numbers is quite small. Greensboro gets to the 295,000 population by way of annexation -- which is what most NC cities get, but it also deflates the density because it is so spread out. And the MSA is large, but remember, that is like 6 counties wide. Greensboro is also not the dominant city of the metro. I don't even think the Triad has a dominant city like Charlotte, or even Raleigh has some dominance compared to the other cities in the Triangle. 2. The other cities you mentioned are mostly rust-belt major urban areas that reached a peak city population in 1950, and have since seen their suburbs boom. All of the ones you mention have 2million+ metro populations. And Orlando is such an outlier because it is such a tourist destination globally. 3. Parking decks and bad design are throughout US Cities. Without established cores like older cities, it's really hard to challenge the notion that these should not be car oriented. Parking decks mean money to developers because they usually are fee-based. And they are quick returns on investment. And it sucks. Cities across the country have ugly parking decks, it's not just Greensboro. That being said, elected officials need to start getting serious about densifying the core to help relieve overburdening their resources because of sprawl.
  23. Interesting that you neglected to brighten our days with a photo of your big dog -- especially if it was big and fluffy and kind of a diva goofball
  24. Sure, they have a 566,000sqft of exhibit space (not including the stadium). I think that's the sweet spot, but even that may not be enough to warrant large conventions to fill it.
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