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  1. haven't skimmed this thread thoroughly, but does anyone know what's up with "shops on park" on park ave? i actually was able to walk thru it today since it was opened(by accident?). looks VERY nice with koi ponds(with koi in them already) and a faux banyan tree. . .i'm hoping they get some nice restaurants and retail in there to bring some life to the rest of park ave. hopefully it doesn't bomb, though it seems like they finished up gutting the whole place and renovating it quickly for new tenants. i got some phone pics
  2. frankieb96

    The Plaza

    big +1 on that. . .thats exactly what i said last saturday just looking around in general.
  3. frankieb96

    The Plaza

    it's not always necessarily about purchasing an "asset," some people genuinely like the places, and would like to call them home at the right price. if you can get in there sub/lower 200's. . .i think you've done halfway decent. as far as the "asset" side of things, if you can carry the place for 4-5 years, i doubt it'll be worth LESS than what you paid for it.
  4. try shin, a lot of my "sushi head" friends not it's quite a bit more authentic than your run of the mill sushi bar
  5. frankieb96

    The Plaza

    just walk right in between the 2 towers fronting orange avenue. . .before you hit the thru-street under the building, you'll see bento on your left side
  6. frankieb96

    The Plaza

    went there saturday night/sunday morning at 3am when they were running a trial of a 4am closing time. . .and you literally couldn't move inside, that's how packed it was on a daily basis i'd say lunch is a hit there, and the 630-9pm dinner crowd, with things tapering off outside those hours. i have no doubt with those prices that that place isn't gonna be much of a sleeper for long if it still is one.
  7. not at the MW location. . .but i ate there YEARS ago when it was at pointe orlando i really can't tell you if i liked it or not, though that probably means it was a less than memorable experience. i do remember it wasn't particularly cheap though.
  8. yea, the spot where brick&fire is should be like a Morton's or similar. . . high end steak house, something like that would be suited nicely for that location i think gino's is right up the street and a hundred times better, faster and cheaper.
  9. dessert lady downtown is also VERY good. . .the place looks incredible inside, and boy was it PACKED on friday night looks like ceviche is next on the list to try downtown
  10. you've been out with us? i'm very sorry, but what did you drive? have we met? again apologies for forgetting. . .
  11. are you talking about cars for the cure in lake mary, more specifically Colonial TownPark? the M5 and M3 were both entered in the show, and my M3 won the "award of disctinction" in the german class what car did you enter?
  12. cool, you should join the local forum. . .www.cfbmw.org, and try to make it out to some meets! orlandonative: which of your favorite things did i miss?
  13. any car guys here? myself(2004 BMW M3), girlfriend, and 2 buddies(Porsche 996 X50 turbo, 2006 BMW M5) hit up the east pine garage downtown for a few shots yesterday with some nice vistas of downtown. . .here's some of em a couple more to follow soon, enjoy!
  14. frankieb96

    The Plaza

    so what exactly happens to the tenants and things that are in buildout in the plaza? i think urban's doing pretty well. . .
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