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  1. The HOA is involved because it is a building issue and not like a leaky plumbing item from the inside. The area it is at is not near where a bathroom would be. It's the 18 stack (studios), and there is a leak on the 17 (1br/1.5ba) unit next to me but it is on their exterior wall where there balcony is. If you remember some balconies extend out and some are flush with the building. I'm not 100% sure the layout on the 12th floor unit above us though. I believe those are 3 bedroom units but because the leak is closest to the exterior I don't think there is a shower above where the leak is. Most recently they finally did a physical water test where they took a hose to all sorts of parts of the building and waited to see if it produced a leak. This was the first time since I reported the issue initially before moving in. So I thought, wow they will actually fix it! They sealed some stuff and waited for it to cure. They were suppose to come back and water test, but about 2 weeks later, it rained and no water test = leak in unit again. Back to square one...
  2. You should probably be able to get a 2br/2ba with around 1200-1400sf for that budget. And as everyone has already stated you will have to pay monthly HOA's that could be around 4-500 for a 2br. Star Tower is probably the best overall for amenities and finishings but slightly farther than the downtown center, yet still walkable to Publix. Slight drawback is they are building the Artisan 420 apts super close to the building. I wouldn't recommend the VUE although you may get the best bang for your buck there. One thing I hate there is the amount of units (300+), so tons of people and the washer dryer situation. They didn't build the building with proper vents to have a traditional dryer. Annoying when you pay a premium to live there. Sanctuary is a nice building, more traditional condo building layouts -- not my favorite but one of the higher priced buildings as well. I'm currently in 101 Eola and I love the overall building except for the leak issue I am dealing with and I am not the biggest fan of the property manager here. Still haven't crossed it off my list as I am in the market to buy as well, but I am a single person and have a smaller budget than you. Hope that helps!!
  3. weird that my thread got combined with yours...but alrighty mods funny enough Greg Warmouth lives in this building... unfortunately this is not an apartment building and all the units are owner owned...so that is not really an option.
  4. *not sure if this is ok here or should go in coffeehouse, mods move if necessary* I moved in April of 2014 into the 11th floor unit at 101 Eola and currently out of my lease, so I think by law I am technically month to month since my landlord hasn't asked I sign a new lease. Outside of this issue, I love it here. I like the location and everyone that lives here is really pleasant. I don't want to move. Is there anything I can do about this leak issue? They keep saying the only thing they can do is repair it, water test it and try again. It's like they are going at this blindly. I can't imagine what kind of nastiness is behind the wall. Here is a youtube playlist of 3 separate videos filmed November 2014, Jun 5 '15, and Jun 25, '15. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhjyIcVct2XNkwQ4pY5MxqaXrnGLKkspn
  5. surina777

    Amway Center

    Interested to see what other UP'ers think about this .... http://www.wftv.com/news/news/local/vips-get-special-nba-all-star-weekend-traffic-trea/nGPS3/ ORLANDO, Fla. — Orlando city officials told WFTV that they're giving VIP ticket-holders their own lanes of traffic through downtown Orlando during next month's NBA All-Star game. Certain roads surrounding the Amway Center will be closed for game events, but VIP drivers will still be able to use them. City officials said a lot of this is being mandated by the NBA, but it really comes down to accommodating people expected to spend upwards of $60 million over four days. Officials said the city hasn't generated cash like that at once since the 1994 World Cup. In five weeks, 80,000 people are expected to hit Orlando. That's nearly half the city's population. Orlando resident Catherine Reyes said she is already dreading the traffic nightmare. "Especially when there's that going on, and you shut down more streets," Reyes said. During the four-day all-star event, not only will the city put up a fence around the Amway Center to keep everyday people away from the Amway Center, but on Tuesday, WFTV got the first look at a map that shows how the NBA is asking the city to shut down and reserve major roads for VIPs. Streets will be closed from West Church Street to Garland, and North Central Avenue to Anderson. When drivers get off I-4 at South Street, they will have to go through a security checkpoint set up in the middle of the intersection. Only VIPs will be allowed to go straight, and left toward the Amway Center. Everyone else will be directed east of downtown. WFTV asked transportation engineer Frank Consoli if they're getting special treatment. "Somewhat. But you forget they're also spending a lot of money in Orlando," Consoli said. Orlando residents said they spend money, too, every day, and this sends the wrong message. "If you make a little more money, little bit of a high roller, then get special treatment," Reyes said. When WFTV asked Reyes "Is that fair?" Reyes said, "No, definitely not!" But Orlando resident Mark Smith sees no reason to complain about the event expected to pour $65 million to $80 million into the city. "If we look at the little things and complain about that, they might not come back," Smith said. WFTV found out that other cities have made similar accommodations for VIPs during All-Star Weekend. City officials said the NBA wanted even more roads shut down, but they had to draw the line somewhere. City engineers will be able to control traffic lights to keep all of the traffic moving.
  6. Fogo de Chao coming to I-drive in early 2012! http://c.bizjournals.com/ct/c/39317361/MjQxMjczMTE6OjM5MTgxODA/ super excited about this, Texas de Brazil is NEVER slow ... this will be great for the area, we have plenty of tourists that will be able to patronize both and I am sure still be ridiculously busy
  7. That's awesome! i've always had trouble getting a decent cup of coffee w/o having to walk a distance...roho's hours are weird and never consistent...sometimes they were open when they felt like it i suppose...at least barnies will have stable hours. **crossing fingers** they stay open late!
  8. Every first Saturday of the month (show 12pm - 5pm) there is a car show on Church Street Between Amway Center and Orange Ave. While the first two events have had ok crowd attendance, there are quite a lot of car enthusiasts that show. When it's not so hot out I think this will draw a good crowd, not to mention it's one more person out there during the day on a saturday than normal. If anything the car show'ers are patronizing the downtown restaurants...especially when winners receive $50 gift cards to local restaurants / bars. http://churchstreetdistrict.com/carshow.html June July 1st place best exterior!
  9. i heard shipyard emporium will be adding a location in the cheyenne salon location, if this is true!!! it is quite exciting they do quite well in winter park!!
  10. surina777

    The Plaza

    it is true, i saw a sign friday at mochi....this is really going to hurt business...especially those huge wine down wed events!
  11. surina777

    Amway Center

    Sweet Stop Candy Co. (former alterations shop) grand opening today! It is across from Amway.. support local shops and grab some sweets!
  12. surina777

    Amway Center

    Went to Jernigan's before the game last night...and i know i know you aren't suppose to review restaurants until after 2 months of them being in business...but c'mon they are in a big corporate setting, you would think they'd have their act together a little! We waited in a long line to get in on the club level which I didn't really care about much, after all they just opened their doors... It's a buffet, for $35.95 (desserts from dessert lady, not included....boo $10) There are 4 different food themes: bbq, italian, asian, and american (?) i forget the fourth.... its set in a circle format, pretty small, think buffet at a wedding for about 50 people (at least that is what came to my mind) By the time we got around the buffet circle and sat down our food was cold, good, but cold...going up for seconds there was no one in line and the food was hot for about 1.5 seconds until the freezing AC cooled our food down haha one redeeming thing was where we sat was amazing! Great view of the court... http://plixi.com/p/49911449 If it was a regular full service restaurant with a menu, I would return, but not at this rate...
  13. oh man i wish i knew! it probably would have been better than the jernigan's food ...well for the price at least!!!
  14. surina777

    Amway Center

    http://plixi.com/p/49050054 http://plixi.com/p/49050132 couple pictures i just tweeted of the light features going under I4 by the Amway
  15. surina777

    Amway Center

    i heard nba city is a maybe for that location ....
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