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    Amway Center

    Interested to see what other UP'ers think about this .... http://www.wftv.com/news/news/local/vips-get-special-nba-all-star-weekend-traffic-trea/nGPS3/ ORLANDO, Fla. — Orlando city officials told WFTV that they're giving VIP ticket-holders their own lanes of traffic through downtown Orlando during next month's NBA All-Star game. Certain roads surrounding the Amway Center will be closed for game events, but VIP drivers will still be able to use them. City officials said a lot of this is being mandated by the NBA, but it really comes down to accommodating people expected to spend up
  2. Fogo de Chao coming to I-drive in early 2012! http://c.bizjournals.com/ct/c/39317361/MjQxMjczMTE6OjM5MTgxODA/ super excited about this, Texas de Brazil is NEVER slow ... this will be great for the area, we have plenty of tourists that will be able to patronize both and I am sure still be ridiculously busy
  3. That's awesome! i've always had trouble getting a decent cup of coffee w/o having to walk a distance...roho's hours are weird and never consistent...sometimes they were open when they felt like it i suppose...at least barnies will have stable hours. **crossing fingers** they stay open late!
  4. Every first Saturday of the month (show 12pm - 5pm) there is a car show on Church Street Between Amway Center and Orange Ave. While the first two events have had ok crowd attendance, there are quite a lot of car enthusiasts that show. When it's not so hot out I think this will draw a good crowd, not to mention it's one more person out there during the day on a saturday than normal. If anything the car show'ers are patronizing the downtown restaurants...especially when winners receive $50 gift cards to local restaurants / bars. http://churchstreetdistrict.com/carshow.html June
  5. i heard shipyard emporium will be adding a location in the cheyenne salon location, if this is true!!! it is quite exciting they do quite well in winter park!!
  6. surina777

    The Plaza

    it is true, i saw a sign friday at mochi....this is really going to hurt business...especially those huge wine down wed events!
  7. surina777

    Amway Center

    Sweet Stop Candy Co. (former alterations shop) grand opening today! It is across from Amway.. support local shops and grab some sweets!
  8. surina777

    Amway Center

    Went to Jernigan's before the game last night...and i know i know you aren't suppose to review restaurants until after 2 months of them being in business...but c'mon they are in a big corporate setting, you would think they'd have their act together a little! We waited in a long line to get in on the club level which I didn't really care about much, after all they just opened their doors... It's a buffet, for $35.95 (desserts from dessert lady, not included....boo $10) There are 4 different food themes: bbq, italian, asian, and american (?) i forget the fourth.... its set in a c
  9. oh man i wish i knew! it probably would have been better than the jernigan's food ...well for the price at least!!!
  10. surina777

    Amway Center

    http://plixi.com/p/49050054 http://plixi.com/p/49050132 couple pictures i just tweeted of the light features going under I4 by the Amway
  11. surina777

    Amway Center

    i heard nba city is a maybe for that location ....
  12. surina777

    Amway Center

    Just heard (not sure if it was mentioned earlier in the thread) that they are expanding the sidewalks under I-4 and putting speakers and lighting structures that will change with different images under I4, yay! One day hopefully some retail and eateries will be there!
  13. that sounds like a good 'best practice' for a publication, orlando weekly tells me they do the same...but im just someone who likes good food so no rules for reviews for me! i do go back and re-review a place sometimes after a horrid experience at brick and fire when it was behind dessert lady...i gave it another shot when it relocated to orange ave...service was def better, but the pizza was terrible! its still open though...so good for them
  14. did anyone get a chance to check out banana's diner that just opened up this past weekend? i unfortunately had someone tell me about a bad experience there and I posted it in my blog but after a little bit of digging on urbanspoon i found that she wasn't the only one... anyone on here?
  15. aw just read black olive is changing and becoming an "upscale" burger bar ... i really enjoyed dining there hope this makes them the profits to stick around and not vacate! http://orlando.bizjournals.com/orlando/stories/2010/05/24/daily23.html?ed=2010-05-26&ana=e_du_pub
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