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  1. Wonderful photos. I'm sorry to have missed the parade, it looks like it was amazing. Happy St. Patrick's day all. WS
  2. January is supposed to be the coldest month of the year yet it's insanely comfortable right up until February. WS
  3. I walk from Wayne State all the time during the fall and early Winter but I've only walked back once. Going toward downtown (I've timed it without allowing myself the distraction of exploring neighborhoods on the way) only takes thirty minutes. Walking back however felt like an eternity (we'll avoid the whole sordid story) but took me about the same time along Woodward, speedwalking. Heading back wasn't nearly as enjoyable as it was going, but then it never is. WS
  4. I can't see it either, but then, that's nothing new these days. My comment in a few days when it becomes clear. WS
  5. Seeing those houses in English Village again after so long I'm reminded of how simply beautiful they are. Thanks for reviving that one. I wonder Allan if you've been over there in recent months. Oh and a late Happy New Year! WS
  6. One of those firms involved in restoring it to technicolor glory dropped out??? Oh well, I never burned a candle over that coming to fruition anyway... I wish someone would prove me wrong. WS
  7. I feel a little dense for the fact that I'm confused... But the building with the wreath is no longer there and they'd taken down the facade on the two surrounding buildings right? This is one of those opportunities where I can say that to me it looked better before. WS
  8. Uh, what does "clad" mean exactly? WS
  9. Why thank you... And just think, it was completely unnecessary as I believe (tell me if I'm wrong) that the freeway doesn't even touch Shed #1's former position... *grumbles due to sleepiness and Detroit brand lousiness* WS
  10. Oh how I dislike modernist art... But I suppose it shows they at least care, even if Washington Blvd. in it's current state looks like a girl dressed up for a party that doesn't exist. I sound so pessimistic... WS
  11. I do enjoy being over there, but tell me, that huge parking rectangle in the middle of everything. I'm pretty positive that buildings used to sit there, am I wrong somehow? And what the heck happened to them? WS
  12. The state of Alabama has gotten in a lot of trouble over the years for what's seen as their flagrant disrespect for the rest of the country, like flying their flag over the American one. Or the whole ten commandments thing. But South Carolina I think is the only one that tried to fly the confederate flag over the capitol building. *Sigh* The South... WS
  13. I'm torn on the issue of the flag lowering. I'm surprised actually at Granholm with this one--that she's expressing some sort of opinion--I take it she opposes the war? While I truly believe the contributions the soldiers are making in giving their lives should be honored (I'll leave my own feelings about whether or not I feel it's worth it out of this) I recognize that the flag is--I'm not exactly sure--supposed to be lowered for national, state or city-wide figures deaths. If Kilpatrick died tomorrow then that would necessitate the flag's lowering, but something like the soldiers...? I'm not sure. For one it's too often I think since they're dying at a rate of (in the month of October 14, 2005) 2.53 per day. I feel it more appropriate to have a kind of roll call on the veteran's holidays and the ceremonies that surround something like that. And while I think there needs to be much more recognition of their sacrifices and a lot more than a magnet on the back of Mom's minivan stating the vague and noncommital "Support Our Troops" I don't think the flag lowering is necessarily appropriate. Okay I'm done now, WS
  14. Jackson, Because, if I'm not mistaken, we can't afford to build that way. Especially here. This region is certainly lacking in those that appreciate the old versus the new and therefore the money simply does not flow as it should. It affects everything, especially quality. And given what I've seen around here--and I'm sorry to say this--but these houses are a step up. A century ago it was possible to build these houses within a reasonable budget while these days even the detailing can be considered an unnecessary frivolity, as it entails--you guessed it, more money. Vicious cycle. WS
  15. Jackson, I took the liberty of finding the threads where Allan posted pictures of Corktown, perhaps then you can get more of a feeling for where these houses are supposed to be. These are the historical homes they were based on: http://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/index.ph...190&hl=Corktown http://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/index.ph...191&hl=Corktown While I admit they might not be as good, they certainly weren't just thrown together as I'm sure these would be pretty expensive to replicate completely. WS
  16. Yes, the houses were inspired by and supposed to fit in with their historical neighbors by mimicking what was being built back then. I think they've done a pretty good job of that. But like I said, it's the open floorplan that gets me. WS
  17. You all must have been freezing. Great shot. Go Blue! WS
  18. The only thing I dislike about these houses is that they have an open floorplan. I'm a traditionalist and that kind of floor plan bothers me. But the advantages outweigh my own personal pet peeve. WS
  19. My mother certainly doesn't. Nor do my aunts. I keep trying to ask questions and no one can figure out what I'm talking about because I'm not very good with street names and pretty good with neighborhood titles. At least those that I've toured which are the ones along the Woodward Corridor, Corktown and Oakwood Blvd. Wish I could find U of D Jesuit and make it over to Indian Village one of these days but it's a bit of an effort for me. WS
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