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  1. If the DHEC probable case # of 470k is correct, we are near 10% infection rate in the state. If infection creates immunity to the virus in the future (uncertain at this time, but probable), we are 1/7th of the way to herd immunity. In other words, we are very early in this pandemic and a huge additional number of South Carolinians will be infected unless an effective vaccine is created and distributed. Here is a source for the 70% herd immunity number - https://newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org/discussion/herd-immunity-and-covid-19-what-you-need-to-know/
  2. I just walked Brown Street to check out the recent renovations and think that they have made quite a positive difference. I love the fact that this is a solid investment in developing the core of the city off of Main St. However, I really don't like the new archways. IMHO, they don't fit in with the character of Greenville's downtown and look like they belong at a theme park. In addition, they are pushed right out to the ends of the block and so are not even visible unless you are across the block or farther away (especially strange on the end facing E. North St .) I am trying not to be to
  3. I couldn't agree more. As a current member, I received no notice of the closure except for the letter posted on the door. The gym was pretty poorly run the last few months (cleanliness, on-time opening, etc), so I guess I should have seen the signs of a failed business. On a positive note, the location is great and the facilities/equipment are quite nice - so maybe there really is a new owner and they will improve the way things are done (though the 30 days closure and encouragement to check out other gyms sure doesn't sound promising...)
  4. Great call, Mr Downtown - I took my family to Northgate Soda Shop today for lunch and we all enjoyed our burgers (great pimento cheese.) Our chocolate shake and fresh squeezed lemondade were both also excellent - as was the service. But what really impressed us was the feeling of authenticity about the place; we always make an effort to support local businesses vice chains, and this restaurant definitely makes that easy.
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