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  1. CATS has not come forward with any changes so far. The CATS proposed parking garage does not take up any of the land that is currently used for this park. I think I said this before but the current stimulus money would be used to repair/upgrade the existing CATS buildings. It could not be used for the planned new garage but CATS did try to market this as an all-or-nothing deal. The renovation should happen regardless of the decision on the new structure.
  2. Yes, they both presented at Villa Heights Community meetings also, but in separate meetings. This land is owned by the county. The problem is that none of the surrounding neighborhoods were contacted BEFORE the county and CATS made this deal to give CATS use of that land. Yes, CATS is having meetings now to discuss what they plan to put there, but there were no public meetings before. Also the stimulus money must be used for projects that can begin immediately and is being used to enhance their current structures off N Davidson--it does not apply to this potential new structure. The other concern is that CATS will outgrow their buildings, even with the new structure, in a few years. What will they do then? Abandon this and move somewhere else? CATS brushed this question off when we asked it. I don't really care whether Trinity gets to use the land or not. I would be perfectly happy for it to stay open green space but if Trinity is offering to pay to put in a baseball field that the public can use, why not let them? It would certainly be nicer to have that by the greenway than a CATS parking deck.
  3. CATS is acting as if they already have this land and they are holding meetings to discuss their plans, but they never went to the public to discuss changing this land from green space to the CATS building. In the Belmont Revitalization Plan that the city adopted, this space is allocated as green space. The petition hearing is June 15th at 5:45pm, petition number 2009-039. If you would prefer that the space stay green, then please go to the hearing and say so. Another point is that Trinity School is actually the one that would be paying to put in the playing field--their plan is for a baseball field. Regardless of the CATS petition outcome, they are still going to put in a soccer field, 2 basketball half-courts, and rearrange and improve the current park and shelter. Trinity will have first use of the fields, which would mostly be during weekday school hours, otherwise they would be open to the public.
  4. Speaking of grocery, the Brown Bag store that took over the Canvas Monkey space is now open. They have a good selection of beer and wine and the prices are similar to those you'll find at HT. They also have a small selection of grocery items like pantry food items and cleaning products. You can order food from the Boudreaux's take out menu. It's a good addition to the neighborhood and I hope people will support it.
  5. "SoDa" is something that Tuscan Development was trying to spread when they were building Opt12. Just don't ever use it and hopefully it won't become popular. It makes no sense anyway. Unfortunately I think "NoDa" will be used by a lot of people for the entire area around N Davidson St. from downtown to past NoDa proper. People just aren't as familiar with neighborhood names like Villa Heights and Optimist Park as they are with NoDa. It doesn't help that businesses and condo developments in Villa Heights (28th Ro, Amelie's, etc) and Optimist Park (e.g. Area 15) often market themselves as NoDa. I'm all for continuous development all along N. Davidson but I'd hate for that whole block of the city to be known as NoDa.
  6. I agree, Amelie's is great. Being open 24 hours seems to have drummed up more business for them. If they would get an espresso machine then I would be really happy. On another note, I didn't see this mentioned anywhere, but The Coffee Cup is now open in NoDa.
  7. I've been there and thought the pizza was very good. I wish they would have some house pizzas on the menu instead of completely create your own. I was disappointed to see the furniture gone from the ceiling also, but I thought it looked pretty nice inside. I hope it will stick around.
  8. The Observer article specifically states that the Midtown store will be closing and that all the Expo stores will close within 2 months. It makes no mention of re-using the store for a regular Home Depot, but I hope that is an option. This is terrible news but I'm hoping the store won't sit vacant.
  9. The developer of 28th Row told us at the neighborhood meeting that they had major issues with the soil on that parcel but should have those issues resolved and should be going up soon. I am eager for these to be built and occupied! marriotthill--The Villa Heights newsletter contains contact information for the board members. Feel free to use it if you have any questions or input regarding the neighborhood and you cannot attend the meeting.
  10. I sent a message on Trader Joe's website about the lack of another door and this is the response I got: "Great news! We actually have two entrances to our store. The first is the one you mentioned (coming from the parking deck) and the second is on Metropolitan Avenue (across the street from the Metropolitan sales office). To note, this is an entrance only door as determined by the city. I think the confusion is that this is not an automatic door--simply grab the latch and pull." I guess this is the emergency exit door. Good to know that we can enter that door, but it is stupid that we can't exit there.
  11. The new outlet is at the shopping center with Target near Pineville, pretty far from Eastland Mall. Still, I would expect that Sears plans to pull out of Eastland at some point.
  12. I would much rather have a dessert pie restaurant than a pizza pie restaurant. What was wrong with Town as it was?
  13. These are listed on the MLS if you want to check it out. They are big and expensive so I am eager to see if this project actually happens. I don't have a problem with them using the term "flats" because that indicates that each condo will be one-level. "Apartment" typically refers to a rental.
  14. Actually I think it will be better when people move in. I think this was just some bored kids and this wouldn't have happened if people were living there.
  15. I love Creation and I'm glad it is still there too! I'm baffled by a few negative reviews that I've read--I think the place is great. Maybe the grill items are pricey, but I usually get noodles or rice and those are about $10 and enough for two meals. My only complaint is that they are no longer open on Sundays.
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