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  1. Airlines only finalize their schedules 2 or 3 months out so that is likely to change
  2. Saturdays have low demand as does January and February. Put them together and you get your answer. There aren't a lot of PM flights as a whole from GSP on Saturdays compared to the rest of the week.
  3. Not a good sign if true. These flights were not seasonal when they were announced. Looks like Frontier is quietly downgrading! https://www.wyff4.com/article/frontier-airlines-announces-new-nonstop-flights-out-of-gsp/21621945
  4. MCO and LAS were/are not seasonal. Only TPA. Frontier now has their schedule out until the end of August. MCO is gone! LAS goes all the way through.
  5. Nope, they are still coming. In fact one is on it's way right now and will be here in 4.5 hours! https://flightaware.com/live/flight/ABD705
  6. Well originally when they announced service they only announced TPA as seasonal and that is getting ready to start. It'd seem odd if seasonal service to TPA wasn't during the same time as MCO, but ya never know. Frontier is famous for announcing lots of routes and then quickly axing some though! https://www.gspairport.com/pages/news-and-community/detail/article/c0/a51/
  7. Looks like Frontier is quietly dropping GSP-MCO. That route is no longer bookable after Jan 5th.
  8. AA has been running mainline to DFW since last year. United hasn't added any new destinations, but they have upped their frequency to IAD to 4 a day. They've also upgauged some routes now running 2 EMB-175's to IAH each day, 1 of the 3 EWR flights is also an EMB-175, while 3 of the 4 IAD flights are now CRJ-700's.
  9. Just seems like GSP is trying to get service. If this was anywhere close to a done deal why would the Staff be "in the process of gathering information for Air Canada"?
  10. No. That's not an actual flight to GSP. DL131 is a nonstop to ATL from MUC and then a different plane ATL to GSP. I assume since it's marketed MUC-ATL-GSP the airport board got confused!
  11. looks like Allegiant quietly cut service from GSP to Punta Gorda.
  12. Somewhere around 6 months ago. They use the Super 80's to go to DFW twice a day. In May they switch to 737-800's as AA continues to retire their Super 80 fleet.
  13. Through Nov 2017 load factors were: Allegiant: 81.5% American: 79.8% Delta: 87.9% Southwest: 74.6% United: 84.3% Total: 82.9% https://gspairport.com/site/user/files/1/GSP-Commission-Package-20180108.pdf
  14. AA has now loaded the flights in their system. They are going with 3 flights a day on EMB-145's operated by Envoy Air. Departing GSP 8:10am, 10:05am, and 6:20pm. Flights arrive at 9:35am, 5:35pm, and 9pm. During this time United will be running 4 flights a day to ORD. The 6:40am and 5:23pm departures will be on EMB-175's and the 10:17am and 2pm departures will be on 145's.
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