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  1. Doesn't mean they can't survive, they just don't want to operate that way. I think the disconnect with some is that load factor equals profitability. That couldn't be further from the truth! These ULLC want their planes to be as full as possible as the ticket prices are so low, the money comes from the ad ons. If you are missing 25% of the flight your are missing a lot more money than that of the legacy carriers. And that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what makes a route profitable! Yeah they could survive flying that way, but they don't want to. Have you not seen how Frontier operates? They bounce from market to market testing out the waters, using airport incentives, trying to maximize the most $ they can get out of every flight. They are known for their quick exits, sometimes only lasting a couple months. Most argue you can't even judge a route that quick. Sometimes they've come back to a market 2 or 3 times in just a matter of years only to leave again. Who knows, maybe they'll dance with GSP again! The fact is if you look at their loads overall, they like their planes full. Overall they run near 90% load factor. A good place of info if curious is https://www.transtats.bts.gov/. Frontier just dropped Mobile who had very similar loads as GSP and BHM who had better loads than GSP. Anyone who follows the ULCCs closely shouldn't be surprised by this at all!
  2. Load factors for the end of summer were barely over 70% in August and not much better in September. Their yields dropped big time just to get pax and they still had a load factor in the 60's in Jan. An airline like Frontier that already has low yields to begin with needs to be running in the mid 80's to 90% load factor. When they aren't near there and you have to drop the yields on top of that, well, that is a recipe for disaster! Charlotte is doing 87% load factors for F9, Atlanta 88%. That's where GSP needed to be!
  3. Can't out the source. They also weren't doing well before the outbreak. Loads had dropped dramatically and was part of the reason routes that weren't initially announced as seasonal became seasonal. Lots of flights weren't even 1/3 full in December and January, at least in the summer they were respectable. They weren't making money, but were committed with incentives. The virus actually gave them an out to the incentives and they took it. The airport will blame it on the virus and no one will be the wiser of it!
  4. Can't really give a source and I certainly understand the internet is a "take it with a grain of salt" type place. Just pay attention around the date I posted. And this would be permanent, not virus related.
  5. Frontier is about to quietly pull out of GSP for good. Last flights scheduled for April 19th.
  6. Alot of Dreamliners fly up to GSP and do touch and gos during test flying from CHS. Planes aren't always painted though. Was cool to see one all decked out in BA livery today!
  7. While Breeze is being started by Jetblue's founder, he is not apart of Jetblue anymore and the two airlines are not affiliated.
  8. By April United will be EMB 175's (76 Seaters) to IAH and DEN. Those are very comfy planes imo with no middle seats. Like mini boeings or airbuses. ORD and EWR will all be CRJ550's which are the new models United rolled out. 50 seaters, but no gate checks, has 1st class and a lot of economy plus in the back. Passengers seem to be raving about it. Slight chance of an old 50 seater if you fly through IAD.
  9. I know they are building a new employee lot off GSP drive across from the NWS to help make room for the new parking garage.
  10. Not sure why they focused on EWR, but United will actually first start flying the CRJ550 out of GSP to ORD on Dec 18th.
  11. Educated people usually post their references to their facts What was the next song that played? GSP has some of the widest range of music I've heard. I wouldn't even know what type of channel I would classify it as if it was on the radio. I've never heard the same type of music in back to back songs. I'm sure you don't want to mention that part though b/c it would kill your chance to be ignorant!
  12. Airlines only finalize their schedules 2 or 3 months out so that is likely to change
  13. Saturdays have low demand as does January and February. Put them together and you get your answer. There aren't a lot of PM flights as a whole from GSP on Saturdays compared to the rest of the week.
  14. Not a good sign if true. These flights were not seasonal when they were announced. Looks like Frontier is quietly downgrading! https://www.wyff4.com/article/frontier-airlines-announces-new-nonstop-flights-out-of-gsp/21621945
  15. MCO and LAS were/are not seasonal. Only TPA. Frontier now has their schedule out until the end of August. MCO is gone! LAS goes all the way through.
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