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  1. It's not. United still has that service suspended. No one is flying to the NYC area right now.
  2. Vino Volo has closed down. Place is boarded up and sign has been taken down. Vino Volo has also removed GSP from its location list. No word on what may replace it.
  3. Here's a few cargo pics at GSP from the past week (with a 777, 747, and 787 all parked next to each other!):
  4. Right now everyday but Wednesdays
  5. With the new cargo facility that opened last year, GSP has shown it can handle the volume and can be fast and efficient. Time is money to a lot of companies and it is proving to be far quicker and easier to move freight in and out of GSP than going through the larger airports and airspace of ATL and CLT. Logistically those can be time consuming nightmares sometimes!
  6. This is a new contract the airport just pulled in. Won't be a one off so if you keep an eye out it will be back a few more times!
  7. United will officially be bringing back Denver service starting in April.
  8. Long runways, low traffic!
  9. United brought Denver back for the holidays only on Dec 20-21, 27-28, Jan 3-4. Their schedule is finalized for January through Feb 10th and DEN and EWR are not on it.
  10. The DC-3 replacement rumor is Qdoba Mexican. Take that for what it's worth. United will run a couple one off flights to/from Den right before and after xmas. Den does not appear at all in the January schedule. Delta goes to all regional jets over the Christmas holidays. Don't think I can ever remember them not running at least 1 mainline flight in a day!
  11. Should be here everyday this week. It's a passenger plane but only being used for cargo. Here's a couple pics:
  12. United just posted their November flight schedule and Denver is again gone from it. They brought back Sunday only service in August, dropped it in September, brought it back in October, and now it is gone for November. Guess that means to expect it back in December lol!
  13. Don't blink. The United DEN weekly flight and the daily Southwest BWI flight both go away again in September. Airlines are only putting flight schedules out about a month in advance so no real idea of what happens in October yet. Right now still no signs of EWR or LGA coming back. Don't think DTW for DL has either...
  14. From what I understand the lack of a Starbucks has to do with franchisee agreements. Apparently Starbucks has a select few of airport franchisors and GSP Airport promises in their agreements to limit the number of franchisor groups to 2. Hudson runs Hudson news, Flatwood, Dunkin, and Baskin Robbins. Who knows, maybe the new management group will be able to bring in a Starbucks! Flatwood Grill and Dunkin are open pre security and Dunkin/Baskin Robbins and Hudson are open post security. That's it.
  15. OHM Concession Group is out at GSP Airport. They ran Thomas Creek, RJ Rockers, Wolfgang Puck, Chick-fil-a, DC-3, Vino Volo, and the Escape Lounge. DC-3 has closed permanently. A RFP has been sent out looking for a new management group to run the F&B as well as bring in a new concept for the vacant DC-3 area. You'd have to think by the time they find one, do all the hiring and training, and start to reopen that you are looking more towards the end of the year before any viable food options are open at GSP. Hoping it's sooner, but it's not looking good!
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