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  1. Red Hot Inn and Gus’s Original on the corner of Leonard and Beltline have announced that they are closing . Anybody have any insight on what’s going on there? Is it part of the Spectrum HQ project?
  2. Are there any construction cams of this project? Maybe some sort of up-to-date blog?
  3. Hey all, I am a former Grand Rapidian who grew up in the downtown area and now lives in the east side of the state. I have been following your posts for some 10+ years and love following my hometown’s development with this forum, I check about once a week. I love seeing how Grand Rapids has changed so greatly since I left there, always a blast to come back! (More pictures!!!) I also follow the motor city’s construction boom and spent a good amount of time downtown. This really cool interactive map has been released that outlines how the new buildings will change the skyl
  4. To me this building resembles the Ross Business School at the University of Michigan. Looks kinda neat and modern at the start, after about 5 years it becomes an eye sore. I don't understand why these architects do not take lessons from the terrible designs of the 60's and 70's and make buildings that are actually appealing to the eye. The rest of the ICCF project looks pretty good and I believe will continue to look good as the years go by. Not to mention other new building at UoM, which are just amazingly done ($$$).
  5. Funny thing, I just stumbled upon this while browsing Facebook, if you vote or just click "See Results", the comments for Grand Rapids are just amazing! http://polldaddy.com/poll/6088037/?view=results&msg=revoted Its a vote for BeerCity USA 2012.
  6. What is everyone's response to having a D&W there with the Meijer megamall across the street, I feel that Meijer is not only cheaper but has a better rep, especially on that corner. My thoughts are that D&W is not going to do well there.
  7. Complete - Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church Before After
  8. gallery on fulton reminds me of the good ol' tetris days
  9. we definately need an insider for this project, we are all just sitting here guessing!
  10. wow i just went through the airport to pick some people up, its ridiculous amounts of construction!!! can someone get a camera out there?
  11. is the big blue.. thing.. going across michigan street going to be a walkway?
  12. are they going to build those elevator shafts all the way up then start the rest of the building? they are sure taking their time!
  13. I guess i have been a little off track on this topic, is the rendering from GRmag a definite happening on that lot? What are the specs of this building: area, height, etc.
  14. I go to school in Ann Arbor, that place is jammed packed with amazing cars like that. The other day i was walking down the street and parked there was a porsche cayman S and i was like ooOoOoh then i noticed right in front of it was parked a Ford GT40 and i just immediately took out my phone and snapped a picture. The following day i saw a ferrari driving around.
  15. i watched this particular news story the other week, the guy had just gotten off the phone with a friend in Iraq, i do not believe that his friend had died, the flag is a tribute to his friend and soldiers at war. The picnic table was a way to stabalize it the news said but the picnic table is not even near the flag. who knows what that is for, maybe a seat while fishing!
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